3 Days, 3 Restaurants in Downtown Miami

Mmmm… I just came back from spending three in the Magic City and let. Me. Tell you. If there is one thing I love about Miami, is its diversity. And this is perfectly reflected in the restaurant choices, whether  they were restaurants near me or far off parts of city. You can find authentic food from anywhere in the world, from typical Cuban food, to Mediterranean, to wholesome, family-owned Italian restaurants and, of course, wonderful fusion cuisine. Who doesn’t love the best of two cultures brought together in one delicious meal?


But I’m here to tell you about my experience of three days and three restaurants in Downtown Miami.

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The heart of Italy right in downtown Miami – Fratelli Milano

This beautiful restaurant combines a simple yet elegant decor with the scrumptiousness of Italian food inspired in home-made food but brought to the next level.


The menu has a variety of choices from perfectly cooked pasta dishes to paninis to pizzas with yummy toppings. I loved the Capricciosa, topped with Kalamata olives, ham, mushrooms, artichokes and a hint of olive oil.


The service is just as great as the food. As a family-owned restaurant, the owners make sure their clients are 100% satisfied with both the service and the food, and it shows. I went here to meet one of oldest Miami SEO customer.


We got there a little bit after 12, and even though it was in the middle of the lunch rush hour, we didn’t have to wait long. They even offered us the choice of sitting inside or out outside. They have a lovely setting in the front, and we chose to sit there to enjoy Miami’s lovely weather.


If you find yourself around downtown Miami and in the mood for Italian, Fratelli Milano won’t disappoint you.

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A feast for the senses – Bali Café

Bali is one of those little gems hidden in plain sight in Miami. If it hadn’t been for my friend, who co-incidentally is also my Miami web design client, who was serving as a tour guide, I would have never guessed this was such a good spot.


Indonesian cuisine at its best. South East Asian cuisine is one of the most flavorful foods you will ever taste. The combination of coconut, jasmine, and other exotic spices make it an experience for the senses: the colors, the smell, and the flavors are just perfectly combined for a perfect meal.


The Nasi Rames was absolutely delicious and it comes with various side dishes like the potato pancake, and teri kacang, which are fried peanuts with anchovies.


On top of the food, there is the ambiance; everywhere you look, there is a piece of art, beautifully carved dragon sculptures and paintings.


If you do decide to try Bali Café, bear in mind that they only accept cash.

The best panuchos north of the border – Cantina La Veinte

I will tell you. One of the hardest things to find in the United States is authentic Mexican food. The two cultures have been intertwined for so long that it is practically impossible to find Mexican food without some American influence in it.


Ever since I visited Yucatan, I fell in love with their food. The thing about Mexican food is that it is actually very different in every region. So far, Yucatecan is my favorite of all. And Panuchos…you have not lived if you have never eaten panuchos.


Panuchos are tortillas filled with black beans, then fried and topped with pork or chicken and pickled onions.


And I found the perfect panuchos outside of Mexico at Cantina La Veinte.


This authentic Mexican restaurant has a great ambiance, great drinks, and delicious food. And their panuchos de cochinita pibil (pork marinated in an annatto sauce) are simply the best. I have to admit I was a little hesitant at first because I had never had good Mexican food outside of Mexico – except for that homemade by my Mexican friends – but I have to say it was a pleasant surprise.

It’s a shame I only had three days to enjoy all the variety of food in Miami, but I’m glad my choices did not let me down. And I hope they won’t let you down either.


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