New Era of Metaverse Marketing

Metaverse is next era in the evolution of the internet, a 3d spatial overlay of the web linking the digital world to our physical world. And in the world of digitization and the internet, there is no shortage of these terms.

In this new iteration of the internet, websites will become interconnected, 3d spaces akin to the world we live in and experience.

Metaverse is one such term that is making headlines but very few people know about it. If you also want to know about it, this article is for you and you will not need anything else.

In all these years internet technology continues to modify and it offers great opportunities for users. From using static websites to navigating Web2 experiences, we have all seen the power of digital evolution. The Metaverse comes next in this series of progressions.

Tech experts around the world are putting their time, effort, and creativity into redesigning the initial Metaverse concept forged by Neil Stephenson in 1992. He forged the term in a science-fiction novel, and it is now used in mainstream technology.

What is the Metaverse?

Even though the Metaverse concept has been with us for over a decade, it has gained popularity recently around the world, when big companies such as Facebook and Microsoft started working on related projects. The discussion about this helped the virtual world continue to grow as more and more people understand the possibilities of this.

During the pandemic people preferred to avoid personal interactions, companies implemented remote working policies, digital methods of communication were adopted, and the metaverse started to make room.

The Metaverse represents a highly interactive 3d virtual world. Just like in the real world, users can trade land, buildings and other digital assets in the Metaverse and explore the space using their avatars. These avatars can be customized as per need and can perform similar activities as humans do in the real world.

Metaverse can be either centralized or decentralized. However, as the industry already benefits from blockchain technology, the demand for blockchain-powered metaverse has increased.

Blockchain technology is also essential to metaverse development, and the future of the web is decentralized. With this, blockchain use cases such as NFTs and cryptocurrencies will have a greater impact than they are now. For an in-depth investigation of the usefulness of Metaverse, let’s discuss its use cases and benefits.

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metaverse ecosystem diagram
What is Metaverse?

The metaverse is steadily getting all the attention around the world

The metaverse is steadily getting all the attention around the world. People have different definitions and diverse views about it and it will continue further as well.

To quickly define the meaning of the metaverse, we should think of a 3-D web powered by virtual reality (VR), machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and augmented reality (AR).

The Metaverse is persistent, self-contained, infinite, interoperable, and in real-time, and these characteristics are its key features.

If something is still not clear then let’s take an example to understand it better:

The world is continuously changing in this post-COVID-19 pandemic era. Shopping malls, and cinema halls, started following social distancing, People started preferring online grocery ordering, Doctors started virtual consulting and more. Some even closed temporarily. Organizations have adopted the remote working model, and people have distanced themselves from large gatherings, meetings and public events.

However, people started to miss personal interactions, office environments and gatherings. People can make calls, send texts and do video calls to their friends and family but just after ending the conversion they will start again to be locked.

But is there another and better way to feel freer and engaged with the world? Imagine that you called a friend and asked to meet them, and they’re there in a matter of minutes. Is it possible? Yes, with the Metaverse.

You will just need a VR headset to augment your surroundings virtually. Since it is the virtual world, it is not real, however, it can be close to the real world. With continuously improving technologies, the metaverse could become even more exciting and real, and users will soon be touching and feeling virtual objects through gloves with haptic sensors.

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Metaverse Markting – Metaverse For Marketers

Flawless Marketing in the Metaverse Examples:

10.7 million people attended Marshmello’s Fortnite concert in 2019.


metaverse fortnite marshmello


45.8 million people watched the Travis Scott in Fortnite event in 2020. In addition, Travis’s own youtube channel views for the show have exceeded 77 million views. 12.3 million concurrent players participate.

The Gucci Dionysus, a logo enveloped bag with a distinctive tiger closure, was sold for 4,115 dollars compared to its store price of 3,400 dollars.

Balenciaga dropped a video game, Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow, where the users enter a virtual Balenciaga store and experience Balenciaga’s fall collection.
An NFT called Everydays: the First 5000 Days was sold for $69.3m.

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That list goes on and on day by day. The world is changing, and it is changing faster than we expected.

