Brentwood, Los Angeles CA

When I mention California, everything people can think of is surfing, beaches, movie stars, and the Kardashians. Well, it turns out there’s much more to it than those things.


This generous state has some of the most productive areas in the country such as Bel AirCanoga Park and Downtown. One of these sites is Brentwood — a city filled with romanticism and natural beauties that melt the hearts of visitors.

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Overview of the City

Brentwood is located in Contra Costa County in the state of California. You can find it to the east of the San Francisco Bay area. It is famous for its delicious cherries and peaches.


This beautiful city has seen a great balance between the old and new. Locals welcome technology and development like most of our LA web design clients. However, they make an effort to preserve their traditions.

Setting the Context

In the past, the area we all know as Brentwood today was actually a very large ranch. The owner of this estate was one of the wealthiest men in the country; his name was John Marsh. The current name of the city honors Marsh’s hometown — Brentwood in England. Mr. Marsh strongest desire was for California to become independent from Mexico and part of the US. He believed that agriculture was the most profitable industry and that his ranch had the best land of all. He was so insistent about California’s potential for agriculture that the government built the first wagon train to California. He was so confident about his estate and wealth that he invited all newcomers to stay at his ranch until they could find a place on their own.

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Brentwood Origins

John Marsh’s strong belief and great effort has passed on through generations to this day. Locals still have large farms where they grow excellent products for the rest of the country and the world. Agriculture remains the primary industry in town. Some of our Los Angeles SEO colleagues often go to these farms to pick fresh organic veggies.


In fact, they still have the old tower where they used to store the city’s water as a reminder of their origins. Of course, the water tower is now a landmark of this city, even though it’s not used for water storage.

Healthy Lifestyle

Brentwood is ideal for families. Since the city is still in development, many of its schools are newly constructed. You can choose from a modest list of private and public options. You can also teach your children the value of nature and hard work while spending some quality time together.


The population is increasingly growing but it still modest compared to other big cities. Brentwood is rather quiet, but many new restaurants and shopping centers are opening every now and then. Transportation is also fluent in the city. You can get around by bus, train, or car. Most roads are also newly constructed or have been improved in Brentwood so you can have a smooth trip to your destination. For those who love spirits, you can take a tour around the gorgeous vineyards in the large farms of Brentwood. Enjoy a glass of wine and relax with the smell of fresh food in the air.


Brentwood has been put on the Playful City USA list several times. This is because of their policy to have a healthy lifestyle. The city has an inspirational goal program that encourages locals to enroll in physical activities and further education. Residents have numerous parks and jogging trails to exercise as part of committing to having a healthy lifestyle.


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Arts Sponsor

If you are into arts, Brentwood is definitely your must-go place. The city supports the arts and believes they should be part of everybody’s daily activities. With this in mind, the city hall has promoted several manifestations of art to expose its population to this healthy way of entertainment. They offer annual art festivals and Broadway performances in different venues around the city. Also, they recently opened an art gallery right in the middle of the city.


Brentwood is a town in development that has a lot to offer. It is an enchanted land with the best natural options to have a healthy lifestyle and a wise administration that knows what’s best for its people. Come and have a taste of this beautiful land.

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