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  • Customized conversion optimization.

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OTT is practically the best web design company in Barcelona.

If you are with us, you get nothing but the Rolls Royce of the websites.

Its much easier to convert your potential client with a stunning, user-friendly and productive design that can influence your targeted audience committing to action.

Barcelona Web Design

Website design has evolved a lot since the beginning of the internet. They would take a lot of time to load and the content was below average. As competition is always good for the consumer, websites in the modern day can be a work of art if given the chance.


Barcelona web design service providers are no different. The people here share the exact same DNA as other parts of the world. Hence, Barcelona web design services have witnessed growing digital marketing agency and web designer competition and opened up amazing opportunities for LOCAL businesses to EXPLORE.


We are Over The Top SEO and we believe that looks are the best opportunity to create a once-in-a-lifetime first impression. For websites, that is especially true. With less than three seconds to load and impress the visitor, City web design services need to offer the very best online presence and user experience for your money.


Over The Top SEO PREFERS challenges. It helps us bring out the BEST in us for you.


Our design studio team of web designers, graphics designers, coders, and software engineers can create your tool of excellence IN-HOUSE! No other Barcelona web design company has the expertise and website development tools we have.


First, you need to understand why website design is so important. A report conducted by Adobe reveals that 66% of people prefer BEAUTIFUL site designs if given a short period of time to consume content.


We have said it numerous times. Websites are probably one of the most important, if not THE most important, contact point for your business. Your existing and potential customers will visit your website countless times if you play your cards right.


And when they do, you probably don’t want them to move their back against you instantly. By nature, human eyes seek beauty. The more beautiful an entity is, the more likely it grabs people’s attention.


So, having a nicely designed website is crucial if you want to stay relevant in business in Barcelona.

Web Design
Over The Top SEO

How Do We Play The Game As A Web Design Agency?

Web development and SEO work hand in hand. If you don’t know already, Google has a 90.1% share of the search engine industry. Google has been the undefeated champion of search engines for obvious reasons. The minimalistic design with top of the line functionality has made it possible for Google to retain its crown.


Over The Top SEO is an award-winning company that specializes in Barcelona web design, graphic design, logo design, social media, eCommerce websites, Wordpress development, and SEO services. We are the best at what we do. Remember, you don’t choose us. We choose you. So, if you would like us to work with you, prove yourself worthy first.


With the stake of partnership, comes the possibility of loss. But we are not afraid. We conquer every challenge that comes our way. We are proud of our decades of expertise and the tools we created over the years.


No other company in Barcelona has the resources to take on FULL-FLEDGED digital strategy marketing battles like Over The Top SEO. Trust our words on that and we will prove it to you.


If you prove yourself worthy of our time, we are ready to bleed for you. 


For what it’s worth, we take pride in calling our clients our partners. It means a lot to us and so it should to you. A partnership means both parties have something at stake. We like to honor that.


Over The Top SEO has a long history of ups and downs. Since the beginning of our operations. We learned from the best and that made us the best. We have seen a lot of large and small businesses and Barcelona web design companies come and go. We still like to stand with our heads held high.


It’s not Just Us, It’s Both of Us


We know we might sound like a digital agency of self-praising professionals that like to brag. But in fact, we are a self-centered business. We ARE the BEST. We like to take pride in our abilities because we believe our clients and partners are just as qualified as we are.



It’s time to show you what’s in it for you. As we already mentioned, you and your business are not just clients to us. We are partners. And we like to think of our partners as FAMILY.


It is only our responsibility to know everything there is to know about the family.


The first thing we do when we partner up a business is conduct thorough research. We like to share insights with our clients and learn everything there is to learn. If a business function falls under our area of expertise, we share our insights to help them grow.


This process works like charm for us.


And it has proven crucial to a lot of businesses we took on over the years. You won’t find many websites that state our name. Because confidentiality is key to developing a successful business with the help of a great website. Our successful clients don’t want to share the pie with others. We respect their wishes. You have a chance to become one of them.


