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Welcome to our Realtime YouTube Live Subscriber Counter Tool! If you’re looking for a reliable and accurate way to track your YouTube channel’s subscriber count in real-time, you’ve come to the right place. As a leading SEO company, we understand the importance of monitoring your YouTube subscriber count to gauge your channel’s growth and engagement. 


If you are a YouTube content creator, then you’re likely aware of the term ‘subscriber’.  Also, you might have an idea about the number of subscribers which sometimes correlates with the charges of influence a platform has. However, what exactly is a YouTube subscriber? Is the displayed YouTube Analytics exact? What is the procedure for it?

Live Subscriber Count
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What are YouTube Subscribers?

YouTube Subscribers are considered as the people or indirectly the accounts that are subscribed to your channel. Therefore, whenever you get to upload a new video, your subscribers will easily see it in their particular feeds. And this is how the probability of watching the videos you upload will increase by your subscriber. With this theory, you might get several views as your subscriber counts. 


Although, this won’t always work for real. There are numerous reasons why you cannot get as multiple views as your YouTube subscriber count, and the other factors that impact the accuracy of these numbers.

Why Are YouTube Subscribers Crucial?

YouTube subscribers are crucial because already they have a positive response to your videos. They have seen many of your videos, and with a subscription, they have chosen to see your further uploads. You can take them as a very loyal viewing audience. YouTube involves recent videos from the channels that someone subscribes to, in their prominent feed each time they access the app. Therefore, this led to your videos to your subscriber audience without any kind of promotion for them.

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Live Subscriber Count
How do You understand Who is Subscribed to You on YouTube?

If you wish to see a proper list of your subscribers on the web version of YouTube then you should go to This is all you can do either from your mobile or desktop device, however, you won’t get it on your YouTube app. You are able to view your all-new 100 subscribers in the YouTube Studio. Press the YouTube Studio button at the top of your channel. Into the dashboard, search for the card titled Recent Subscribers and click to see more.

Do These YouTubers Get Paid For Their Likes or Views?

In YouTube, the most common money-earner for so long is through Adsense earnings. Here, you can choose between CPM ads( cost per 1000 views) or CPC ads ( cost per ad, there is a pure straight connection between your views and the amount that ads earn. There is the lowest payout threshold of $ 100, therefore, in case you don’t make sufficient money, then in case Google never pays you.

Live Subscriber Count
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Inaccuracies and Imperfections with YouTube Sub Count

The YouTube subscriber basically counts that you can see on your channel has various imperfections. Also, there are changes and issues that hamper the relationship between subscriber count and your channel’s performance. We will discuss those details in the following points. 


#1: YouTube Usability Improvements and Their Impact on Performance


YouTube have over a ton of users on a regular basis, which is speculated to be over 30 million. And these users view almost 5 billion videos each day. Above all, content creators on that platform upload approx 300 hours of video every minute. Therefore, it is simpler for YouTube users to have cluttered subscription feeds. 


Now, while looking up these problems and enhancing usability, YouTube has finalized some tweaks. Now, a user’s home page has a mixture of videos from their recommendations based on their watch history and from their subscribed channels.


This is to enhance the accuracy of the user’s feed and bring more visuals across the platform. And when it is to  showcasing videos from subscribed channels, YouTube has finalized to make things even more precise by prioritizing the channels that you met with the most.


So let’s say there is a channel that you subscribed to a year ago. And you watched their videos regularly in the first 2-3 months of subscribing. But now you’ve changed your viewing habits and directed your attention to other channels you’ve explored recently.


In this case, YouTube is going to display video suggestions from channels that you have interacted with recently. And it will probably recommend videos from the first channel toward the bottom of your feed. But if you start interacting with the first channel again, it will move the channel suggestions to the top of your feed.


This means that YouTube creators have a hard time getting their content to reach the people who subscribe to their channel. So you can no longer rely on your YouTube subscriber count to measure your performance, as it is not an accurate way to estimate or determine your views.


#2: Limitations with Private Accounts and Real-Time Updates

You may notice that the number of YouTube subscribers that appear on your channel does not meet the number of subscribers you see in Analytics. And the reason why YouTube doesn’t update your channel statistics in real-time right away. It takes 48 hours for the platform to update the data on your Analytics dashboard to ensure that your new customers are fair.


Behind, the Subscribers list in Creator Studio will only be shown the number of subscribers who have made their subscriptions public. For new YouTube users, their subscription list has a default privacy setting. Users can opt to make this subscription list visible to the public. Therefore, your Analytics can only track these customers with publicly visible subscription lists, which makes the report a bit inaccurate.


At OTT, we have chosen to handle this issue by making a live subscriber count tool. This tool lets you track your channel’s subscriber growth in real-time, without having to wait up to 48 hours for the updated data to show up in analytics.


Additionally, it lets you keep track of the subscriber count of top YouTube channels in real time. This is why, if you are ever curious about how fast your favorite channels are growing, you can bookmark this page. 