There is even an Earth 2.0 where you can own, buy and sell land!

In 2022, VR revenues are expected to climb to 6.71 billion U.S. dollars, and by 2024 it will double the amount and hit 12.19.

This list goes on, believe it or not.

OTT is working on its own OTTVerse which will launch in Sep. 2022, as leaders in the marketing industry we chose to tackle the niches that lead generations, as we provide the following services customized for a flawless metaverse marketing strategies and rolled out plans:
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Here’s what this landscape looks like today and how organizations can think about their metaverse marketing strategies for the future.
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metaverse ecosystem structure
Metaverse is Attracting People From All Over The World

So, even if you are doing work from home and your AR glasses are on you can experience your organization’s metaverse office. You may ask what is new in it, it was even now possible with VR headsets. So, the answer is metaverse will allow you to communicate with your colleagues there as well. There is more you can do in the metaverse.

Recently, Microsoft has come up with the announcement that they are soon launching its own firm Metaverse. In this enterprise, users will get to access trade tools such as MS Excel and PowerPoint on it. 

You will get into the metaverse for a business meeting at 12 pm. And after that, you will get to meet with an old friend for a digital coffee chat. Now, if you seem to be spending most of your time in the Metaverse where your computer & iPhone will already be exchanged by iGlasses soon). Later, it’ll be hard to finalize that you’ll also be interested in doing your daily shopping. And that comes under a similar experience that might be working by total immersive gaming. Doesn’t it look like the shadow of your life? 

Now, let’s be natural and think if we’re making duplicates of the physical world inside the metaverse. Have you realized why the reactions of the basic customers change in that virtual world too? 

Assume yourself in the circumstance where this transformation will be riotous for many of the well-settled Web 2.0 e-commerce and retail giants. In case they didn’t adopt this trend. 

Now, Google Survey is the means upon which critical data why retailers recognized it seriously adopting to the metaverse. Here, it shows that people approx 66% agree with using AR for assistance during shopping. Also, Shopify indicates that involvement with the products that hold 3D content recognizes a higher transformation of 94% rate than without it. 

Brands like Gucci, Coca-cola, Samsung, and Nike are those who already shifted toward metaverse to acquire advantages. Now, the trend of this new shopping in the metaverse will go fast since you get to know it even more. 

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What is the difference between the internet and the metaverse?

The internet provides a network service across billions of computers, millions of servers, and other electronic devices as well. After online, internet users can easily interact with each other, can easily view and communicate with websites, and can also buy and sell goods and services. 

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There is no competition between the metaverse and the internet, actually, it builds on it. Under the metaverse, users can transverse into a digital world that duplicates aspects of the physical world using such technologies as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), AI, Social media, and virtual currency. Whereas the internet is something that users browse however in the metaverse to a degree or people can survive.

Also, the government is extending its reach into the metaverse. For instance, there are many countries that have a relatively static appearance on the internet. 

While the emergence of the internet has pushed many services that are walking the way to the creation of the metaverse. 

If we talk about gaming you see Roblox, Minecraft, and other immersive video games – and even zoom foreshadow what the metaverse is crafted to offer, as stated by Ben Bajarin, an analyst at Creative Strategies. ‘ you have even a kind of virtual presence on the digital platform. 

Later he said that it’s a question of what shape the metaverse at the end takes. Either it will be open on the internet? Or else it will be a way more gated expertise controlled by some big companies?

Metaverse Marketing
metaverse marketing
Benefits of Metaverse

The Telecom trend is growing, more people count on digital spaces and digital modes of communication such as video and web conferencing to interact online with others. Metaverse is uplifting its existing digital experience by bringing a range of real-world capabilities to users in the three-dimensional immersive world. Following are the major benefits that Metaverse and all the things happening around it:

Handling the Metaverse remote work challenges

The Metaverse has the potential to handle all the current challenges of remote working culture. It provides managers with a virtual environment where they can meet avatars of employees, communicates with them, checks their body language and interact in person. In addition, the employer can solve problems like time theft and gold bricks at the workplace by keeping track of the team in that virtual space as well.

