Los Feliz, CA: 10 Fun Facts about This Dynamic Neighborhood

Have you ever heard of Los Feliz and thought it was a grammar mistake? Well, it’s not! This dynamic neighborhood is located in the center of Los Angeles, near the Reseda and Sherman Oaks. Los Feliz is divided into smaller areas, which are really distinct from each other — Los Feliz Village, Los Feliz Knolls, Los Feliz Square, Franklin Hills, Los Feliz Estates, Laughlin Park, and Los Feliz Hills.


Like many other areas of the County, it has become a mixture of cultures thanks to all the immigrants that have arrived at California to make their dreams come true. Being in the central area of the big city, Los Feliz has witnessed many important events that have served to model its own culture. Let’s take a look at some remarkable facts that have transformed Los Feliz in the vibrant neighborhood we know today.


The name doesn’t have anything to do with happiness. The area takes its name after its first land grantee Jose Vicente Feliz. Let’s get some context. Many years ago, this land was divided in Rancherias occupied by Native Americans. After the first Spanish came to settle in America, the area was divided into ranchos, and Mr. Feliz was granted the piece of land that we know today as Los Feliz and Griffith Park.


How would you pronounce the name of the neighborhood, “FE-lis” or “fey-LEASE”? Tricky, huh? Well, it turns out that most locals used to pronounce it with a strong “FE” like in the first option, but many newcomers have influenced the population to pronounce it like the original word in Spanish “fey-LEASE.”

Did you know that the neighborhood is home to around 35,000 residents? That’s one of the highest population densities in the Los Angeles County!


Los Feliz is considered a young neighborhood. The average age of its population is 36. However, there’s a high rate of senior residents.


As aforementioned, the area is home to many different cultures and traditions that have resulted in an entirely new culture. Whites are predominant with 57% of the total population, followed by Latinos with 18%, and Asians 13%. You can also find blacks, Armenians, and Mexicans. Intrigued by this interesting combination?


Remember we said that the neighborhoods within Los Feliz were very distinctive? We were not just referring to the culture; the social status is also very different from one another. Even though, the median annual salary for the area is around $50,000, a high number of households earn only $20,000 per year. Housing is also distinctive — most inhabitants are renters, in contrast to the exclusive multimillion-dollar homes located in the Los Feliz Hills, where the average income reaches the modest amount of $196,000.


Did you know that Mickey Mouse was born in Los Feliz? It’s true! Mickey Mouse’s creator, the legendary Walt Disney, began working on the iconic character in his garage, right on Lyric Avenue in Los Feliz.


This populous neighborhood has one of the wealthiest areas in Los Angeles. Can you guess the name? The Los Feliz Hills is known to be home of great celebrities with successful creative enterprises — musicians, movie stars, models, and the elite of Hollywood.


The Griffith Park was a gift from one of the owners of Los Feliz Ranch. Yes, that’s right! The ranch was so big that the owner could afford to donate one half of the land to the city hall. We sometimes go here to spend the day out with our Los Angeles web design and LA SEO office staff.

Disney’s first and second animation studios were located in Los Feliz, which definitely made Walt Disney feel attached to this piece of land. Maybe that’s why Disneyland was inspired in Los Feliz to recreate their Buena Vista Street in the California Adventure theme park at the Disneyland Resort. This picturesque recreation depicts Los Feliz back in the 1920s and 1930s.


As you can see, Los Feliz has an extremely rich history that makes the neighborhood a desirable destination for those searching for a new place to live. If you want to immerse in the dynamic world of Los Angeles, Los Feliz is the best place to visit exclusive stores and come across one celebrity or two.


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