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Our 3rd 1000$ Internet Marketing Scholarship Giveaway!

Over the Top SEO is always on the lookout for talent in the marketing field. That´s why every year we go out on the hunt for young minds able to create successful written pieces that highlight the most recent electronic products and services.


The effectiveness of the written and published content on the web is undeniable. There are thousands of great writers out there helping customers choose the products and services that match their needs. Amazing and well-written content now causes a truly measurable impact for brands that want to unquestionably stand out from the crowd.

Mastering the language is not enough. A true marketing author should be able to review a product, highlight the strengths of a service, or create a lasting bond between the reader and the brand. Your talent as a content writer is what creates this bond.


Over The Top SEO, as one of the fastest growing international online marketing agencies, is constantly looking for authors who can show they have what it takes to become a successful marketer in any field and industry.

That´s why we are launching our third annual Internet Marketing scholarship program for talented young brains.

Internet Marketing Scholarship
Do you have it in you?

We accept Postgraduate as well as Undergraduate individuals who can show us they can really shine in the marketing world. If you think you can be counted among the brightest, don´t let this opportunity pass you by and go out for this $1000 scholarship prize.


Individuals that specialize or are interested in Advertising, Business, IT or Communications are likely to be made of the right stuff for this scholarship opportunity.


You don´t need the experience; you just need the drive!


What do I have to do?


To take part in this scholarship program, you only need to explore and write an article between 500-1000 words relating to the following subject: Internet Marketing and its Importance in 2017.

Internet Marketing Scholarship
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We would like you to incorporate the following thoughts:

We would like you to incorporate the following thoughts:

The best piece will get $1000 to partially cover billable expenses such as tuition, room and board, or program materials and extra sources from the best in your field of study.




This scholarship is only for individuals who are currently enrolled in high schools, universities, or colleges.

The piece of writing you will write has to be 100% unique. The words of the articles should be able to convince the reader that you know the topic and can prove your points solidly.




Your submission will be carefully read by our content department team members. When going through your article, we will look closely at numerous elements such as originality, sources, creativity, and level of engagement.

We will announce the winner by phone call and email on November 25th, 2017. The result will also be displayed on our website the same day.

Internet Marketing Scholarship
Deadline and How you can send the application:

All articles must be submitted by October 25th, 2017. No application will be received after this date
Write a content of 1000-1500 words and send us the .doc or .pdf file to scholarship@overthetopseo.com. Additionally, you can include the URL to your site (If any).


You should include:


Your Personal Information (Complete name, phone number and mailing address).
Your 1000-1500 words article in PDF or Doc format.
Phone Number (we will call if you are shortlisted or win)
The name of the institution you attend to.
Your career choice or highest level of education
Proof of study
By sending your content, you are letting us use your articles for promos and marketing.

Internet Marketing Scholarship
Internet Marketing Scholarship
Terms and Conditions
  • Every piece must be plagiarism free and contain no grammatical mistakes.
  • Applicant must be 15 to 30 years old.
  • The winner must be able to send us proof of enrollment and residence before receiving the scholarship.

Our 2015 Winner

Prize: $1000 Scholarship

Internet marketing is more than just selling an item, it is a customized experience that allows advertisers to place strategic ads, thus maximizing their exposure and potential customer pool. Television ads are direct and relevant to the demographics of the viewing audience, but it is limited and has to be generic in order to cut across a wide swath. However, internet marketing is much more precise and makes more efficient use of every ad dollar spent by showing relevant ads that are related to either the content on the web page or the specific user. Most ads are ineffective or inappropriate for a general audience, but internet marketing provides a way for sellers to specifically target shoppers that are most likely to become customers.


On the 10Besasts website, there are ads based on my browsing and search history along with advertisements for the products being described in the article. A customer interested in buying a router may find the web page, and after reading the product comparisons may decide to click on the Amazon link to make the purchase. It is the purest form of direct marketing, and it is all initiated by a potential customer’s inquiry into a product or need. It is like having a customer walk right into your shop.


When I watch a typical football game on television, roughly 25-30% of the time is filled with advertisements in one form or another. From all the major insurance carriers to all the credit card companies, I am constantly bombarded by ads that are irrelevant to me. Those are millions of dollars being spent to broadcast commercials to people who are not interested and will not bring in revenue, when the same ad dollars could be spent on targeted advertising through the internet. Just because I am watching a football game does not mean I want to buy beer or Old Spice deodorant, but when I am researching routers, it usually means that I am interested in buying a router.