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Highly efficient for Metaverse healthcare professionals

The Metaverse appears to be a great tool for healthcare professionals and medical staff who were previously incapable of meeting with patients due to limitations, borders and restrictions. Through the Metaverse, they can interact with the patient and get clear information about their health status.

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Making Metaverse online games more exciting

The idea of ​​their avatars exploring vast virtual spaces is appealing to players. There are many games which are not in the metaverse but were more about exploring the world and they all were popular. Metaverse again is uplifting the level. And now gamers will be able to create their own avatar and do more fun activities but it will be close to the real world.

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Prospects with Metaverse Marketing in Business

The Economy’s New Era of Business in the Metaverse

Yes, there are a lot of technologies at the foundation of the metaverse and maybe this is the next upgrade of the internet. However, it is not possible for us to not think about the possibilities with Metaverse that businesses can explore in the near future.

The buildup surrounding the metaverse is definitely unique to any new technology trend. Several tech companies are already claiming that they are into the Metaverse already, while some are busy developing Metaverse platforms and tools to enhance the virtual and physical realities of users.


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Furthermore, the viability of Metaverse business opportunities largely depends on the execution of activities going on in silos in a single shared location. Here are some notable activities on the metaverse that could help new business opportunities.

  • Shop in virtual retail stores and malls with immersive e-commerce.
  • Buying outfits, accessories, wearables and other artifacts for digital avatars.
  • Buying digital art, property, and collectables as NFTs.
  • Interaction with users in the form of digital avatars for customer service, employee onboarding, sales, service and many other business communications.
  • Participation in virtual social experiences.
  • Purchase of digital real estate and development of virtual homes.
  • Use of virtual classrooms to promote immersive learning experiences.
  • Most importantly, business opportunities in the metaverse can be leveraged to make the most of decentralization, interoperability, collaboration and a sustainable environment.

All of these traits can help businesses come up with strategic models to expand their digital business capabilities. With so many possibilities, it is worth exploring the possibilities of trading in the metaverse.

metaverse market cap
Metaverse Use Cases
Use cases and applications of the Metaverse

After knowing about Metaverse and its benefits you must want to know exactly where this piece of technology will fit in. As a significant part of the world is heading toward digitization. There are various fields and works where Metaverse can be used. Here are some of the major ones. 


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Metaverse Virtual work and Learning spaces

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses around the world to adopt digital modes of work and communication. Video conferencing platforms gain popularity for online classes, remote work, and other WFH arrangements.

However, there is something missing about these platforms, they have failed to provide a compelling and engaging experience due to the real-time audio and video mode of communication. 

Metaverse addresses this limitation through its well-detailed, graphically rich virtual environments, 3-D avatars and immersive meetings to provide users with a more engaging experience.

Instead of having participants look at computer screens and communicate via microphones, the Metaverse allows us to navigate a virtual environment with avatars of real participants.

metaverse upgrades
Metaverse Forcing All Social Media Platforms To UPGRADE!

Brains behind the meta platform believe that peasant and upcoming technologies can do more than just post text, images and videos.
With Meta and metaverse, they are trying to present a three-dimensional space that is not limited to seeing people on a computer or mobile screen and hearing their voices.

A Metaverse-based platform can provide a more immersive experience among social media users by enticing them with a sense of presence. The combination of virtual reality, artificial intelligence and augmented reality can provide a more realistic digital experience beyond the capabilities of the current social media universe.

Of course, we’ve seen social media expand from simple text-based chat to sharing memories and stories, and now metaverse is here to completely transform it into the virtual 3d world. Content in the Metaverse is graphic rich and well detailed, and users themselves become content creators as they literally live inside this new virtual world.


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Metaverse Advanced Blockchain Use Cases

Blockchain (a decentralized technology) is essential for the purpose of mass adoption of the metaverse. At present, we connect blockchain technology directly with cryptocurrencies but it can be used for much more than just complimenting and maintaining crypto. 

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Blockchain can act as a distributed ledger to keep track of peer-to-peer transactions and support the development of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and dApps.

