Top 4 Picks of Restaurants Near Me in Miami

Choosing a place to eat when we are visiting a new city can be a hard decision to make.


We don’t know the area, we don’t know the restaurants, let alone the best restaurants in downtown and, let’s face it, with so many yummy choices out there, most of the time we don’t really know what we to eat.


Miami is a place known for its multiculturalism which highly influences its gastronomy. That makes the decision even harder, so much yummy food including continental, Mexican and Cuban food and so little time…


To give you a little help about this problem, I have compiled a small list of some of my favorite restaurants near me in Miami to give you an idea of the options out there.


Bear in mind that I am a self-proclaimed foodie so even if this is a short list, the options will be varied and delicious.

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Pura Vida

Pura Vida is an explosion of life. If you are in Miami Beach and looking for delicious, healthy treats, this is the place to visit. They serve smoothies, bowls, and brunches to die for. If you are into tropical fruits and healthy eating, this is the place to be.


And here is a tip for you: not everything they serve is on the menu, so check out the walls for more deliciousness or ask their friendly staff for recommendations.


Pura Vida is located at 110 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach. The good things is not too far from my Miami web design office.

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If you are looking to taste some of the best Mediterranean food in the area, Cleo is a great choice. This place is beautifully decorated with its dim lights and simple, yet elegant décor. The food and drinks are great, and the ambiance relaxed. If you are looking to try the best hummus in town, this is the place to do it. Don’t forget to order the grilled octopus served with labneh! You will not regret it.


Cleo is located on at 1776 Collins Ave in Miami Beach.


If you love sushi, this place is a must! A tiny, almost hole-in-the-wall kind of place with the most delicious Japanese food you will ever have. This sushi bar is one of those joints where the food rolls in small boats and you grab them as they sail in front of you.


The downside is that the wait times can be long as the place is too small to seat everyone. That’s why I do not recommend it for parties of 4 or larger, as you may have to wait for quite a while to be seated.


The upside is that the food and the service will be worth your wait. I would recommend anything on the menu – literally, choose anything, and it will be delicious. You will find not only sushi, but noodles, and other Japanese dishes.


This restaurant has been around for quite some time, and it is a local’s all-time favorite. I regularly take my Japanese SEO clients based in Miami.


Katana is on 920 71st St.

Doggi’s Arepa Bar

This Venezuelan food restaurant has one of the best arepas in the area. If you have never tried an arepa, this is the place to start. The meaty fillings are juicy and the veggie fillings are absolutely flavorful.


Their tequeños are also really yummy and empanadas are also delicious. If you decided to go for the empanadas, don’t forget to ask for their house sauces. Guasacaca is a great compliment for the empanadas.


If there is anything in the Miami restaurant scene, that’s variety. And if these four restaurants don’t prove it, I don’t know what will.


Check out any of these spots, and you won’t be disappointed.

Well, that should be more than enough to get you going for now!


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