Downtown, Miami

Downtown Miami sits comfortably along the bay between Midtown and Coconut Grove and close to Coral Way and Edgewater. Comprised of 3.8 square miles that sprawl out from Miami’s Central Business District, Downtown Miami is the cultural, financial, and commercial center of South Florida. With a resident population of 88,540 people – that jumps to 250,000 during the daytime – it is the fastest growing part of the city and considered to be the premier business hub of the area.


Miami’s Downtown houses many of the city’s major cultural spots, as a variety of famous museums, theaters, parks, and education centers reside in the area. It is also home to a lot of notorious store chains and shops, banks, and many big company headquarters in the region. In fact a lot of our Miami SEO and web design clients have their offices here.


Downtown’s the historic heart of the city, being the oldest settled area – along with Coconut Grove – in the 19th century. Then, around the 1890’s, the construction of the Florida East Coast Railway secured the urbanization and growth of the city.


The railway brought along developer interest, and with it came the construction of hotels, resorts, stores, residential and commercial areas that kept expanding to the massive hub of activity that it is today.


Now, with the highest concentration of high-rises in the region, and a population density that rivals that of New York and Chicago, Downtown Miami is one of the most populous city centers in the U.S.

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Fun Facts about Miami Downtown

American businesswoman, Julia DeForest Tuttle, was the original owner of the land that would eventually become Miami, Florida. And it was thanks to her efforts and guile that the area became the central hub that is today. An achievement that awarded her the unofficial title of “Mother of Miami.”


Evidence of such growth is that Downtown Miami has the highest concentration of international banks of any U.S. city, marking it as one of the largest corporate centers in the coast. Yet, the area is surprisingly affordable. Having an average home income of $64,902, which is lower than similarly populates areas.


Miami’s Downtown is also one of the most culturally diverse areas in the United States, housing one of its largest Hispanic communities. This plurality of backgrounds and races gives the city its worldwide cultural renown and makes it one of the premier touristic destinations on the planet.

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The Neighborhoods

Strictly speaking, the Central Business District comprises what the core of Miami Downtown. However, (and in spite of being fairly distinct in character,) Brickell, Omni, Park West, and Miami Jewelry District are also commonly considered as “Downtown.”


The Central Business District (CBD) is the historic center of the city, and what most locals would call “Downtown.” The majority of Miami’s historic landmark buildings lie in this neighborhood, as do its main shopping street, Flagler Street, and many renown museums, libraries, offices, school, and colleges.  Most of its state and federal government buildings are there too.


Brickell is Miami’s primary financial district, as well as a mixed upper-class residential neighborhood. Mary Brickell Village and Simpson Park stand out as significant points of interest in the area, as well as Brickell Avenue City Centre, the main road that goes through the financial district.


Omni is where most urban activity takes place, with numerous hotels, large high-rise residential buildings. It is also labeled the “Arts and Entertainment District,” due to the presence of notable locations as Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, and the former Miami Herald headquarters. Another point of interest there is the former Omni International Mall, which now houses the Miami International University School of Art & Design.


Park West is primarily known for its nightclubs and nightlife centers, as well as being the focus of major revitalization projects for the area, which includes the construction of the Miami World Center.


Lastly, Miami Jewelry District is considered a sub-district within CBD, historically famous for its many jewelry stores, jewelers, and gem dealers. It stands out as one of the three jewelry districts in the U.S. and a primer location for shoppers to find designer creations, precious stones, and gold and silver objects at street level.


Miami’s renowned as a coveted destination for tourist all around and Downtown Miami is at the center of it all. With a wide variety of activities, whether you are looking for business, entertainment, or both, you are certain to find it there.


Some other neighborhoods in Miami that you may find interesting: FlagamiLittle HaitiWynwood and Allapattah.

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