With Metaverse in action, individuals and companies can build more realistic NFT marketplaces where sellers can showcase creations and users can meet and discuss with other users. Buying and selling NFTs will be hassle-free and people will make better buying decisions.

Metaverse provides a shared space of ​​the virtual world, be it new NFT or blockchain games in which players can obtain in-game collectables and trade them with other participants. Blockchain-based game developers can use all the available technologies and Metaverse to develop next-gen online apps, software and games.

metaverse competitive landscape
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Virtual businesses and markets in the Metaverse

Technology in every field is creating new opportunities for businesses, helping them to effectively promote their goods and services. With the increasing implementation of the metaverse, enterprises are stepping out of the two-dimensional surface of e-commerce and adopting a lifelong virtualized space for an immersive experience.

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Metaverse Ecommerce Emerges 
E-commerce business owners and managers can meet with merchants in the virtual space and complete business formalities such as product inspections, negotiations and finalization of deals. Also, they can better influence customers by using interactive and realistic marketing materials instead of depending on a digital marketing strategy.

As with many new business concepts, Metaverse technology is also helping the creation, ownership and trading of tokenized versions of digital assets and real-world assets, empowering crypto and NFTs.

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Technologies Necessary for the Metaverse

There are many companies that are trying to make the metaverse more impactful. To do that they are utilizing some of the very big technologies like blockchain, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and 3D reconstruction to power the virtual world. In this regard, let’s understand these techniques that enhance the metaverse.


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AR and VR

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are vital to the metaverse because they provide users with a fascinating and engaging experience of a 3D virtual world. These two technologies are the core for creating and experiencing the virtual worlds, metaverses or similar digital spaces.

Augmented Reality (AR) uses visual elements and graphical characters to shape the real world. Applications based on AR allow users to view their surroundings through engaging digital visuals closer to those enjoyed in games such as Pokemon Go and many more. Anyone with a digital device and a smart camera can access the AR application.

Virtual Reality (VR) is similar in concept to the metaverse. This creates a complete computer-generated virtual world that users can explore using VR headsets, gloves and various sensors.

Both are maturing over time and may soon redefine our digital experiences. AR and VR have generated a lot of hype that has promoted the big tech giants to invest in equipment development to support future changes and project development.


Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already widely involved in our daily lives: business automation, strategy and planning, facial recognition, fast computing, and more. Similarly, AI has enabled the creation of immersive virtual spaces.

Other than projects (gaming, eCommerce, commercial, or general niche), AI is helping the metaverse in several ways. It is making data processing and management easy and quick. For gaming in the metaverse, AI is taking care of the non-player characters in various instances. It is improving their actions and interactions.

AI analyzes the made stuff which includes 3-D scans and images to generate more realistic avatars that align with the actual participant.

Technology will also play a key role in making the entire Metaverse process more dynamic so that the user experiences the most engagement every time they enter the space.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) can be considered as a system and it is actually filling the gap between our real world and the Internet, by enabling data to be sent or received through sensors. For the metaverse, IoT collects things from the physical world and presents objects in virtual space, increasing the accuracy of digital render. IoT data can help us to determine the functioning of objects within the metaverse based on the effects caused by various real-world factors.

IoT technology connects 3-D virtual worlds to real-world devices and enables the rebuilding of real-world processes in a digitally interoperable infrastructure. To further upgrade the Metaverse ecosystem, IoT can utilize AI and machine learning technologies to effectively manage to accumulate data.

3-D reconstruction

3-D technology has been among us for several years but in the past few years, it has become powerful and more useful. The role of 3-D reconstruction has grown in many industries, particularly real estate businesses.

Due to prolonged lockdown, precautionary guidance and restrictions, people missed visiting the properties in person they wanted to buy. As a solution, real-estate agencies started using 3-D reconstruction technology to take potential buyers on a tour of the property without forcing them to visit the property in person.

Like the Metaverse, 3-D reconstruction facilitates the creation of a natural environment where users can examine a replica of a physical object or building using their avatars. To further sharpen their experience, developers combine 3-D with 4K HD technology.
Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is vital to the growth and continued development of the metaverse.