First Things First - Understand the Importance


Before finding out if you qualify to be our Barcelona web design company partner and how we do what we do, it is essential for you to understand why good website design is important. A lot of you might know why, but we like to start with the basics.

How Do We Play The Game
What Will It Take You To Rank Higher?
What SEO Opportunities Are You Missing?

See If Your Business
Qualifies To Work With OTT.

We have inspired and motivated business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals around the world for the past few years, and we’ve designed apps that both boost brand awareness and drives productivity off the charts. However, we realized that we couldn’t help everyone. and the truth is not everyone is our match made in heaven. Therefore, we only accept new clients after an extensive screening process that helps us determine whether we will be a good fit for each other.

Your Website the Best Impression

The First Impression Your Website Makes Should Be The Best Impression

We all have heard this phrase countless times in our lifetime. It becomes SIGNIFICANTLY true when considering websites. We live in an era where technological advancements are taking over. We all use high-speed internet connections and we like to browse fast, CRAZY FAST.


If a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, it’s a done deal right then and there, Google is looking for fast sites for its index and 3 seconds is the announced yardstick they measure by.


If your website is loading fast enough, it’s time for the visuals.


The visuals have to be soothing, crazy, or both at the same time. It all depends on what audience you are targeting.


Your choice of visual representation will determine the fate of your business.


If you happened to create a website when you first started, you might think you are good to go.


But your preconceived notions of how a website works is wrong, you have to update!


The whole point of Barcelona web design services is to create an appeal to your customers in Barcelona, but if your website looks outdated, people are going to leave. Chances are you won’t even rank on the first few pages of Google.


Another thing that creates a positive impression on customers is the intuitiveness.


How easy is it to browse through?


Put yourself in the position of a potential visitor rather than the website owner.  If a web developer creates a feature that makes it even a little harder to find your main offer, you are losing money.


The bottom line is, it is only human nature to judge something by the looks of it. The famous poet Sheikh Saadi was denied food just for his clothes. So, if you want to work with us, you have to invest first to make a damn good website. Otherwise, you can look for another Barcelona web service provider.

The Aura of Customer Service

Good customer service aligns amazingly well with our ARGUMENT about the first impression effortlessly. One thing every businessman should keep in mind— it is NOT just the product, but full-service after-sales service matters too.


Whether you sell products or services, the first impression will help you make the sale. But the coin has another side as well. To sustain the relationship with your customer, you have to prove that you are loyal to them and you are ready to back your product.


A professional website works as the face of the business. If any of the customers face a problem, the first thing they do is go on your website and look for contact details. That brings us to the point:


A friendly and warm design will ensure maximum user satisfaction from your end.


It Helps the SEO


You might be thinking, “Designs don’t have anything to do with SEO?", but you are dead wrong. The SEO factors have evolved DRAMATICALLY in the last few years and if you are unable to keep your on-page SEO in check, you will end up in deep trouble.


Search engine giants like Google have released significant algorithm updates in recent years, Panda and Penguin being two of them. The search properties are almost fully automated, and the search spiders index the websites based on their SEO characteristics.


If you manage to mess up the technical SEO on your website, you will never see the light of the day on Google. The first step of website design is, the coding must be SEO friendly. It doesn’t matter which platform is used to develop the website. The coding has to be on point.


Over The Top SEO is the leading company in Barcelona web design firm. You didn’t find us by chance. You found us because we are the BEST website designers in Barcelona. If you match our criteria and we decide to bring you aboard as a partner, you won’t have to waste a drop of sweat figuring out the web design technicalities.


Follow Your Competitors


If any of the reasons above are not good enough for you, you are NOT someone we can partner with.


We can guarantee whatever industry you are in; your competitors are investing heavily in websites as part of their marketing strategy. Barcelona web design companies didn’t come this far by writing attractive ads.


There is one VERY IMPORTANT rule of business:


You have to stand out from your competitors. If your competition is taking their website designs and revamping them to get ahead of you, why shouldn’t you?

The Aura of Customer Service
Over The Top SEO is the perfect example

Over The Top SEO is the perfect example of ABSOLUTE domination.

