Lead Nurturing: 7 Powerful Techniques That Actually Work

Lead Nurturing: 7 Powerful Techniques That Actually Work

A strong lead nurturing strategy is more important as businesses use inbound marketing to increase their lead generation. Most of the time, just a tiny portion of your inbound leads will be prepared to make a purchase right away, leaving upwards of 90% of your inbound leads untapped.

The outcomes of your inbound marketing approach, customer loyalty, client retention, revenue, and other factors can all be significantly impacted by the implementation of an effective lead-nurturing strategy.

We’ll go through seven of the best lead nurturing strategies you can use at your business in this guide.

How to Grow Your Leads

The practice of nurturing leads is actively interacting with your target market by providing pertinent information, providing assistance as needed, and maintaining a positive attitude throughout the entire buyer’s journey.

Because these strategies directly affect a consumer’s decision to convert into a paying customer or not, nurturing leads is essential to the success of your organization. Targeted content, multi-channel nurturing, multiple touches, prompt follow-ups, and personalization are just a few methods for nurturing leads.

Despite the obvious advantages of lead nurturing, marketers sometimes find it difficult to develop the best plan for it. 60% of respondents rated their nurture programs a poor score in the 2019 Lead Nurturing & Acceleration Survey.

Smart marketers (like you) have a great chance to beat out the competition by putting into place efficient lead nurturing tactics.

Let’s get going.

Most Powerful Lead Nurturing Techniques

Despite the fact that there are numerous lead nurturing techniques available, these are the top seven, regardless of the kind of company you run.

1. Leverage Targeted Content

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to lead nurturing. According to research, nurturing your leads with relevant material will help you achieve much better outcomes.

Work on comprehending each of your distinct buyer personas first. Create a variety of custom content depending on each of your personas’ traits, such as interests, goals, objectives, and marketing triggers, to nurture each of them.

When you scale your plan, you should also have marketing automation technology in place to assist you in locating, classifying, and concentrating on your distinct customer personas.

2. Concentrate on Multiple Touches

Despite the fact that every product and service has a unique buyer’s journey, research has shown that, on average, prospects are exposed to ten different marketing messages before becoming consumers.

As you can expect, the most effective lead nurturing tactics distribute information that assists prospects in moving forward in the buyer’s journey by addressing frequent queries and worries. Consider how you may nurture your prospects into customers using a variety of content formats, in addition to email methods, such as social media, blog posts, whitepapers, interactive calculators, and even direct mail.

3. Use Tactics For Multi-Channel Lead Nurturing.

Most lead nurturing techniques in the past required creating a straightforward email drip campaign that sent out boilerplate emails to a list of prospects.

Marketers like you are looking for new strategies and tools that go beyond email nurturing and include it. Smart marketers are now implementing multi-channel lead nurturing methods with the aid of strong marketing automation solutions.

Most frequently, marketing automation, email marketing, social media, paid retargeting, dynamic website content, and direct sales outreach are used in conjunction to create effective multi-channel lead nurturing campaigns. You must make sure that your sales and marketing teams are well-aligned and cooperating in order to carry out this strategy effectively because there are so many methods involved.

4. Keep in Touch With Leads as Soon as Possible.

Even if the advantages of prompt follow-up calls appear to be pretty clear, most businesses still take their time to take action.

The greatest way to turn inbound leads into qualifying sales opportunities still frequently involves a timely follow-up email or phone call. Automated lead nurturing can help you reach big groups of prospects. This is due to the fact that contacting a lead soon after a website conversion greatly increases the likelihood that it will turn into a sales opportunity.

It is significantly more effective than any amount of cold calling to call an incoming lead at the right time and with a strategy. Based on their recent browsing habits, you can determine exactly what the prospect is looking for. In addition, you have enough details about the prospect to conduct some preliminary research on the company they work for and their position there.

5. Apply Lead Generating Strategies

For those who are unfamiliar with the idea of lead scoring, this system ranks prospects according to a scale that reflects the perceived value each lead provides to the business.

By giving numerical values to particular website surfing habits, conversion events, or even social media interactions, lead scoring may be integrated into the majority of marketing automation solutions.

The resulting score is used to decide which leads should receive direct follow-up from a sales representative and which prospects require further nurturing.

6. Sending Customized Emails

Lead nurturing strategies that use email marketing are still very successful, and personalized emails typically provide greater results. According to a study by Accenture, 41% of customers left a company because of a lack of customization.

Email personalization may be done in a variety of ways to strengthen your lead nurturing approach. When a visitor completes an action, such as downloading your gated content, clicking links in your emails, visiting particular pages on your website, or displaying a high degree of engagement, you can send triggered emails.

You can send the correct marketing messages to the right individuals at precisely the right times when you combine the power of marketing customization with behaviorally triggered emails.

7. Sync up Your Marketing and Sales Initiatives.

Lead nurturing tactics are more effective and customer retention rates rise when sales and marketing work together.

Determine the precise stages in the buyer’s journey that prospects should be transferred across teams so that both sales and marketing may contribute to lead nurturing. To achieve this, take into account various triggers such as lead scoring, workflow enrollment, and conversion events.

A sales and marketing service level agreement should specify the shared obligations, duties, and objectives for this cross-team collaboration (SLA). The two teams can hold each other accountable for successfully converting leads into paying clients by developing an SLA.

Use Lead Nurturing Strategies

Let’s recap these seven efficient lead nurturing strategies in order to wrap things up.

  • Targeted content: Provide enticing, enjoyable, and delightful content specifically for your target audience so you may find the most qualified prospects.
  • Multi-channel lead nurturing: Rather than relying solely on email, find out where your audience is and nurture them there.
  • Numerous Touches: To promote interactions and engagement with your target audience, boost touchpoints by utilizing a variety of content kinds and distribution channels.
  • Follow up with leads promptly to maintain their interest and engagement and to keep your business at the forefront of their minds.
  • Email Personalization: To encourage customer retention, personalize your emails and other lead nurturing strategies when you can.
  • Adopt a lead-scoring approach to help you choose the leads on which you should concentrate your efforts.
  • Connect your sales and marketing teams to enhance your lead nurturing strategies and increase client retention.

Your lead nurturing efforts will be successful if you employ any or all of these strategies, so start testing them out with your team right away.