With blockchain, enterprises can create decentralized and transparent solutions to provide digital proof of ownership, digital collectables, transfer of value, and interoperability.

Blockchain is a very popular piece of technology at the present time. Institutions which are against the adaptation of cryptocurrencies are also in favor of blockchain technology.

There are many benefits of blockchain especially safety standards, data privacy and interconnection with databases.

Blockchain technology can be used as a data management system for financial institutions as well.

Since blockchain will be used in the metaverse then cryptocurrency can be easily used to fasten the transaction process.

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Cryptocurrencies or digital coins can be the digital medium of exchange to support the transactions taking place between users while they are exploring, interacting, doing activities and socializing in a 3-D virtual space.

It is possible that in the future people who contribute to the growth of the Metaverse ecosystem will be incentivized via cryptocurrencies, just like miners are paid to validate transactions and add preceding blocks to the blockchain. Given such possibilities, we can expect exciting innovations related to blockchain-based metaverses in the future.

Other software

A standardized technical specification for metaverse implementation has not been widely adopted, and current implementations rely mainly on proprietary technology. Interoperability is a significant concern in the development of Metaverse Projects, arising from concerns about transparency and privacy. There are many virtual environment standardization projects.

Universal Scene Description is a specification for 3D computer graphics interchange produced by Pixar and supported by Blender, Apple’s SceneKit and Autodesk 3DS Max. Technology company NVIDIA announced in 2021 that they would be adopting USD for their Metaverse development tools.

Cryptocurrency/digital money

Fiat currency is the default way of storing value and a medium of exchange in our physical world. It is being used to buy or sell whatever we want. But in the virtual world, these physical currencies can’t help you to make payments to buy your painting, land, and avatar in a seamless, instantaneous way. The answer is simple- digital money or crypto!

In the metaverse, it is almost impossible to imagine working without a digital mode of payment. In a world where speed, transparency and security are almost fundamental, digital currency, especially crypto, becomes a necessity rathe

Metaverse as a Services

Metaverse is a combination of Meta-world, AR, VR, MR, and Virtual assets. As it’s still early days for a combination of all these technologies, the Metaverse is still under construction. However, these individual technologies are among us for years and are more mature and accessible than ever.

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Tech companies are not in the mood to keep waiting for a grand unveiling of the Metaverse and starting from scratch. They wanted to grow with metaverse since they know that components can transform their processes, interactions, and business models right now.

With a well-focused metaverse strategy, companies can set a goal and their path to achieving it. They also need to focus on the capabilities, talents and applications that make achieving their Metaverse goals to life. Here are some of the Metaverse services that are being provided by the companies.

Metaverse strategy and roadmap.

IT companies are helping businesses and individuals identify their role in the metaverse and build a business case. Importantly, we also develop a roadmap that outlines the capabilities, talents, operating models and initiatives needed to achieve their goals.

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Investing and M&A Goal Search

Whether to acquire new talent and capabilities or simply for investment purposes, Metaverse M&A is gaining popularity. IT companies identify and evaluate targets, analyze investment themes, and perform due diligence for Metaverse companies.

Use case detection and execution

We zero in on the most promising Metaverse use cases and then move them from prototyping to large-scale deployment. Our team of Metaverse Consultants, which includes analytics experts and digital transformation experts, design, build and launch the top-notch Metaverse experience.

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Metaverse Infrastructure Enablement

Since building and scaling Metaverse products requires the right technical infrastructure, we assess companies’ existing capabilities, identify critical infrastructure and capabilities, and create a blueprint for end-to-end enablement preparation.

Metaworld creations

IT companies, especially companies working in the gaming, and graphic designing sectors, are helping businesses and individuals to convert their imagined world into virtual reality. In this ecosystem, businesses can create games and software as well.

Avatar Creation

The business of customized avatars for metaverse games and apps is growing at a rapid pace. The avatars can be later, lent, bought and sold by the users. There are also communities that are engaged in exchange and trade, which makes it more profitable for users.

