Coral Way, Miami FL

Coral Way is a neighborhood located in the Miami-Dade County and composed of several communities: Brickell, Coral Gate, Golden Pines, Parkdale-Lyndale, Shenandoah, Silver Bluff and The Roads. The population of the area is about 30,000 people, and over seventy percent of its residents are foreign-born including most of our web design customers. The place is a multicultural neighborhood connecting the urban and suburban Miami. It is considered a quiet and beautiful area, with lots of Banyan trees, small Cuban-style stores and coffee shops, and a holistic, health-centered lifestyle.


Coral Way was established as a road by Coral Gables founder George E. Merrick during the 1920s, and it later became a small, but a lovely neighborhood. Today, as a historic neighborhood in the Miami-Dade County, the area contains homes and Bungalow residences that represent the Mission Revival style from the early 1900s as well as the Art Deco style from the 1930s and the modest post-World War II houses.


The neighborhood actually began in 1922 as a corridor along what is known today as 22nd Street. It later became one of the main thoroughfares between Coral Gables and the City of Miami, a really picturesque intersection between urban Miami and the suburban culture of Coral Gables.

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Interesting Facts

Coral Way neighbors Little Havana, and it is common to hear people speaking Spanish in the area. Cuban influence is notorious in and around the place and defines the neighborhood´s culture. Actually, more than eighty percent of the population is Latin or Hispanic, and less than twenty percent is from other ethnic origins. With an annual average income of around forty thousand US $, Coral Way is considered a popular area and enjoys an informal but serene and pacific lifestyle which also is found in nearby areas of Downtown MiamiEdgewater and Flagami.

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The Neighborhoods

Shenandoah is the place to go sightseeing to enjoy the view of numerous dwellings from the 1920s and 1930s and a rich revivalist architecture. Located south of Little Havana, between SW 9th Street and Coral Way, SW 27th Avenue and SW 12th Avenue, it is considered an important neighborhood in the city of Miami. Coincidentally this place is not far off from our Miami SEO office.


Then, you have Coral Gate, a smaller sub-neighborhood within the larger Coral Way neighborhood, with its walls and street barriers located to the north and east that prevent vehicles from entering or exiting through these directions. It is a section of the neighborhood most appropriate for quiet walks.


Then, just south of Coral Way, we can find Silver Bluff which until 1926 comprised the old city of Silver Bluff before being annexed into the city of Miami. People say these areas include a picturesque and colorful neighborhood where the pace of life is slow.


Golden Pines is another smaller sub-neighborhood of Coral Way located east of City of Coral Gables sharing the typical character that identifies the whole area. The Pines is defined as a place for family fun with a holistic way of life, is marked by spas and yoga studios that make for a place with strong local community ties.


Some other neighborhoods in Miami that you may find interesting: Coconut GroveLittle HaitiWynwood and Allapattah.

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