Edgewater, Miami FL

Once home of the most affluent Miami residents, the neighborhood saw its reputation fall during the last part of the 20th century.


Now, many high rollers in the real estate industry have their eyes fixed in the area as it offers the only waterfront in the whole Miami Downtown area that allows high-rise buildings. Nowadays it is a magnet for international investments, and one of the most coveted residential areas in Miami. In fact a lot of our influential SEO clients live here.

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Almost a century ago, this renascent neighborhood was actually called Miramar after its sister neighborhood in Havana, Cuba. If you wanted to see how the rich and famous lived, you only had to take a walk in Edgewater or nearby Coral Way or Coconut Grove and feast your eyes with their opulent mansions and stately homes.


During the seventies, it was considered a high-end shopping district. Many luxury retailers set shop in the streets of Edgewater to cater to its distinctive population. The foot traffic was high enough to justify the construction of the Omni International Mall.


The 90s proved to be challenging years for Edgewater as most retailers abandoned the once flourishing neighborhood looking for greener pastures elsewhere. Its streets and buildings fell in dire disrepair, and it was no longer attractive for investors.


However, the new century brought visionaries with it, and they are now making Edgewater great again. Some efforts are more conservative and want old architecture jewels to be preserved. But others see the potential of this waterfront for building modern high-rise luxury towers that will attract the attention of the wealthy once again.


It is a relatively low density population with a total of 16,027 people living in the area. However, this is rapidly changing as new residential projects start every year. Construction cranes have been a common sight for several years now, and the trend does not seem to end. We’ve noticed most of our Miami web design clients flocking to this area.


58% of the population are Hispanics, making this a predominantly Latino and Spanish speaking community. Although Edgewater is now attracting more affluent residents, this composition hasn´t been affected as most the new residents and investors have South American roots, bringing a lot of new capital to the city of Miami.


Whites only represent 21% of the population, while blacks take 17% of the share. It might not speak much for diversity proponents, but it surely contributes to Miami´s ethnical wealth.


While during the first decade of the century the median Edgewater income was around $11k, this has changed drastically during the last few years. Nowadays, Edgewater has surpassed Miami´s median household income with $37,205 per home. This has reduced crime significantly, but there is still room for improvement as crime is still higher than the national average.

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Points of Interest

As the neighborhood continues its transformative process, many old aged buildings are still under renovation while others have been demolished to give way to new developments. However, there is still a lot to see here. The Miami Trolley, which is free, can take you around Edgewater so you can enjoy the new architectural marvels that sprout here and there in this modernized neighborhood.

One of the few old buildings still standing is the Bacardi Tower. Built during the sixties, it served as headquarters for the famous rum maker, and served as a welcoming sign to Miami´s downtown for decades. It was declared historic in 2009 and it might experience some restoration work in the future.

Other places to visit are the Perez Art Museum Miami, where you can check out many modern and classic collections from famous and emergent artists. And there is the Ichimura Japanese Garden, founded by the same man who brought us the Ricoh Corporation, is one of the most beautiful and relaxing walks in Miami.


Some other neighborhoods in Miami that you may find interesting: FlagamiLittle HaitiWynwood and Allapattah.

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