Wynwood, Miami FL

Wynwood is an innovative district located in Miami, Florida near Edgewaterand Downtown. It’s often described as an avant-garde, artsy and authentic district. It’s considered by many as a main destination for fashion, art and creative enterprise. Artists around the world move to this gorgeous community to seek inspiration. This neighborhood has also been getting a lot of attention from a younger crowd for its thriving restaurants, bars, breweries, antique shops and artisanal eateries.


During Miami’s boom town era, pioneers, Josiah Chaille and Hugh Anderson purchased a former agricultural estate from the law firm managing it and founded Wynwood, back in 1917. Chaille went on to join the city council, and the modern street names and numbers were devised by him, in what became known as the Chaille Plan. From its inception, Wynwood was a neighborhood for working-class families.


Through the 20th century, Wynwood saw an influx of Cuban migrants, which wound up providing the workforce for Wynwood’s growing Garment District. After WWII, an exodus to the suburbs left the neighborhood to new arrivals from Puerto Rico, earning it the nickname “LIttle San Juan” by the 1950s. As decades passed, even new arrivals diversified the area even more, considered then a “springboard” community for immigrants.


Through the 80s, the area experienced an economic decline that shuttered factories and left buildings unused for years. However, a large group of developers led by Tony Goldman, the man behind the revival of SoHo and other neighborhoods, took an interest in Wynwood, propelling its rise as an artistic community of great importance today, with iconic events such as the Second Saturday Art Walk.

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Interesting facts

Wynwood has a relatively young population of just under 15.000, in an area of about 1.3 square miles, making it less crowded than Miami. It’s an ethnically diverse district, with sizable Caucasic and Latino populations and significant African American presence.


The neighborhood is composed mostly of single young adults and families with young children. About 20% of the community isn’t fluent in English, with Spanish being the most dominant second language in the area. Median household income is 36.159$, slightly higher than the Miami average, though the cost of living is a bit higher as well.

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Points of interest

Wynwood has been transformed in recent years into one of the United States’ trendiest neighborhoods. There’s much to see and much to do in the Wynwood Art District, so keep your eyes open and your mind receptive to new experiences. If you are visiting this colorful district, don’t forget to stroll through Wynwood Walls, a beautiful outdoor gallery and mural installation. It’s a favorite of both locals and tourists, and the area also offers several dining options. It’s also a perfect place to take a mural bike tour, where you can snap a few stunning pictures for your Instagram feed. We ourselves go out in Wynwood when we need some inspiration for our Miami SEO & Miami web design projects.


The whole area boasts more than 70 art galleries, museums and art collections like the world-famous Wynwood Bakehouse Art Complex, where artists come together to work on and exhibit amazing, avant-garde projects, or the splendid Rubell Family Collection. Lining the streets, you can find frozen yogurt, gyros, fried Oreos, and tasty burgers. It’s a perfect place to grab a bite without feeling guilty about the calories, because you’ll be too busy walking up and down the streets, checking out art installations, breakdancers and live musical performances.


For beer lovers, there are lovely breweries like Veza Sur Brewing, Concrete Beach, and Wynwood Brewing Company. Wynwood also hides an adorable movie theater for indie film lovers. O Cinema is a small, intimate, one-screen theater that presents foreign, classic and family movies and it hosts four showings every day.


Some other neighborhoods in Miami that you may find interesting: FlagamiLittle HaitiCoconut GroveCoral Way and Allapattah.

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