Standing out from the competition is important via website design, you and your competition are in the same industry. If they are your competitor, it means you have similar services and similar pricing. How do you expect your customers to choose between you and your competition?


You are right if you are thinking about this: responsive web design.


There is no other way to differentiate you from your competition except for the design and functionality. And to create the design that gets you business, it is very important for your web design partners to know your audience.


Many Barcelona web design companies will promise you exclusive service, but they are not even willing to study your business.


Over The Top SEO is as good of a reputed custom web design service you can get. We constantly say that WE are the best at what we do. And you KNOW that too. You are HERE, aren’t you?


Why OTT is the Best Barcelona Web Design Service


Every Barcelona web design service will call themselves the best.


We don’t. because we KNOW we are the best.


We are ready to give everything we have for your business. But first, you have to impress us.


Do that and you are in the best hands.  


First things first, you MUST know what it takes to make a website effective. So, without further delay, let’s get to it.

What Will It Take You To Rank Higher?
What SEO Opportunities Are You Missing?

See If Your Business
Qualifies To Work With OTT.

We have inspired and motivated business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals around the world for the past few years, and we’ve designed apps that both boost brand awareness and drives productivity off the charts. However, we realized that we couldn’t help everyone. and the truth is not everyone is our match made in heaven. Therefore, we only accept new clients after an extensive screening process that helps us determine whether we will be a good fit for each other.

Showcase Your Business with Proper Branding

Let’s get the facts right. The sole purpose of developing responsive websites is to show people what you do and what you are capable of, and convince them to do business with you. There is no other way of doing that other than proper branding.


Branding means showcasing your unique identity on the website. It can be a logo, a picture or anything that aligns with your business agenda.


Your branding materials will be most prominent on your website’s homepage. The landing page or the home page creates the first impression like we discussed earlier.


When people land on your homepage, they should see a company that communicates the message that proves you know what you are doing.


The best way to utilize branding is to pair the message with attractive visuals. It might be an illustration that is highlighted by your brand colors. Or it might be a real picture with the touch of your style guide. Whatever it is, it has to be eye-catching, breathtaking and relevant.


Describe Your Business Through Description


This is where a lot of businesses do themselves a disservice. Having proper branding is the first step of impressing your audience. But often at times, the branding alone will not suffice to explain exactly what you do.


You need a thorough and brief description of your business to explain what it is your business does and the services it provides.


The description tab needs to be where it can be seen. It can have an attractive icon, a compelling title or the slogan of your business that will draw the attention of your audience. Then a few lines or paragraphs to briefly describe what you do or what you offer. Your title and the description must be congruent in order to build credibility.


A Call-to-Action for Interaction


From our experience, an effective call-to-action in Barcelona web design will make all the difference. Call-to-action refers to a short phrase that makes it clear what you want your audience and potential customers to do so you know you’re providing what they need.


Some of the most commonly used call-to-actions are:

- Click Here

- Download Now!

- Don’t Miss the Chance!

- Register Now!

- Subscribe Now!


Your particular call to action will, of course, depend on your business and your target audience. How they want you to approach them and how you would like to showcase your business will determine the type of call-to-action for your industry.


Top of the Line Navigation


Now that you’ve WOW’d your website visitors with spectacular visuals, it’s time to give them the real experience. The reason people visit websites is to collect information. Scientific studies confirm our attention span is as short as a gold fish’s memory nowadays. 


When you have multiple pages filled with information, you want your visitors to find the information they seek as quickly and easily as possible.


Therefore, having good navigation on your website is a must. Good navigation will enable them to move between pages seamlessly.


How your website responds to these commands from visitors is directly related to your website’s source code and how well it’s written. Blazing fast navigation is essential and you get that by hiring a reputed  agency.

Customer Feedback

Reviews from other customers are your best marketing tool. There is little your customers will trust more than a fellow customer’s words. A lot of businesses skip this type of page. What they don’t understand is that no matter how much you try to convince your customers, they don’t know you.


