Little Haiti, Miami FL

Little Haiti is a picturesque neighborhood located in North Miami. As its name states it, the majority of residents in this area are from the namesake country or descend from Haitian origin. The neighborhood is a small corner of the Caribbean island right in the heart of Florida with close proximity to Allapattahand Coconut Grove.


The Haitian community in the Miami-Dade County is the largest in the United States. There are more than 300,000 residents, representing 71% of Florida’s Haitian population. We’ve also seen that a lot of our Miami SEO clients of Haiti origin live here.

The Controversy in a Name

Little Haiti wasn’t always called that. The area was known as Lemon City for more than a century, and it was one of the pioneering towns in Miami-Dade County.


Its designation as Little Haiti was probably one of the most controversial in the history of the Magic City. The name was only legally designated in 2016. Even against the wishes of many landowners who did not agree with the name change, claiming that the area’s historical roots included part of Miami’s most remarkable legacy.


And they kind of had a point. Check out these historical facts about Lemon City

  • Miami Dade’s first library was established here.
  • One of Miami-Dade’s oldest school was located here.
  • The name Lemon City comes from the sweet lemon trees that used to grow in the area, which grew unusually sweet lemons.
  • The Schooner that brought Julia Tuttle to the Miami was anchored here.

Despite the historical importance, Lemon City never had defined boundaries because it was never incorporated.


Nowadays the neighborhood is predominantly Haitian, more than 70% of the residents are black, 20% are Hispanics, and only 5% are white. Over 60% of the residents are from Haitian origin, as such, area oozes Haitian culture. You can experience it in everything, from the joyful people walking the streets to the retail stores to the restaurants and bistros to the art on the walls.


Walking around Little Haiti, you will find colorful murals, which make each of the buildings unique and charming. Coincidentally Little Haiti is close to our Miami web design office.

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The Little Haiti Cultural Complex, the Heart and Soul of the Community

The Little Haiti Cultural Complex is a hub for Afro-Caribbean culture providing a one-of-a-kind opportunity for residents and visitors to explore the different aspects of this culture, broaden their knowledge about it but also for them to develop new artistic talents. The center’s mission is to encourage imagination, creative thinking, and positive experiences for both children and adults throughout the year.


They offer several programs in visual and performing arts, such as summer camps, community classes, courses, and a resident dance program. They also host a series of itinerant exhibits in their art gallery that features local artists and representatives of the Afro-Caribbean culture.


Another highlight of the complex is their Caribbean marketplace also called Mache Ayisyen, which is the Creole phrase for Haitian Market. The market is a 9,000-sq-ft area where you will be able to buy authentic Haitian arts and crafts, music, food and more.


The Complex is also host for “Sounds of Little Haiti,” a free, outdoor concert where the Haitian community, the residents of Miami and tourists can enjoy authentic Haitian music live,  Sounds of Little Haiti is held every third Friday night.

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Creole Cuisine at Its Best

If you enjoy Caribbean cuisine, this is a little hidden gem in the middle of Miami-Dade Country. You will find several restaurants that feature authentic Haitian meals. Some of the more popular restaurants are Chef Creole and Tap Tap Restaurant. There you will be able to taste deliciously spicy Creole dishes.


Little Haiti is a thriving community with easy access to other Miamian neighborhoods such as EdgewaterFlagami, and Wynwood.


Some other neighborhoods in Miami that you may find interesting: Coral WayDowntown Miami.

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