Allapattah, Florida

Miami’s Allapattah neighborhood, named after the Seminole word for “alligator”, has been settled since the mid-19th century, but its character has evolved significantly through the years. Today, it stands as one of Miami’s most up-and-coming neighborhoods, a hip, vibrant and, multicultural community.

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Allapattah’s first settler, around 1856, was William P. Wagner, who established a humble homestead along the Miami Rock Ridge. Today, Miami Jackson High School stands in that same place. Development in the area continued for decades at a slow pace until the Florida East Coast Railroad fueled accelerated progress.


During the 50s and 60s, a large influx of African Americans displaced by the newly-built I-95 reshaped the neighborhood, coupled with vast amounts of Cuban immigrants following the Revolution of 1959. Allapattah became home to one of America’s largest Cuban immigrant communities.


During the 80s, refugees from Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic favored Allapattah’s accessible rents and working class character, cementing the neighborhood as a cultural melting pot. In recent years, developers have taken an interest in Allapattah, and there is much talk of a revitalization of the area, with some dubbing it the “new Wynwood”.

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Interesting Facts

Only 66% of people in Allapattah speak English well or natively. Over half of residents were born overseas, and a significant proportion of the remainder descend from first-generation immigrants (we’ve also seen this trend among out Miami SEO and Miami web design clients). Traditionally a blue collar neighborhood, more than 62% of Allapattah residents today are white collar workers. Median household income remains low, however, at 24.390$.

The Neighborhoods

If you’re visiting Allapattah, there’s no shortage of activities to keep you entertained during your stay. A couple blocks west of NW 7th Avenue lies PanIQ Room Miami. Head on over for a unique, exhilarating live game experience. And no, we’re not talking video games here – PanIQ Room sets you up with exciting (and sometimes, terrifying!) “escape room” experiences, where you have to navigate complex puzzles in dark, ominous settings, like a haunted hospital and many other options. By the way, some other neighborhoods in Miami similar to Allapattah are Coconut GroveCoral Way and Downtown Miami.


Back to Allapattah, in the eastern end you’ll find the vibrant Casino Miami, a gambling, food and entertainment hotspot with over 1.000 slots machines, a jai alai court where you can get your blood pumping, fine Cuban-inspired dining to sate the hunger of a good workout, and smooth drinks to wash it all down.


If you need a little more physical activity, visit Curtis Park, in southwest Allapattah, where locals and tourists enjoy outdoor and indoor sporting facilities, such as a football field, racquetball and basketball court, and much more. It’s a great place to catch up on your exercise while visiting Allapattah, especially on a budget.


If you have children in Allapattah with you, Juan Pablo Duarte Park offers some pretty great programs, including summer camps, winter camps, spring break camps and even an after school program. Busy kids don’t get in trouble, so if you’ve got little tykes with you, it may well be worth a visit. There’s a computer lab, a water splash park and a tennis court, so the little ones will definitely have plenty to do.


For the fish lovers among us, Allapattah offers the authentic seafood open air market experience, thanks to the Plaza Fish Market. Here, locals and tourists line up from early in the morning, hoping to get their pick of the freshest catch of the day. There’s also plenty of seafood restaurants, serving up meals prepared with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, straight from the sea and right into your platter.


If you’re a thrill-seeker, Lock & Load Miami Machine Gun Experience is an option for you. It allow customers to shoot automatic weapons in an indoor range as easily as you’d order some fried chicken. Only in Florida!

You can also check out the other major neighborhoods in Miami here: EdgewaterFlagamiLittle HaitiWynwood.

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