#3: YouTube Clean-Ups and Their Impact on Subscriber Count

As similar to fake accounts are prevalent on other social media channels, YouTube also sees its fair share of fake users. Some sites offer their services to both customers in exchange for a fee. Since these subscribers are not real, they do not drive any real value to your channel. They increase the number of customers without having any real impact on revenue and viewership.


In different words, they give you the impression of being more popular than you actually are. Some YouTubers actually resort to the sneaky technique of buying bot customers to look more impressive. This is especially because you must have at least 1,000 subscribers to monetize your channel.


However, their fake effect doesn’t last very long as YouTube does frequent sweeps to get rid of these spam or bot accounts. This means that the channels which have bought subscribers will see a huge drop in the subscriber count. In fact, between July and September of 2018, YouTube purged 1.67 million channels from the platform.


Not all of these accounts were bot accounts; Some were removed for violating YouTube’s rules. But, the platform followed up with another massive clean-up of fake accounts the following December. As a result of this sweep, YouTuber PewDiePie lost 80,000 subscribers. Even more shocking is that the T-Series channel, which soon surpassed PewDiePie in the number of subscribers, lost 300,000 subscribers.


But it’s not just popular channels and channels that have intentionally bought fake subscribers that are affected by these YouTube clean-ups. Some bots auto-sub account for random channels to make them appear more real. This means that even you may run the risk of getting customers who are not genuine. This also means that you will see a drop in your subscriber count after a regular purge.


These YouTube clean-ups also release inactive accounts. These are accounts that existed long before Google acquired the platform. Even if they are no longer in use, they are yet counted as customers. YouTube tries to enhance the accuracy of your subscriber count by deducting these inactive accounts.


The good news is that you will have the certainty that the rest of your customers are genuine and are driving real value to you. Also, the number of customers you have isn’t the only metric you can use to measure your performance. If you notice that your subscriber count has dropped suddenly, but your viewing times and views are the same, then you have nothing to worry about.

How to Check Your YouTube Live Subscriber Count?

Now that you have a better understanding of the number of YouTube subscribers you have, let’s take a look at the steps to see how many subscribers you have. Remember, you won’t be able to access detailed analytics through your mobile YouTube app. You must use a web browser.


As of the writing of this post, YouTube is beta testing the new YouTube Studio. That’s why you won’t be able to access Classic Creator Studio through the normal process. But you can still see your live subscriber count through Studio Analytics. 


This way:

  • Firstly, click on your profile icon on the right side. And later opt for ‘YouTube Studio (beta)’.

  • This will drive you to the new Studio dashboard. Press on ‘Analytics’ on your left.

  • Here, you can open detailed data of your channel’s performance – from watch time and views to subscriber count.

  • This will lead to a window asking why you want to switch. Just choose your reason, and that will take you to the old Creator Studio dashboard. Now, from there, click on the ‘Community’ alternative.

  • After that, you will get the alternatives to see your channel subscribers. This will show all the subscribers who have been selected to make their subscriptions public. Also, you’ll be able to view some prime information such as when they subscribed to your channel and what number of subscribers they hold.

  • Also, you can characterize your subscribers with the ‘Most Recent’ and ‘Most Popular. Therefore, you’ll be able to stick to the record of whether other YouTube content creators might have followed you. It might be a good tactic to follow them back and try to create relationships with them for further collaborations. 


Building valuable associations would be an innovative way to upgrade your channel. You could co-create content with them, have them display you, or also showcase them in your videos. This will drive the attention of their audience to your channel, and assist them to receive more subscribers.

Live Subscriber Count
Live Subscriber Count
Final Thoughts

Now, you must have come across a deep understanding of what YouTuber subscribers are and all the facts that can impact your subscriber count. Also, you understand how to check the youtube subscriber count via Analytics. However, keep in mind that these numbers are always not accurate and updated. You can go with our new YouTube tool to rectify your live subscriber count at the exact time.

Understand the YouTube Live Sub Counter

The YouTube Live Subscriber Counter is a tool that allows you to track the real-time subscriber count of any YouTube channel. The tool is updated every few seconds, so you can be sure that you are always getting the most accurate information.

To use the YouTube Live  Sub Count, simply enter the channel name or URL into the search bar. The tool will then display the channel’s name, subscriber count, and growth rate. You can also view a graph of the channel’s subscriber growth over time.

The Live YouTube Subscriber Counter is a great tool for anyone who wants to track the popularity of a YouTube channel. It is also a useful tool for YouTubers who want to track their own growth and see how they compare to other channels.

Here are some of the benefits of using the real-time subscriber count:


  • 1. Track the real-time subscriber count of any YouTube channel.
  • 2. View a graph of the channel’s subscriber growth over time.
  • 3. Compare the subscriber counts of different channels.
  • 4. Identify trends in YouTube subscriber growth.
  • 5. Gain insights into the popularity of YouTube channels.

If you are interested in tracking the live subscriber of a YouTube channel, the youtube live subscriber count is a great tool to use. It is easy to use and provides accurate information in real-time.

Live Subscriber Count