Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles CA

The history of this neighborhood started all the way back in the early 1900’s, when a land developer, Gen. Moses Hazeltine Sherman bought a massive parcel of land. Nearly 20 years would pass before it would turn into what is now known as Sherman Oaks.


One of the events that boosted the development of this area was the construction of Mulholland Drive. You know that big HOLLYWOOD sign that you’ve seen in so many movies and TV shows? Well, it´s right on the side of this road.


But not only that, Mulholland Drive takes you through the Santa Monica Mountains, providing an amazing view of L.A.


Sherman Oaks is a peaceful neighborhood in the heart of San Fernando Valley surrounded by Van NuysReseda and Sun Valley. There are many attractions in this little neighborhood in North L.A. to draw both young and old people, the artistic types, businesspeople, and individuals from many different ethnicities.


White, Hispanic, Asian, African American, and other cultures are widely represented in the area. And the cool thing is, the neighborhood reflects the diversity of its residents in a positive way.


Some of the highlights of this quiet haven are the incredible green spaces surrounding it, a huge variety of restaurants, coffee shops, charming stores, and luxurious homes. In fact, many of our Los Angeles SEO clients have their offices here.


Did you know that Sherman Oaks was one of the first L.A. neighborhood that was developed for commercial and residential purposes? Since then, more than 100 thousand people have established in the area, turning it into a lively and diverse community, filled with small stores and tree-lined streets.


Even some famous people have decided to call this area home, mostly because it is conveniently located near many studios, yet you don’t have to deal with all the hustle and bustle of Hollywood or Studio City. Perfect, right?

Some of Our Clients

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San Fernando Valley is home to the world’s leading movie studios, and though many celebrities choose to live in Bel Air and Hollywood, some prefer to live in BrentwoodCanoga Park and some in the quieter neighboring areas, those that non-Angelinos don’t really know about. Bing Crosby and Marilyn Monroe had homes in Sherman Oaks, and Shia LeBauf and Demi Lovato live here.


This brings me to our next point. The entertainment industry is one of the main economic activities along with health care. The former is constantly bringing new people and investments, keeping the economy booming. The healthcare and related industries are also major player in the area’s economy. There is a number of medical hospitals and centers including Sherman Oaks Hospital and other world-renowned medical research centers. The median household income is around $100, 000, which is high for the state’s average.


But what can one do while in Sherman Oaks?


If you are visiting the area, there are many activities you can do to keep yourself entertained. The advantage of this area is that it is very well connected. Do you want to go to the Hollywood Walk of Fame? It’s only a 15 min. drive. How about spending the day at Santa Monica pier? Less than a 30 min. drive. Do you feel like a little retail therapy would do you some good? The Sherman Oaks Galleria is one of the most famous malls in L.A. It’s where Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Back to the Future II, and Valley Girl were filmed. Yeah I know, another Hollywood reference. But, come on! We are talking about L.A! At Sherman Oaks Galleria you will find many shops, but also restaurants where you can have a nice dinner, delicious ice cream, or gourmet coffee. Luckily for us, its only a short drive away from our Los Angeles web design office.


If you are more into independent shops, you can visit the small stores along Ventura Boulevard.


To enjoy L.A.’s unbeatable weather, why not try the Sherman Oaks-Van Nuys Park or the Tuesdays Farmer’s Market. There are many activities to do at the park as it has tennis and basketball courts, soccer and baseball fields, a swimming pool, and a trail for running or walking. At the Farmer’s market, which is set up every Tuesday at the parking lot of Fashion Square Mall, you can get fresh, local produce and food.


If you are looking for a place to call home, or simply visiting L.A. and want to see a different perspective, you should definitely check out Sherman Oaks; you won’t be disappointed.


If you want to read more about other top neighborhoods in LA, you can check these pages: DowntownEncino and Los Feliz.

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