Reseda, Los Angeles CA

Variety is the spice of life, and in Reseda, CA, you can live it through and through. With close proximity to Sherman Oaks and Sun Valley, Reseda is a diverse neighborhood, and you can find its diversity everywhere you look. Even though more than 50% of the population is Hispanic, there is an important component of other races and ethnicities such as Asian and Non-Hispanic white.


Reseda Boulevard, an iconic street, is a great example of San Fernando Valley’s eclecticism. This is one place you need to go if you want to keep your colleagues happy (our Los Angeles SEO team regularly hangs out here on Friday evenings).


If you decided to cruise along this Boulevard, you would find many a different store and restaurant representing so many different cultures, you would think you are at a UN convention and not a street in California.


Some of these include Armenian, Korean, Persian, and of course, Hispanic. This is true for both the groceries you will find at the supermarkets and the choices of restaurants for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Do you feel like having some Thai food? You can choose one of the restaurants on the boulevard such as the Jaopaya or Saya Non Thai. In the mood for Lebanese? Stop at Pita Pocket for their delicious lemon chicken laffa. Craving some Salvadorian food?


No problem at all, go to Mis Raices Restaurant. These are just a few examples of what I was telling you about, outspoken diversity. In this vibrant northern LA neighborhood, it is expressed in its restaurants, in its stores, and even on the walls on the streets.


If you happen to visit Reseda, remember to check out the art on the walls, you will be amazed by the local talent. There is an annual event called The Reseda Rising Artwalk & Night Market which is held to promote the work of San Fernando Valley’s artists and features many activities such as an art market, interactive installations, workshops, and other events where many artisans and artists show and sell their creations. This is a great place to visit if you’re looking for creative inspiration, just like what our LA web design team does.

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Speaking of local talent…the area is a “local talent” all in itself. This not so glamorous part of Los Angeles has been featured in many Hollywood films. Do you remember the poster from E.T. the Extraterrestrial? The one where the bike is flying? The woods scenes from that movie were shot right here in this very area. Porter Ridge Park is the name. Of course, the area has changed a lot since the film that launched Drew Barrymore to stardom was released. But the park is still there and a great place to spend the day. Keeping the movie talk, Reseda was also featured in The Karate Kid. Do you remember those apartments where Mrs. LaRusso and Daniel live? Yeap, that’s Reseda! And these are just two examples.


So this is Reseda today. But, how was this unique neighborhood in the beginning? How did it come to be what it is today?


This area of north-west LA was part of the San Fernando Mission. Then in 1912 –after a bunch of real estate whatchamacallits- the town called Marian was founded. It didn’t even get to be a teenage town before it was re-named Reseda. The name Reseda makes reference to Reseda odorata or mignonette, which was very abundant in many gardens way back when.


Reseda used to be an agricultural community, with lettuce, orange and walnut plantation. This area was actually the U.S.’s largest lettuce producer before WWII. After the war, the economy shifted and it slowly turned into the productive community that it is today.


Reseda’s economic activity is as varied as its more than 70 thousand residents. Unsurprisingly, health care is the main industry, employing more than 12% of the population, followed by retail (11%) and other services (10%).


Interesting facts about Reseda:

The neighborhood population density is higher than in LA.

The 1994 earthquake, widely known as the Northridge Earthquake, actually had its epicenter in Reseda. It was right under Reseda Blvd between Ingomar and Arminta Streets.

This colorful part of LA is often times underrated, but it has a lot to offer to visitors and residents who approach life with an open mind and can see beauty beyond the more glamorous areas in the City of Angels.


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