Encino, CA Highlights: A Complete Guide for New Comers

California is known for its sunny streets and crowded beaches. However, there are also places where you can find all of LA’s charm without the crowd and the noise of the big city.


Encino combines the quiet feeling of small towns and the elegance of traditional buildings, all in a tiny piece of San Fernando Valley.


This captivating neighborhood has a lot to offer to both tourists and residents.

A Little History

Have you asked yourself where the name Encino came from? Encino means oak tree, which were abundant back in 1769 when the first European expeditions explored the area. The original name was “El Valle de Santa Catalina de Bologna de Los Encinos,” thank God they reduced it to Encino over the years. Nowadays, Encino is considered an upper-middle-class neighborhood with one of the least diverse ethnicity in the area — more than 80% of the population is white. Not far off from our LA SEO office, it has stunning houses and exclusive boutiques, among many other positive features that keep attracting young professionals and visitors like a magnet.

Properties That Take Your Breath Away

This relaxing yet vibrant neighborhood claims to have gorgeous homes with beautiful details that look as if they had just been built. With more than 44 thousand inhabitants, Encino’s average population is 42 years old or older, which means that most houses have been standing for many years; still, no property looks shabby or aged. The real estate industry is very active in this neighborhood, and you can find all kinds of properties for all types of income. With a close proximity to Los FelizReseda and Sherman Oaks, Encino is considered to have one of the highest wages in the city — around $80,000 per year – some people prefer to rent a property to live. From small condos to five-bedroom properties and more, you can find it all in Encino.

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Looking For a Job?

Encino has become a very desirable destination for those who want to try out their luck in new locations. The neighborhood offers profitable options to make a good living out of them. Some of the leading industries include social services, legal services, real estate, accounting, and healthcare. We also have a couple of healthcare clients for our LA web design service living here.


The gem of the valley is an excellent option for those who want to have a decent income and short commutes. If you’re going to move in with your children, there are also plenty of private schools in the area. You can also choose one of the public primary schools in the neighborhood but try to figure out a plan before your child goes to high school as there aren’t any public ones within its boundaries.

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A Bite of Tradition

This traditional neighborhood hasn’t changed much since the 1980s. However, it has a right balance between development and tradition that has turned Encino into a hidden gem many people want to visit or live in. Encino residents and visitors can enjoy the traditional architecture and small stores everywhere in the neighborhood and within walking distance. As a result, everybody knows everybody.


One of the most remarkable features of Encino is the vast assortment of shopping centers rather than big fancy malls, which translates into personalized attention and outdoor shopping. Going in and out of shopping centers can be an interesting change of pace for those that are used to spending the day inside a mall. Some areas of the neighborhood are quieter than others, and most of Encino’s commercial activities take place in Ventura Boulevard. This long street has it all for you. From restaurants to boutiques and everything in between, you name it!


Gastronomy is also a significant part of Encino. You can find many fast-food restaurants for those who have little time to have lunch or dinner. You can also find fancy restaurants where people take their families to have dinner out on special occasions. If you prefer to have a quick snack while shopping, Encino Marketplace has a great variety of food options to choose from. Whether you want to have a hamburger or decide to have a well-done steak, Ventura Blvd. is the right place to go.


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Breathe in Some Fresh Air

If you or your loved ones prefer outdoorsy activities, Encino also offers chilling places to spend your free time. You can visit the Sepulveda Dam, Los Encinos State Historic Park, or the Sepulveda Gardens. If you are a dog lover and want your furry friends to enjoy some time off the leash, you shouldn’t miss the Sepulveda Basin Dog Park. There is also a sports complex for those who like to stay fit.


To sum up, Encino, CA is a nice place to visit on any given weekend. It can also be an ideal neighborhood for the ones that look to move in and start over a new life. Go shopping, take a sunbath, get immersed in its nightlife or just sit back and enjoy the wonderful views during your retirement years.

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