Internet advertising is where all the ad dollars will eventually go. Companies like Facebook and Google are worth hundreds of billions of dollars because they have managed to capture the largest pieces of the pie, and the pie is still growing. By possessing troves of data on users and user’s habits, these companies have leveraged this information into an incredible revenue stream. They can provide the targeted advertising that you can only get with their huge user database.


Many companies have a limited budget for advertising, and a greater share of the budget is going towards internet advertising. Traditional advertising is expensive and relies on a shotgun blast approach. A lot of wasted resources go into creating the largest net possible, and it does not always result in the largest possible catch. As more and more data is collected and more sophisticated ways of analyzing data become available, advertisers will be able to make ads so specific, that they’ll not only know that I am looking for a specific item, but they will know exactly how much I am willing to pay for it.


The Super Bowl may have the best commercials of the year, but for everyday efficiency and effectiveness, a company’s best bet to sell a product is through the internet. I am constantly online, reading, researching, or checking messages, and cannot go a whole day without the internet. From the 50-100 webpages that I browse every day, internet advertisers have 50-100 opportunities to get me to bite. I usually go weeks without watching television, and when I do, I limit my viewing time to less than an hour and skip past the commercials.

Internet Marketing Scholarship

Our 2016 Winner

Prize: $1000 Scholarship

In the modern world, with more time than ever spent on the internet via laptops, phones and PCs, the most effective way to advertise to the public is through Internet Marketing. As in the marketing techniques that preceded Internet Marketing, the most crucial goal is to advertise to particular groups of people that are likely to be interested in the product being advertised. The “millennial” age, my generation, which is just starting to come into their teen and adult years, is flooding the market with new consumers who are beginning to make money for themselves. The easiest and most convenient way to reach these consumers is through internet marketing, since this generation visit websites, watch videos, and utilize social media the majority of their free time. This form of marketing is also unique from any previous form of marketing in that having an ad reach a desired consumer is easier than ever before thanks to search histories and social media accounts.


Social media accounts are a treasure trove for marketing branches of many popular companies because instead of guessing which consumers prefer which types of products, they tell you. The two best examples are Facebook and Twitter. In the case of Facebook, it is encouraged that people like products or brands that they enjoy, in order to receive incentives and updates about sales and new innovations. This metadata about consumer choice allows marketers to on a mass scale choose which people see which advertisements. This can come in two forms, either advertisements on the side of the web page, or through the Facebook feed itself, in the form of the pages people have liked. In a sense, in this system, the consumer does all of the work for the marketers, instead of guessing which consumers will be interested, they take the matter into their own hands and tell you what they want. In the case of Twitter and the hashtag, it is the same concept. Not only does the hashtag and trending feature encourage the advertisement of events, which happens constantly, but can also be used to promote products. Many products have promo codes and other incentives to tweet about a product, which is seen by all of their followers and can quickly create a chain reaction. In many instances, like Facebook, consumers do the heavy lifting my following brands and products. Coca Cola (3.28 Million followers), ExxonMobil (215 thousand followers) and Apple (611 thousand followers) are just a few examples of how many people willingly choose to see advertisements in their twitter feed.


Another major form of Internet Marketing is the more conventional advertisements on the sides of web pages, which can also pop up on a screen to increase the chance of being noticed and processed. The true aim of ads is to alter the preferences and perceptions of the consumer, to influence their choice by constantly suggesting your product and offering incentives to use it. This is why ads are run over and over again on TV, to make it an almost subconscious effort to remember a certain brand when that product is needed. These ads on websites can either be bought by specific companies or changed out between many companies depending on the user’s search history on major search engines. The prior method is useful when a website draws a certain demographic of the population that is predicted to have a desire for the product advertised. For example, a website that sells Rolex watches will most likely sell ad spaces to a yacht or Porsche company, since the consumers buying Rolexes can most likely afford and prefer those products. The latter option may be more useful. As you search things on the internet, that data is recorded and is automatically paired to advertisements that are similar in hopes of reaching consumers with the right preferences to appeal to. This takes the least amount of effort by marketers, since it is automatic, and is usually the most successful.


The Internet has made the lives of millions more connected than ever before and has made the preferences of consumers public knowledge. It is not possible to effectively target certain groups of consumers with a billboard or a TV/radio commercial. The closest effective form of advertising would most likely be mail soliciting, but even that is not nearly as effective as Internet Marketing. The Internet represents the future of globalization, innovation, and technological innovation. It is also the future of effective marketing.

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