In this post, we’ll share 5 fantastic areas in Downtown LA that you’ll love visiting. When you are in the DTLA area, be sure to check these out.

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OUE SkySpace

This distinct Los Angeles attraction has a glass slide, where you move from the 70th floor down to the 69th floor, all totally in glass.

The slide goes fast, so you do not have lots of time to watch the views, but it’s an enjoyable and fun experience that gets the heart racing going.

Also, they have two open-air observation decks that are amazing spots for evenings.


Chinatown, which is very close to the famous Olvera Street.

This little area has tasty food, shopping, and beautiful and distinct architecture. It likewise has the standard Chinese lanterns that cross a number of the streets.

And our Los Angeles SEO client said it recently also got a fountain where you can wish and throw coins into.

Grand Central Market

Grand Central Market, is the food court in Downtown Los Angeles.

It’s been there for years, with lots of distinct restaurants being available in and out over the years.

Now, it becomes part of the food revival story in LA with places like Wexler’s Deli, PBJ.LA, Eggslut, and numerous others bringing individuals from all over California to try special meals.

Angels Flight

Angels Flight is a short fun train that you can ride.

It takes you about a block up, and is fairly inexpensive as it just costs 50 cents to a dollar, depending upon if you have a metro pass. No doubt you would have actually seen this fun ride in some recent motion pictures like La Land.

It was sadly closed down for about 5 years, so it’s terrific to have it back functional once again.

Clifton’s Republic

Nearby The Last Bookstore is the must-visit Clifton’s Cafeteria, which is a popular Los Angeles spot that has been around for over 50 years.

This distinct cafe has all sorts of ridiculous things for you to checkout, such as tigers that you can sit next to, a huge three-storied tree, and all type of strange quirks around the restaurant.

It just reopened a year or two back, and it’s a fantastic location to go with your friends & family.

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