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Blockchain and crypto-related services

If extra effort is required regarding Blockchain and Cryptocurrency then the business can also outsource all the blockchain and cryptocurrency-related services like blockchain development, crypto token development, token listing, blockchain management, etc.

Metaverse Technologies

Top 10 Metaverse Projects – FACTS!

Metaverse is currently the most cutting-edge technical subject, each industry is taking a huge interest in this new world, resulting in the huge growth of Metaverse and projects based on this. We are listing some of the existing Metaverse projects below. It will help you understand the working of the metaverse easier.

Here are the top Metaverse projects right now. 


Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg through an open letter stated that his firm’s metaverse investment showcased a fundamental change and was accompanied by a new vision for the social media giant crafted to ‘bring the metaverse to life’. 

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Also, he stated that Facebook is a metaverse first, not the Facebook first, company. That’s a crucial change and the reason why users ultimately don’t feel the need for a Facebook account to use other services in the metaverse. 

Apart from it, there are other non – facebook products, Facebook has already sold millions of its Oculus VR headgear units for steering the metaverse. 

During the announcement of Meta, Zuckerberg said that Facebook intends to accelerate the development of the basic technologies, which include social platforms and creative tools that are needed to ‘bring the metaverse to life’. Soon after the Meta news fell in late 2021, Facebook introduced Horizon Worlds, a VR space that users can navigate as an avatar, and tools for developers to develop a more digital world. 


Decentraland is a gaming-focused decentralized metaverse project developed to facilitate a realistic and immersive virtual world for users around the world to create, use/explore and trade NFTs. The platform also allows users to buy land in the virtual world, host live events, play games and do all the fun activities, similar to the real world.

The platform is powered by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which means that platform is entirely owned and regulated by its users. Users can make decisions by voting such as features, upgrades and optimizations, propose significant changes, and participate in governance. This project will enable interoperability with many other Metaverse projects as its next major upgrade.

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Epic Games

Epic Games, is the maker of the famous online shooter game series Fortnite which has some 350 million users, and the Unreal Engine software for game developers, aimed to stake a share in the metaverse following a $1 billion round of funding in 2021. It involves $200 million from Sony Group Corp. 

The motive of Epic Games regarding metaverse is different from Facebook where it wants to offer a communal space for users to communicate among themselves and the brands as well. And it all does without a need to feed stuck with campaigns. 

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Upland is a blockchain-powered gaming metaverse project designed to enable users to perform buying, selling and virtual trading of assets mapped to real-world addresses. The assets of this platform are represented through NFTs, users of which can become “digital land owners” and trade these NFTs to earn profits in the form of UPX coins.

Upland is a unique project that seeks to build a digital economy to blur the gap between the digital world and the real world so that people can benefit from the usefulness of both worlds.

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It is built and run on the Ethereum blockchain that allows the creation of marketplaces in its ecosystem. Enterprises, depending on their industry, can create decentralized NFT marketplaces, create NFTs, integrate them and trade them to earn real-value money. The platform didn’t put any restrictions on project types, allowing developers to market a range from gaming to real estate, branding, and e-commerce.

Users can conveniently store and manage their NFTs on Enjin’s platform by taking advantage of its protection benefits to avoid potential complications. Enjin can be explained in a few simple steps- Acquisition, creating, Gaming, Trading and Melting.

As the metaverse comes across the Microsoft teams where the software giants online meet competitors to zoom. Also, Microsoft has stated that it will release Mesh for Microsoft Teams in 2022. Whereas the fresh service lets the team in various physical locations meet collaborative and shared holographic expertise in the digital meetings. 

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Microsoft’s Project 

Microsoft has also stated that Mesh will allow users to build a digital presence on any device by utilizing a personalized avatar of themselves. This was created during the recent announcement of Mesh for Microsoft.  That is a platform for developers that involves a suite of AI-powered tools for avatars, session management, spatial rendering, synchronization across several users, and ‘holoportation’. It is a 3D-inspired technology that enables users to rebuild and transmit high-quality 3D models of people in real-time. 

