What is Logo Creation Service?

Want a logo to set your business apart?


You’re in the right place.


Because you’ve got a growing business. You want to make it better. And you want a logo to communicate your value at a glance.


We’ll turn your raw ideas into an attractive logo you’ll love. One that attracts your ideal customers. Faster and more affordably than you may have thought possible.

logo creation service

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logo creation service

Our unique 4-step Logo Creation Process takes you from concept to completion. By capturing all your best ideas and transforming them into an eye-catching logo to brand your business and set you apart. We don’t dictate – we collaborate. Working together …

  • Step 1: The Discovery Session We talk to you by phone or Skype to identify your logo needs and explore the possibilities. No cost. No obligation. This first step is too important for an online form — real logo design requires a human touch!

  • Step 2: The Creative Input If we agree to move forward, we start working for you right away. We collect your input on styles you like and don’t like … the “personality” of your brand … favorite colors — we cast a wide net.

  • Step 3: The Initial Design You receive a first logo and give us your feedback. You talk, we listen.

  • Step 4: The Finished Logo We turn your comments and suggestions into a final logo that works hard to build your business!

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We have inspired and motivated business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals around the world for the past few years, and we’ve designed apps that both boost brand awareness and drives productivity off the charts. However, we realized that we couldn’t help everyone. and the truth is not everyone is our match made in heaven. Therefore, we only accept new clients after an extensive screening process that helps us determine whether we will be a good fit for each other.


You may think of a logo for your business as a luxury. But logo design is one of the smartest investments you can make. And here are 3 reasons why:


1) Increased Trust. A beautiful, professional logo builds trust with consumers. And trust speeds up everything else for your business – lead generation, sales, repurchases, and referrals.


2) Increased Confidence. You and your customers will feel better about your business if your logo is attractive and appealing … as opposed to clipart logos that scream “amateur” to the world.


3) Increased Sales. There’s never been more competition and clutter in the marketplace than today. You only have a few seconds to stop browsers on your website or social media. A creative logo and grab instant attention — and more sales from the same marketing you’re doing right now.


Bottom Line: An eye-catching logo can create an emotional connection with consumers. Which is not surprising. Because symbols are easier to interpret than words.

That means a new logo is an untapped opportunity for you to connect with new customers in new markets. It’s a small investment with a potentially unlimited return.

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logo creation service

Despite thousands of changes to Google and other search engines every year, less than 4% of our clients have ever moved on after working with us.
That’s the highest retention rate of any SEO service or digital marketing agency we know of.

There are 3 reasons why.

  • 1) As Certified Google Partners, we play by the rules. We work with you to give Google and other search engines exactly what they want. That means you get more traffic to your website and more customers for your business. Without fear of getting your site “slapped” or banned with “black hat” methods that Google frowns on. (And if you found us on Google or another search engine, you’ve just proven to yourself that our SEO methods work.)

  • 2) We analyze and troubleshoot your website. Our software shows you exactly what happened to your site and when. Because defining the problem half the battle of solving it.

  • 3) Our software developers work around the clock, because they work around the world. The sun literally never sets on our team, because we’re global. And nobody else has our systems. That gives you a unique advantage working with us – and nobody else.

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