Flagami, Miami

Flagami sits east of Tamiami Trail and west from the Red Road in Miami, and it’s a neighborhood with a unique flavor and tone. Even its name is peculiar, resulting from a combination of “Tamiami” – the canal that limits it to the west– and “Flagler,” a famous street that bisects the whole area.


It is a culturally diverse place, populated mostly by people of Hispanic roots. It offers an exciting mixture of backgrounds, styles, and attractions. Mainly a residential zone, most of its properties fall into the middle-range class, with moderately priced apartments, duplexes, and single-family homes mostly known for their bright and colorful facades.


Due to a high volume of small shopping centers and stores, Flagami offers a vibrant sense of commercial activity during the day. In no small part thanks to a high concentration of small shopping centers and stores. Flagami also has many high-profile, trendy lounges and supper clubs, that also make it attractive for the night crowds. We regularly go to Flagami to party with our Miami SEO & Miami web design teams.

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Flagami has always been a residential area, a leaning that has helped shape the way the area has been developed. Even though is one of the larger neighborhoods in Miami, it still retains that feel of a tightly knit community.


This unique disposition through the years has made Flagami into the ideal residential suburban area that it is today. Even though you might not find a lot of historic sites within the neighborhood limits, you are in a centric location to explore them in the surrounding areas, just a few blocks away.

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Fun Facts about Flagami, Miami

Flagami is one of the premier locations for students in the city, with an exceptionally high density of college attendants. An above average crime safety, high walkability, the proximity to Little HaitiWynwood and Allapattah and the convenient presence of many amenities in the area only contribute to this fact.


With most of its houses and buildings built between 1940 and 1969, Flagami works as a perfect snapshot of the architecture and style of living of the baby boomers’ generation. A large number of GIs came back home after WWII during the period and settled in what was then the outskirts of the city. Roughly 80% of Flagami’s architecture is from this era, and the neighborhood still holds the look and feel from back then.


As mentioned before, Flagami is a very diverse community. Roughly 67% of its residents have Cuban ancestry, and around 12% South American, which gives the area one of the largest cities for these ethnicities in the country.


It is that cultural mixture that makes Flagami the cultural hub that it is, with many locations displaying high-quality culinary offerings and merchandise that can hardly be found anywhere else in the U.S.

The Neighborhoods

Alameda is one of Flagami’s subdivisions, located at its western end along the Tamiami Canal. It is sometimes referred to as West Flagger, and it houses the West Flagger Library. Alameda is a particularly densely populated part of Flagami due to a high concentration of amenities, and the affordability of housing. Of special mention here are the Rincón Antioqueño Restaurant and the Cafe Vinales, both fairly renowned eateries in the area.


Fairlawn is the other major sub-division of Flagami. It covers most of western Flagami, limited unofficially by NW 7th Street to the south and Florida Blvd west to SW 57th Avenue. It is south of Miami International Airport. It is an ideal location to look for affordable homes for rent in the suburbs of Miami. Fairlawn epitomizes the “laid-back” lifestyle due to its quiet surroundings, without sacrificing the many conveniences of the Flagami area. Fairlawn also houses one of Miami’s most renowned eateries around, Esevagonte, which definitively merits a visit while in the area.


Flagami is a particularly perfect place for people of all ages looking for an affordable, long-term housing location with easy access to the rest of the city. The uniqueness of its community and stile also offers many points of interest and facilities of great appeal for tourists, which makes it a desirable location for people passing by and wanting to avoid the hassles of more urban areas.


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