Already Microsoft has been working with a professional services company Accenture to make Mesh – enables immersive spaces. Meanwhile, Accenture has appointed more than 100,000 people each year and uses Mesh to aid them to onboard new employees. 

Those new hires meet on teams to get the instructions on how to build a digital avatar and allow one Accenture park which is a shared digital space and part of the onboarding method. In the future, there will be an amusement park kind of space that involves a central conference room, a digital boardroom, and digital monorails that new employees are able to travel to multiple exhibits. 

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metaverse chart
Present and Future of Metaverse

The internet is filled with positives and negatives of everything and Metaverse is no different. However, if you want to know where the Metaverse revolution is heading, the next two subheadings will be enough to tell you.

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Present of Metaverse 

The metaverse has introduced a nirvana for the one who is a technophile. It is defined as a place to engross them in any virtual world and can involve them in any physical reality at any time. And also would be capable to see and feel anything, no matter you are away around thousand of miles from the real location. 

In the metaverse, there would also be an enhancement in the virtual economy. Therefore, an individual is able to create, buy and sell goods. Moreover, this comes as a more idealistic vision when it comes to the metaverse, it is interoperable which enables you to take digital items such as clothes from one platform to another. In reality, you can purchase a shirt from the mall and later can wear it in a movie theatre. Whereas the metaverse enables you to enable a persona that you can carry everywhere as quickly as you can duplicate your profile picture from one virtual space to another. 

If we have to talk about the Covid pandemic time when it raged across the globe and dragged the economies on the ground. It was the internet there that made people capable of doing Work from Home (WFH). Seamlessly, this technology has helped firms to stay afloat and arguably, even expanded insanely. That time has also brought the change in education sectors that radically changed and have adopted and turned more technology-intensive. 

At this time, metaverse has potentially adopted several fields ahead by showcasing virtual reality (VR) that relied upon wearables products. Meanwhile, these wearable products will glimpse the users to an alternative digital world from the enclosure of their homes. These people would be capable of communication regardless of the need to undergo long commutes, breathe in the tainted air, and even dress up for various purposes. Whereas children could be able to study various subjects and modules in their own steps and also can explore their horizons far from what is recently possible with the standard curriculum. 

As the real world is full of hassles, in the digital world there would be post routines such as watching movies or social communications with friends that will have their preferences. If we could have simply concluded, then there is an endless possibility with the metaverse. 

Future of Metaverse 

Since the metaverse concept has begun to incorporate Web3 technology allows via blockchain technology. The metaverse future would be possibly the same as the real world in several aspects and also be able to exchange with some physical world actions. 

There are already a few metaverse non-fungible token (NFT) vendors that have allowed their NFTs to function in some metaverse games like footwear and clothing and further planning is about to include them in the field.

The growing number of NFTs enthusiasts are vibing the possibilities to invest in the digital world like games and sell or lease them for a cost. In the future metaverse, there could be a massive contributing factor that lies behind the growth of the digital economy. And it relies on video games and the digital world where there is almost zero disturbance. 

In this way, both users and creators receive more and this can be enhanced even if nonfungible tokens(NFTs) are incorporated into in-game assets. And thus, how decentralization of the digital economy turns into a reality. 

We already have an up-growing version of metaverse existing with the virtual goods in today’s time like NFTs showcasing famous art and virtual memorabilia are already being overtaken through investors and crypto enthusiasts likewise. 

There could be a new future as the major players like Meta step into this place and promote it with confidence in this way. It’s just about the time since we view the entities following suit. It will expand the boundaries of the metaverse and will attract vast benefits not just from investors and consumers but from everywhere. 

It is believed that the future of the metaverse also revolves around the idea of running openly without any interference from a single group or organization. The involvement of creators will be from around the globe. As more brands are looking to open their outlets on the broader metaverse as similar to the internet in the current time.

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Challenges in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is considered one of the biggest innovations in the world of virtual reality, and it will change the way we see and use the Internet, games, and social media platforms.

