Coconut Grove, Miami FL

Coconut Grove, which officially became a city in 1919, is located in the Mami-Dade county and is the oldest neighborhood in the city of Miami. Sometimes known in the past as Cocoanut Grove, the place was born as an annexation of areas from THE TOWN OF Silver Bluff and the city of Coconut Grove. The Grove is an area of Miami that´s considered among its greenest ones..


By 1825, immigrants coming from the Northeastern US, Britain and white people from the Bahamas, established Coconut Grove. The place has seen several firsts such as the first hotel on the South Florida mainland, the Bay View Inn, which became the Peacock Inn, years later. The first black settlement was established by Bahamian laborers who worked at the Peacock Inn. Also, the Barnacle Historic State Park, built in 1891 and still in place, is the oldest house in Miami-Dade County.


As an independent city, later annexed by the city of Miami, The Grove was the epicenter of South Florida´s anti-establishment movement of the sixties. Today, the area is a prosperous middle-class urban neighborhood with a median household income of over sixty thousand dollars a year and important residential complexes. It is also a site of food and art festivals, fine restaurants and international tourism. Shopping is another main activity in The Grove which features several stores including two open-air malls.


The Village Center, the three blocks radiating from and focusing on the intersection of Main, McFarland, and Grand Avenues, is home to the majority of the retail and restaurant business in the Grove, which include most of our SEO customers. It also contains to three gyms, a multiplex movie house in CocoWalk, several parking garages, a state historic site, an elementary school, a City of Miami fire station, several large condos and residential rental towers, the Coconut Grove Post Office, and two sizable parks. Development and redevelopment continue to redefine and transform the area. Then nearby, there’s Coral WayEdgewater and Downtown Miami.

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Interesting Facts

Coconut Grove is divided into two sections, “Northeast Coconut Grove” and “Southwest Coconut Grove with a multicultural population split into thirds. For example, the percentage of residents born in Florida is about a third of the population while the percentages of people born in another U.S. state and of foreign-born residents are about a third each too.


The “West” section of The Grove is predominantly composed of people who are of Afro-Bahamian descending from the first sailors who settled the area in the early 1800s. The West section also has offices of major Miami web design companies.


Coconut Grove is an area close to the University of Miami which marks the whole neighborhood with its great energy. The Grove is not just a palm oasis; it is a fun place with museums, festivals, open-air concerts and day-long attractions along CocoWalk.


Another important urban landmark in Coconut Grove is the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens built between 1914 y 1916 by James Deering. The place features Italian, French, and Cuban architectural influences. The museum has more than seventy exhibition rooms with an emphasis on decorative arts.


For more than fifty years, for three days in February, the Art Festival in Coconut Grove has drawn artisans from all over the world and is one of the most popular events in the region.


Some other neighborhoods in Miami that you may find interesting: FlagamiLittle HaitiWynwood and Allapattah.

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