Marketing Strategy for Cleaning Business: Branding to Lead Generation Guide

Marketing Strategy for Cleaning Business: Branding to Lead Generation Guide

As a cleaning business owner, you know that having a strong marketing strategy is crucial to attracting new clients and growing your business. However, with so many different marketing channels and tactics available, it can be challenging to know where to start.

In this post, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to developing a successful marketing strategy to promote your cleaning business. From identifying your target audience and crafting your unique selling proposition, to implementing effective advertising and referral programs, we will cover all the key elements you need to succeed. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your cleaning business to the next level, this guide will provide you with the ideas and tips you need to generate leads and acquire new clients immediately.

10 Best Marketing Strategy for Cleaning Business

1. Develop a Website Focusing on Conversion 

Your house cleaning or janitorial website is the main point of your cleaning business lead-generation activities. It serves as your business card, brochure, service description, and salesperson.

Consider your cleaning service website to be a guide. It helps customers realize the worth of your services and offers them a cause to choose you over your competitors.

It also encourages people to contact you so that they might become leads. A strong call to action with highlighted contact information is desired. Be specific about your service area and what you offer.

You want something modern but uncomplicated. An open design with a clean layout and a lot of white space will make the right impression about your company.

After that, conduct some usability tests. Contrast your website with the competition’s. Is the worth of your offering obvious? Would you pick?

2. With Search, Marketing Clean up 

Both residential and commercial cleaning services must appear on page one of local search results. The majority of people will begin their search for a cleaning service on Google.

You accomplish this in three ways.

The first option is to use pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. You use the auction mechanism (Google Adwords) to bid on keywords and get top-page placement. The top four results on any search page are all paid search results.

The second option is to use Google My Business. This is a free listing that integrates with Google Maps and local search. It’s critical to improve your description and service listing with keywords, especially if you specialize in cleaning services. This item will be linked to your real location as a cleaning service. You’ll need to run PPC advertisements to get search results in other places where you provide services. Obtaining more favorable reviews will also enhance your rating.

The third is your website’s organic listing. This is influenced by your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts as well as your content marketing strategy. To achieve high results, optimize your site for relevant keywords, obtain some backlinks, and blog on a regular basis.

If your company does not feature in at least one of these backdrops, that should be your first priority. Begin with paid advertisements at the top. After that, focus on your organic listings.

3. Use Retargeting

Even if you have a wonderful website and good search engine rankings, many prospective buyers will not convert when they first view it. It’s just the way people act on the internet.

Yet, you can keep them by using retargeting advertisements. These adverts show after users have visited your website, similar to an automatic drip campaign. Your adverts will remain in front of them on the web as they consider a service.

This can be a very impactful marketing strategy, especially for cleaning services because individuals do not necessarily make quick decisions.

4. Maintain your Reputation

A search for cleaning services in any significant metropolis yields clear results. Reviews play an important role in how the material is sorted and how it relates to what searchers seek.

For example, a Google Places search for “cleaning services Denver” returns listings with star ratings. Yelp and Home Advisor are the top two organic search results.

The point is that reviews influence how individuals choose services such as house cleaning or janitorial. They read reviews to identify the best, most trustworthy services, and the content of the reviews influences search rankings.

This means you should go out of your way to get your top customers to post your evaluations.

The simplest approach to begin is to ask simply. After completing a service call, ask the homeowner or business owner if they will submit a review. Don’t be intrusive; simply state it.

If they click agree, it will take them to the reviews site where they wish to get content. If they choose no, a feedback form appears, allowing them to describe the issue in detail for you.

Include the Top Rated Local® widget on your website, so customers can click through to reviews instead of searching. The Rating ScoreTM tool assigns a score to all of your online reviews.

5. Use Facebook marketing

There are numerous impactful ideas for promoting cleaning services on Facebook, especially for residential leads. 

Start by optimizing a strong Facebook business page and maintaining all the contact information, and images along with a description. Take it as a secondary website. There are many leads likewise website visitors will look up to your Facebook and evaluate. 

Include posts that are organic, updates of your services, curated content about hygiene across the house, and so on. Don’t spare more time on organic posts, however, frequently try to keep things updated and constant. 

Another is, Go with Facebook Messenger. There is a chance that prospects will contact you via this messaging app. Make auto-response for primary questions, then be prepared to respond in under an hour during weekdays.

6. Use LinkedIn for Commercial Cleaning Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a great place to find commercial cleaning leads

LinkedIn is a tool for business professionals to network online. Consider it a massive, digital business after hours. This is an excellent place to start if you want to contact office managers that use commercial janitorial services.

One thing to bear in mind is that LinkedIn is primarily a platform for personal networking. You need someone at your company with a personal LinkedIn account who can connect with office managers and business owners in your area.

LinkedIn allows you to create relationships naturally, but like Facebook, the most exact targeting will come via LinkedIn Advertising. Ads generate more effective direct-response content for cleaning service lead generation.

7. Make a Unique Value Proposition

There will be one underlying message in all of your advertising and marketing collateral:

  • Conveys something distinctive or unique about your service
  • Describes how you solve a specific problem or concern for your customers.
  • Distinguishes you from your competitors

Why wouldn’t your leads go with Merry Maids? Are you less expensive, faster, or more dependable? Do you use non-toxic cleaning products or take environmental precautions?

Some cleaning firms promote their green cleaning products as being safer for children, pets, and the environment. Some provide premium or concierge-level services to more affluent homeowners who require this level of treatment.

8. Make a Promotional Video

Video is demonstrated to be an increasingly efficient way of communicating for businesses such as cleaning services, especially as more people seek services on their mobile phones.

On the phone, video content is simple to consume. You can express your complete value offer in a minute or two.

Few cleaning services invest in video, allowing them to miss out on an excellent approach to demonstrate their value. Videos are very easy to find in YouTube searches.

9. Use Marketing, Email, and CRM software

Email and client relationship management (CRM) software are essential for recurring services such as residential or commercial cleaning.

You can use email to construct lists and provide service updates to existing clients, as well as drip campaigns to send periodic promotions to leads.

An email newsletter is an excellent approach to staying in touch with clients while providing them with useful information and exclusive offers. This is an effective retention approach that will maintain your company’s name ahead of competitors attempting to steal your business.

The CRM allows you to track all services and client communications so that your entire team is aware of their communication history, service needs, and special requests. This can be accessed via mobile phones, allowing employees to acquire important information while working onsite. 

10. Understand your Audience

Spending more time researching and understanding your target audience is maybe the most helpful suggestion we can give you — and it applies to everything on this list.

With small business marketing, there is an unfortunate propensity to develop content that is very business-focused. They talk about their services as if they exist in a hoover, with no regard for why their audience sought them in the first place.

Why do the majority of your clients contact you? Is it due to a lack of time to clean? Are they habitual slackers? Are they wealthy enough that having a cleaning service is a status symbol? Do they have obstinate in-laws? Are they relocating or performing a thorough spring cleaning?

As much as you are able to connect customers’ motivations with your marketing message, there will be the probability of more success in transforming them into high-quality leads.