However, the Metaverse is still in the early stages of progress. Like every emerging technology, the metaverse’s present has potential challenges and with that in mind, let’s take a look at those limitations.

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Unlike what we experience in the real world, identifying people in the metaverse is challenging. One has to verify the users through the voice, facial expressions and features of the avatar. These all can be manipulated easily when people are empowered to create and modify their avatars.

  • Virtual crimes such as sexual abuse and other user safety issues such as harassment are significant challenges with current social virtual reality platforms, and may likewise be prevalent in a metaverse.
  • Scammers or users with access to bots can try to harm one’s reputation and may pretend to be an avatar to serve the ultimate purpose.
  • The potential presence of child predators on the Metaverse platform is another concern, along with the potential for worsening child depression and loneliness.
  • Privacy concerns are another important challenge. Metaverse’s reliance on VR and AR devices can leak personal data because they are equipped with camera capabilities and unique identifiers.
  • User addiction and problematic social media use are other concerns. Internet addiction disorder, video game addiction, and social media addiction can have long-term mental and physical consequences, such as depression, anxiety, and many other disadvantages related to a sedentary lifestyle, such as obesity and an increased risk for heart disease.

However, these challenges don’t add up to every Metaverse project. With thorough knowledge of Metaverse development and a professional team, anyone can easily design and launch a personalized virtual world, avoiding those potential challenges.

metaverse in business
How far is the metaverse?

However, the main strategy of ​​being able to immerse in a digital online world has been around for many years, however, a real metaverse where lifelong exchanges are possible is yet years away. In his annual review blog post, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates mentioned that most people don’t have VR goggles and motion capture gloves to exactly capture their expressions, body language, and the quality of their voices.

However, when it comes to business, Gates indicated that in the next two to three years almost all digital meetings will move from two-dimensional square boxes to the metaverse – a 3D space in which parties present as virtual avatars.

Many industry experts also think that even without cryptocurrency the Metaverse sector will grow rapidly in the upcoming future. There is some major development in a very wide area of technology that has been happening and these all will result in something great and enticing.

The answer to the question How far is Metaverse is simple: it is just around the corner. In the next few years from games to the internet to eCommerce to entertainment to healthcare to work, everything will adopt 3D space. And people who are living in the 2D world will experience a very futuristic and realistic world-where they can even change the theme of their virtual surroundings in a few taps.

However, it is also a true fact that the Metaverse and all the technologies around it will take some time to reach the level where we can call them perfect technologies. They need some time and serious efforts to build something that the Metaverse gave us a dream of.

Many companies have already started to provide some small-scale services which are listed above related to Metaverse. And since some big brands are already in the race, there is a very minor chance that the plans of living in a Meta-world will be delayed.  It will be among us at its best in the next 4 to 5 years.

So, get ready for all the changes it will bring to our life and society, and to reach there it doesn’t even need the support of cryptocurrencies which have been on a downfall for the last few months. If the transactions or payment is a concern then let me remind you that there are many countries that are already working on their own digital currency, and there are also a few popular payment gateways. And while combined all together we can even experience the world of Metaverse sooner than before.

The entire Metaverse in a nutshell

Metaverse is growing and growing at a rapid pace, it is actually a combination of many technologies but ultimately all technologies are being used together to create a real-like virtual world and give the same experience to the users.

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However, the Metaverse is not the perfect one and it will take time to reach that level. There are many projects being developed in and around Metaverse and businesses are actively taking interest in them. It is expected that soon the more polished projects will start to come to the surface. We just have to wait and keep developing our projects so we stay ahead in this world. There are many companies that are providing Metaverse-focused services and if you want to know more about them or want a project based in the world of Metaverse you can easily hire them.

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What is the metaverse?

The metaverse is a virtual universe created and accessible using advanced technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and/or blockchain technology. The metaverse can be thought of as a combination of virtual reality and the physical world to form a virtual world that can be accessed through a VR headset and allows people to interact in real-time with other people all over the globe. The Metaverse exists online and can have its own rules, avatars, currency, and people who use it for specific purposes. There can be more than one metaverse, each with its own separate purposes and users.

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