In the last few years, Los Angeles has turned into one of the fastest growing and most amazing locations for beer in America. Here are 4 top breweries to try out the beers at.

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Angel City Brewery

Angel City Brewery has been at the forefront of the L.A. craft beer scene.

It was started in 1997. Now brewing in the historic John A. Roebling Structure in L.A.’s Downtown Arts District, what was as once upon a time, a simple house of craft beers has since then grown to end up being a powerhouse. In fact, we like this place so much, our Los Angeles SEO team goes here to party once every month.

Two of the best brews here are The Eureka Wit – with remarkable floral tasting brew of citrus and clove – and the ingenious Pomegranate Saison infused with fresh pomegranate juice and pink peppercorns, this place lights the way for beer lovers all throughout Los Angeles.

Eagle Rock Brewery

As it began serving the LA community in 2006, Eagle Rock Brewery is fairly brand-new to the scene. But it has actually made a significant impact with its focus on classic designs of American and European craft beers.

From the Revolution XPA (Pale Ale) to their recently launched Yearling – a sour ale aged in Cabernet barrels – Eagle Rock Brewery is a major competitor due to its constant innovation in Los Angeles.

With a tap space as comfortable as a fireside parlour, and a mix of delicious food trucks, that you can find just outside its door, it’s no wonder that locals enjoy their evenings here more than they do elsewhere.

Monkish Brewing Co.

The Monkish Brewing Co. in Torrance is a fast expanding brewery that focuses on what LA is everything about – locally brewed beer with taste that can’t be discovered in your typical craft pint.

Although the brewery is not in the city centre, its beers are among the best.

With offerings such as the Shaolin Fist, a Belgian brown ale brewed with Sichuan peppercorns – or the Obliate, a Belgian-style blonde ale stirred with chamomile, this place is a must visit for all beer fanatics.

Smog City Brewing

Smog City Brewing began in 2011 with their epic name, logo and beers, has set itself apart by producing outstanding brews such as their Smog City Saison, a standard Belgian brew progressing with vibrant undertones that are accompanied by a robust and soft mouthfeel.

Another significant brew is the Sabre-Toothed Squirrel, an American-style drink with biscuit malt and a bite of citrus hops.

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