3 Fun Things to do in Miami

Something Miami is not lacking is ways to have fun – and good weather- and now that I think about it, these two might be related. Have you noticed how people who live in colder areas tend to be grumpy while people who live in warmer places tend to be more lively and fun?


Well, Miami is one of those places where people go to have fun, there are so many fun things to do that it is hard to pick and choose how to spend your time there. That’s why we have compiled a short but hot list of activities you can do while visiting the Magic City.


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Are you feeling a little adventurous?

Visit Shark Valley at the Everglades National Park and watch some gators and other wildlife in their natural habitat.


You can do this two ways; you can take the guided tram tour. This open-sided vehicle will take you around Shark Valley while a tour guide will explain the history of the park and the natural environment surrounding your ride.


The unobstructed view will let you experience wildlife safely and allow you to take great pictures. The guide will help you spot birds, gators, crocodiles, and other wildlife that thrives in the park.


As a bonus, in the middle of the tour route, you will have the option to climb to the observation tower which is 45 feet high so you can enjoy a birds-eye view of the park.


The costs of the tickets vary between $12.75 and $25, depending on your age. Check out tour departing times here.


If you prefer, you can also take a bike –you can bring yours or rent one as you arrive at the park. The advantage of touring the park by bicycle is that you can move around at your own pace and stop wherever you want, for as long as you want.

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Are you feeling like seeing something you’ve never seen before?

Visit the Coral Castle. Yes, as its name states it, it is a castle made of Coral rocks. No one knows how a single man was able to craft it, but it’s there along with an awe-inspiring sculpture collection.


The man is Edward Leedskalnin, who built the castle in the course of 28 years as a tribute to a long-lost love, and it’s been sitting there for people to marvel at it ever since. No one knows how he managed to carve the coral rock but the result is mesmerizing and the fact that we don’t know how it was made, makes it all mysterious. He did it all on his own and without the use of large machinery to move the rocks. He carved and sculpted more than one thousand tons of coral rock.


The greeting sign for the visitors reads “You will be seeing unusual accomplishment” and it definitely does not disappoint. If you want to visit the Coral Castle, it’s located on the South Dixie Highway. Tickets are between $8 and $18 depending on your age. Luckily this place is not far off from my Miami SEO office.

Are you looking for something to nibble on?

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from everywhere in Miami: from a typical Cuban café to an upscale Mediterranean restaurant, you’ll find food from all over the world. Here’s where you truly see Miami’s multiculturalism, in its cuisine. One of my favorite spots is Katana, a teeny-tiny sushi bar in Miami Beach, where you will be able to enjoy great food, great prices, and great service. Yes, I know that’s three greats in one sentence, but trust me, Katana is worthy of all that greatness! Its a great place to hang out with your Miami web design clients.


If you are not that into sushi, another favorite of mine is Talavera Cocina Mexicana. I love their tortilla soup and basically, anything that comes out of that kitchen. I’m not even kidding. If you want to enjoy Mexican food with a twist, head out to Coral Gables and grab a seat at Talavera Cocina Mexicana, you won’t regret it!

Well, that should be more than enough to get you going for now!


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