They don’t know your other customers either, but there is no doubt that a fellow customer definitely isn’t trying to sell you, they are trying to share what it’s like to work with your company. The words you write on your site are trying to convince them to buy from you. The reviews from customers help fill in the gap and answer questions a prospect doesn’t even know they have. At least not until they see someone, like them, talking about their experience of your business.


Over The Top SEO believes transparency assists in the conversion. There is nothing more transparent than another customer’s feedback. These days, consumers are reading more reviews before deciding if a company is able to provide them what they need before they purchase a product or service. It makes sense to use them WISELY.


Product Catalog


This could be the most essential page on your website, especially if you are an e-commerce business in Barcelona. Even if you’re not running an e-commerce site, it doesn’t hurt to give the customers a complete menu of the products or the services they will find on the site.


The primary characteristic of a great catalog page is minimalism.


Say what you need to say in as few words as necessary to provide the greatest amount of information to a prospect. Repetitive sentences won’t help you bring in more customers. Rather, keeping the page clean and organized with all the necessary information will result in more clarity for your prospects when choosing who to buy from or work with.


The best 


A Blog Page


Blogs, while optional on a site, are great for search engine optimization. Blogs contain keywords or search phrases that your customers might use frequently when searching for what they need or want. Having a blog page will help rank higher in Google for these search phrases. Always make sure to have your blog articles created by top quality writers to avoid plagiarism and other legal copyright issues.


Also, blog articles are a great way to provide a detailed description of your business and products.


While we preach that a website has to be concise and compact with no more than necessary content, blogs don’t have that limitation. So, explore the full potential of a blog to provide valuable, helpful information for your customers.




Our last essential point. If there is anything more critical than visuals, it is web copy, the writing that appears on your website. 


For example, your About Us page has content.


You might be thinking what’s so important about some words? 


Well, words evoke an image of your business.


The tone and tenor of the writing have to be just right. 


How you position their problem with your solution determines how well your words compel your potential customer into becoming an actual customer. Clear and concise communication will propel your business to success if all the other cards are played right.


Following a brand guideline is crucial while writing content. The words you choose and the tense you use has a greater impact on your audience than you might think.


So, create a brand guideline prior to adding content if you don’t have one yet.

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Why Trust OTT

Why Trust OTT in Barcelona Web Design

With years of experience, Over The Top SEO has served many clients. While much has changed over the years, including the technology and the methods, what has not changed is our success.


And we understand that not every business is ready to experience Over The Top SEO success. It is only necessary to understand ONE thing.


Because our legacy of success has shown us what it takes to be the AUTHORITY, we have learned that certain dynamics are essential. It would be less than ethical, knowing the guidelines for success we have gleaned, to not be the one to make the RULES of engagement.


If you are okay with permitting us to take you there, fine. If not, no HARD FEELINGS! Not everyone is ready to take advantage of our knowledge.


When it comes to Barcelona web design companies, while we know there is no BETTER alternative than Over The Top SEO, you might be one that needs to learn that on your own. It’s not a matter of first or second choice when it comes to partnering online, we are the right company’s first choice.


So, if you think your business is ELIGIBLE to PARTNER UP with Over The Top SEO, let’s find out. Call (800-800-8000) and we’ll guide you through the process.

Web Design Q&A

Barcelona Barcelona Web Design Q&A

  • Barcelona Web Design Q&A
  • What is the use of Web design in Barcelona?
  • What is the difference in web development and web designing in Barcelona?
  • What are the benefits of web design in Barcelona?
  • How do I become a web designer in Barcelona? / How can I learn web design in Barcelona?
  • What skills are needed to become a web designer?
  • What kind of jobs can you get with web design in Barcelona?

Barcelona Web Design Q&A

Lately, we've come across many marketers, business owners, and even regular joes who are genuinely interested in gaining a more in-depth understanding of the topic of web design. From an SEO and marketing standpoint.
So, we talked it over with the boys at content and had them put together a quick resource tackling the most common questions on the subject. You are welcome.

What do you mean by web design?

