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When it comes to social media, there are different rules for different platforms. For example, Twitter is all about keeping things short and sweet, while Facebook is a little more lenient regarding length. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is somewhere in the middle. According to LinkedIn, over 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find qualified candidates. With over 800 million members, LinkedIn is a great place to network and build your professional brand.


But what about the LinkedIn character limit? How long can your profile be? And what about posts and comments? Let’s take a closer look at the LinkedIn character limit and see what you can and can’t do on the site.

LinkedIn Character Limit Checker
What are the LinkedIn Character Limits?

LinkedIn Profile

  1. First And Last Name- (20 characters and 40 characters)
  2. Headline And Summary – (120 characters and 2,000 characters)
  3. Website Anchor Text And URL – (30 characters And  256 characters)
  4. Profile Publication Title And Description – (255 characters And 2,000 characters)
  5. Position Title And Description- (100 characters And 2,000 characters).
  6. Interests And Adress (1,000 characters And 1,000 characters)
  7. Phone number And Instant Message- ( 25 characters And 25 characters)
  8. Recommendation And Skills- (3,000 characters And  80 characters per Skill)


Company Page



Max Characters


Name (Overview tab)



About Us (Overview tab)



Website Anchor Text



Website URL






Career Page



Max Characters


Custom Module title



Custom Module body



Custom Module URL label



Employee Testimonials



Company Leaders description



Company Leaders headline






Max Characters


Photo/image credit



Comments on articles



Post Headline



post Body




  1. Group Discussions-  (Title- 200 Characters), (Body 2,000 characters), (Comments: 1,000 characters)
  2. Showcase Page- (Page Name- 100 Characters), (Page Description-200 max )
  3. InMail- (Subject Line: 2,000 characters), (Body: 2,000 characters)
  4. Text Ad- (Headline: 25 characters), (Message Body: 75 characters)
  5. Direct Sponsored Content- 160 characters 
  6. Invitation to Connect – 299 characters
LinkedIn Character Limit Checker
LinkedIn Character Limit Checker
What Can You Put in a LinkedIn Message?

When it comes to LinkedIn messaging, there are a few things you can include to make your message stand out. For example, you can include a URL to your website or blog, a GIF, or even an emoji.



If you’re sending a LinkedIn message to someone you know, it’s perfectly acceptable to include a URL to your website or blog. This way, they can easily check out what you’re up to and see if they’re interested in what you have to offer. Just be sure to keep the URL short and sweet so it doesn’t take up too much of the recipient’s time.



are a great way to add a little personality to your LinkedIn messages. They can help break the ice or simply make your message more fun to read. Just be sure to choose a GIF that’s appropriate for the recipient and the message you’re trying to convey.



are another great way to add personality to your LinkedIn messages. They can also help break the ice or add a little levity to a serious conversation. Just be sure to use them sparingly so you don’t come across as unprofessional.


Why Noticing LinkedIn Character Limit is Important

When you’re job searching, LinkedIn can be a great resource. You can connect with potential employers, research companies, and find job postings. But what about when you want to reach out to someone on LinkedIn? How do you send a message that will stand out and get noticed? The first step is understanding the LinkedIn messaging character limit. LinkedIn does have rules for how long your messages should be, and they do recommend keeping them short and sweet. This means that you’ll need to make every word count.


When you’re writing a LinkedIn message, think about what you want to say and then say it in the fewest possible words. Be clear and concise. If you can say what you need to say in less than 200 characters, even better. Once you’ve got your message down to the perfect length, it’s time to think about what you’re going to say. Again, make it brief and to the point. But this time, you’ll also want to make sure that your message is engaging and interesting.


Think about what you have to offer the person you’re reaching out to. Are you a good fit for their company? Do you have the skills and experience they’re looking for? Can you help them with something they’re working on? Your message should be about more than just asking for a job. It should be about building a connection and showing that you’re a valuable resource. If you can do that, you’re sure to get noticed – and that’s the first step to landing your dream job.

LinkedIn Character Limit Checker
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If you’re looking for a way to improve your LinkedIn profile, an OTT social media character counter can be a valuable tool. By using a character counter, you can make sure your profile is complete, error-free, keyword-rich, easy to read, and engaging.

How to Make Professional LinkedIn Connections

When it comes to making professional connections, LinkedIn is the social media platform of choice. With over 800 million members, LinkedIn provides an incredible opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals from all over the world. However, with such a large platform comes the challenge of sifting through all the noise to find the right connections.


Here are five tips to help you make LinkedIn connections like a pro:


1. Use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search Feature

Use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search Feature is a powerful tool that allows you to filter your search results by a number of different criteria. For example, you can search for people who work in a specific industry, have a certain job title, or are located in a specific city.

This is an incredibly useful way to narrow down your search and find the most relevant connections.


2. Connect With People You Know

One of the best ways to make new LinkedIn connections is to connect with people you already know. Begin by contacting your friends, family, and coworkers. See if they’re on LinkedIn and, if they are, take the time to connect with them.


3. Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are an excellent method to network with other professionals.

There are groups for just about every industry, interest, and geography imaginable. Simply find a few groups that fit your profile and start participating in the discussions.


4. Participate in LinkedIn Discussions

In addition to joining LinkedIn groups, you should also participate in discussions that are taking place on the platform. This is a great way to showcase your expertise and build your credibility.


5. Use LinkedIn Endorsements

LinkedIn endorsements are a quick and easy way to give someone else a positive review.

If you endorse someone for a skill or expertise, that person is more likely to return the favor. This is a great way to build up a network of connections who can vouch for your skills and expertise.


Making LinkedIn connections doesn’t have to be difficult. By following these tips, you can quickly and easily build up a network of professionals that can help you further your career.

LinkedIn Character Limit Checker