Shopping in Miami

Miami. Sunny weather, delicious Cuban foodbeautiful beaches, and awesome stores. Shopping is one of the most fun activities we do as humans. That excitement of getting new clothes, new shoes, new stuff for our homes, or a gift for a loved one has been compared to falling in love. Ok, that might be little over the top in my opinion, but who am I to judge. Truth be told, nearly everyone enjoys shopping, and if you can do it in great weather and find affordable prices, all the better.


And you can do exactly this if you are in the Magic City, and we are here to tell you all about the Miami shopping experience.


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Shopping outdoors

You can literally do this All.Year.Round. Yes, you read right! It is fun to shop outdoors in Miami. Its weather is that glorious. And there are plenty of options for outdoors shopping centers.


CocoWalk is a shopping destination located in groovy Coconut Grove. But shopping is not the only thing you can do in this picturesque outdoor mall. Wait. Is that an oxymoron? An outdoors mall? Anyway, CocoWalk is a vibrant place where you can shop, dine, and find all sorts of entertainment while enjoying Miami’s sunshine.


There, you will come across many of your all-time favorite retail stores such as GAP, the Cheesecake Factory, and Starbucks. Luckily for me, this place is very close to our web design office.


When the sun sets, you’ll be able to enjoy live music shows, and the bar and dining scene.

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Shopping for luxury

Now, if what you want is to enjoy the more upscale side of Miami, Bal Harbour Shops is where you need to go.


This is the most iconic and luxurious outdoors shopping mall in the Magic City. Stores of the like of Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Balenciaga and more high fashion brands are what welcome shoppers to the experience the luxurious side of Miami.


Bal Harbour Shops’s architecture and design were created to make us feel as if we were in an oasis without the harshness of the desert.


If the upscale stores don’t make you feel like you are in shopping heaven, the decoration, gardens, and art installations will.


And to top that perfect day of lavish shopping, why not end it by dining at one of the fine restaurants there. The choices are diverse and delicious.

Not in the mood to be outdoors?

If you want to escape the heat of the city, you can head to one of the many air-conditioned malls.


Aventura Mall is one of those places where you can find a little bit of everything. From high-end stores to more budget-friendly shops for those who are on a budget. It is the perfect mix of thrift and indulgence. This place is usually so filled with exotic crowd that I regularly find my Miami SEOcustomers here.


There, you’ll find more than 300 stores, some of which sell luxury goods such as Burberry and Christian Louboutin, and others on the more affordable side such as Banana Republic, Zara, and Aldo, just to name a few.


The great thing about malls nowadays is that they’re not just shopping centers, they are more like entertainment centers.


So if you want to catch a movie, go to the mall.


Do you want to work out? Go to the mall.


Do you need to rent a car? Go to the mall.

Are you craving something sweet? Are you in the mood for a juicy burger or fresh ceviche?


Or do you feel like doing something fancier?


You can find a wide array of restaurants, coffee shops, and fast food joints at virtually any mall in Miami.


So if you simply want to take a walk to get some fresh air, what can be more entertaining than going to a mall?


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