Either that or "What is web design in English" are probably two of the most searched questions on this topic. So, just in case we haven’t made it clear by this point, we’ll start with this classic FAQ and take it from there.
We refer to "web design" to the meta-discipline that revolves around the creation of amazing websites. Let’s break it down.
A lot of disciplines come into play to create genuinely awesome websites. The ones meant to function as an active part of a business' operations. Any moron can type "how to make a website" or "create a website" online and put together some haphazard, website-builder stock site and get it online.
But a functional business website has to meet certain conditions — Excel at accomplishing specific tasks. And you don't get that by chance.
You get that through careful planning, strategic asset allocation, and efficient execution – Which are all pieces in the web design puzzle.

What is the use of Web design in Barcelona?

The primary function of web design is to guarantee that your site does exactly what it is supposed to do. It sounds like a fairly straightforward concept, at least until you start to think about all the websites out there that fail miserably at this "simple" premise.
A common misconception that goes around in this regard is that all websites are the same. Most either see them all as just a digital billboard (wrong) or just like a marketing checkbox they need to tick (wrong, wrong.)
A business website is there to fulfill concrete goals, like helping them conduct their operative tasks, serve as a client-generating asset, function as promotional platforms… the list goes on and on. It also varies from company to company.
Barcelona Website design is there to make sure that whatever your website is supposed to be doing, it does so in the most efficient and profitable way.

Is there any scope in web designing?

Indeed there is. However, this is a question that can be addressed in several ways.
From a discipline standpoint, there are a lot of disciplines that can be filed under the scope of web designing. Graphic design, for example, is a big one. And it is the first one that most people think of when the topic of web design is brought up.
The problem with that assumption is that it doesn't address the full spectrum of talents and skills that go into creating genuinely amazing sites.
Interface design, UX design, coding, marketing, and of course, search engine optimization are also fundamental elements of proper web design.
Now, from a design standpoint, the scope of web designing is directly tied to the functions that site is meant to take on.
For example, a simple digital portfolio is most likely a pretty straightforward affair. Graphic design would be the cornerstone as most other functionality other than display and UX will be minimal. On the other hand, an efficient eCommerce platform is a much more ambitious, modular project. There, the scope shifts and elements like coding will become vital while the graphic side takes a back seat.

What is the difference in web development and web designing in Barcelona?

While often used to refer to the same thing nowadays, the fact is that web development and web design refer to different aspects of creating a website. Both of which involve entirely different skill set, and have been touched upon here already.
Web Design is meant to encompass the development of parts of a website that involve its graphic presentation, and its usability. It is a discipline that accounts for the site's goals, user experience, aesthetic composition, and how all these elements interact with each other.
Web Development, on the other hand, refers to the process of taking those elements of a website's design and turning them into a functional site. A web developer uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other programming languages to execute the designs' vision and make it a reality.

What are the benefits of web design in Barcelona?

Lack of professional web design is one of those things that can end up costing a business a lot in missed revenue. But an excellent way to understand why is by going over some of the most important benefits the discipline delivers:
- Search Engine Optimization: You can have the most beautiful website in the world. If nobody finds it, it might as well not exist. Web design helps guarantee that the most relevant elements of SEO are present and accounted for from the ground up.
Things like load speeds, optimized metadata, dwell time, and image optimization plays a big role on your site rankings. Web design ensures that all these things are taken care of, which in turns will help your site and content rank better in SERPs.
- Mobile Responsiveness: There was a time – not long ago – when mobile compatibility was seen as a secondary concern. Those days are long gone.
Now, most users engage with companies (and their sites!) through mobile devices. So, ensuring your website is as appealing and functional on a iPhone as it is on a PC desktop is non-negotiable if you want it to succeed.
- Powerful Branding: Web design involves far more than just creating a site that looks “nice." It's about making an impression your clients won't forget.
Through meaningful design, a website can combine elements in synergy. Becoming a branding piece in and of itself that can help your company’s brand permanence even after a visitor has left.
- Practical Functionality: Your company's website is there to do much more than just look pretty and help your marketing. The most effective sites are those chock-full of systems that improve your bottom line – Whether that's by generating leads, handling aspects of your industrial processes, or merely promoting relevant information. Web design serves as the perfect platform to ensure all these goals are backed up by effective systems that consistently carry out those objectives.

How do I become a web designer in Barcelona? / How can I learn web design in Barcelona?

We previously referred to web design as a meta-discipline, and that’s because there are a lot of skills and know-how that goes into the discipline.
That means that to become a web designer, you need to learn about and acquire the skills required to strategize, design, and execute fully functional websites. And that's just to fulfill the minimum qualifications.
For example, here at OTT, all our designers must be fluent in some form of web-oriented code (often, more than one) But with our strict selection process, that alone wouldn't get you through the door. We also require that they know about marketing and advertisement, economics, psychology, and engineering - as all these disciplines are involved in the level of websites that we develop for our clients.

Why should I learn web design in Barcelona?

Unless you are a kid looking for a career, the fact is that you really shouldn’t. And we say that with the perspective of you being a business owner who needs to improve their online presence and is considering a DIY approach.
If you have been paying attention, you'd probably realize why.
There is a lot that goes into creating truly effective business websites. Especially to meet the high standards we hold here at OTT. That means there isn't a realistic way for you to acquire all the know-how that goes into making a site like ours, to actually make it happen, and not having your business suffer in the process.
At some point, you need to consider if it’d even be worth it!
Nine times out of 10, it will make much more business sense for you to hire an agency to take care of it. And the other 10th will most likely end up with you struggling with some stock site until you surrender and outsource the creation of a real business site.

What skills are needed to become a web designer?

We ran this question by our design staff, and they told us that one of the most common questions they hear in their profession was actually "What do you learn in web design?"
So, we thought a closer breakdown of some of the most relevant skills a web designer should have was in order:
- Proficiency with design software: Every professional needs specific tools, and the expertise to handle them effectively. A fundamental list of software a web designer should master includes Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, and a robust mockups tool like Balsamiq Mockups.
- Aesthetic sense: At the end of the day, a good website has to be visually appealing. Being able to tell what works from what doesn’t (taste-wise) is essential for a good designer.
- UX design: They should have a solid grasp of how a user will interact with the final product.
- Responsive design: As well as have a familiarity with how a site's parts will work in different display environments.
- Graphic design: Duh.
- Adobe animate: While it won’t work for every page, a basic understanding of animation almost always helps.
- Coding: The more languages, the better. But at the very least HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
- Web Server Management: Although a bit on the fringe, understanding of the back-end of a website is a terrific skill for a designer to have.
- Time management: Essential to meet deadlines and stay on schedule with tasks.
- Project management: Web designers often have to manage a great deal of their work.

What kind of jobs can you get with web design in Barcelona?

Tempting as it is to provide an obvious answer, the fact is that this isn't a bad question to pose. As you can see, there is a whole lot that goes into website design. A lot of varied skills and in-depth know-how play a crucial role in this profession. Which means that when you are an accomplished web designer, you are also well equipped to fulfill several roles in the tech industry. From backup programmer, analyst, to marketing advisor, there are probably several types of shoes you can fill in a company if you are good at web design. 

What qualifications do I need to become a web designer in Barcelona?

 As good as a graduate title might look on your wall, the best qualifications a web designer can have is evidence of their skills and knowledge. Formal education goes a long way in most places, but we've met self-taught designers with a decade-plus of experience that could code with the best of them. And had the portfolio to show it. Most of the time, the best qualification you can have in the tech industry is being god-tier at what you do, and have the ability to demonstrate it. 

What is the salary for a Barcelona web designer?

 It might seem out of place here, but once our clients understand everything that goes into creating an excellent website, this is one of the most common FAQs. We often joke that the immediate follow-up is "What is the salary of a web designer in India? But all kidding aside, a web designer's salary varies greatly and is often tied to their level of skill and experience. In the U.S., entry-level web designer position averages 43k plus a year, and senior positions with a few years of experience pull about 54k plus. Here at OTT, we like to keep our moneymakers happy. So, we make sure our whiz design kids are always being compensated well above the market average, and they are worth every penny.

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