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Micro-influencers vs. celebrities

Which Delivers the Highest Engagement Rates and Roi?

It’s no secret that influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage your target audience. But with so many options out there, it can take a lot of work to decide which route to take. Should you go with a micro-influencer with a smaller but more engaged following? Or should you go big and hire a celebrity with a massive reach? Luckily, a tool can help you estimate which option will give you the best return on investment. Keep reading to find out more. But before that, we need to understand what are the types of Instagram influencers and how they earn.

Micro-influencers vs Celebrities
How Instagram Is Better Than Other Social Media Channels 

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms. And, it’s not just a platform for sharing photos and videos – it’s also a powerful tool for businesses and brands.


Here are some of the reasons why Instagram is a great channel for advertising:


1. Reach a Large Audience

As mentioned, there are over 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram. This gives businesses and brands a large audience to reach with their advertising campaigns.


2. Highly Engaged Users

Instagram users are highly engaged with the platform. In fact, Instagram has a higher engagement rate than any other social media platform. This means that users are more likely to see and interact with advertising on Instagram.


3. Visual Platform

Instagram is a visual platform, which makes it ideal for businesses and brands that want to showcase their products or services. Images and videos are more likely to capture the attention of users than text-based posts.


4. Targeted Advertising

Instagram offers businesses and brands the ability to target their advertising campaigns to specific users. This can be done based on interests, demographics, and even location.


5. Results-driven

Advertising on Instagram is results-driven, which means that businesses and brands only pay when users take the desired action, such as clicking on a link or viewing a video. This makes it a cost-effective way to reach and engage with potential customers. 


If you’re looking for a social media platform to advertise your business or brand, Instagram is a great option. With its large and engaged user base, it’s a platform that can help you reach your marketing goals.

Micro-influencers vs Celebrities
Micro-influencers vs Celebrities
Types of Instagram Influencers

Instagram influencers come in all shapes and sizes – from A-list celebrities to up-and-coming micro-influencers. And while their follower count and engagement rate may vary, one thing remains the same: they’re all cashing in on their social media fame. With the rise of Instagram influencer marketing, more and more brands are turning to these digital celebrities to promote their products and services. But, with various sorts of influencers available, it may be difficult to know where to begin. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular types of Instagram influencers and how they’re earning big bucks from their social media fame:


Celebrity Influencers:

Celebrity influencers are the A-listers of the Instagram world. With millions of followers and high engagement rates, they’re the ultimate social media stars. And while they may not be posting sponsored content all the time, when they do, you can bet it’s for a high-paying brand. Celebrity influencers can command upwards of $100,000 per sponsored post, making them the highest-paid type of influencer on Instagram.



Micro-influencers are everyday people with a relatively small but highly engaged following. While they may not have the reach of a celebrity, their smaller follower base is often more engaged, making them a valuable asset to brands. Micro-influencers typically earn between $100 and $1,000 per sponsored post, depending on their engagement rate and reach.



Nano-influencers are a newer breed of an influencer with a smaller following than micro-influencers. But don’t let their small follower count fool you – these social media stars have some of the highest engagement rates out there. Nano-influencers can earn upwards of $500 per sponsored post, making them valuable assets to brands.

How Instagram Influencer Earns?

When it comes to making a living as an Instagram influencer, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The amount of money you can earn depends on a variety of factors, including your following, the engagement you receive, the content you post, and the campaigns you’re involved in. If you’re just starting out, you might not have a large following, but you can still make money by partnering with brands and promoting their products.

Your earning potential increases as your following rises.

The more engaged your followers are, the more likely they are to purchase products you promote. And, as you become more well-known, you can start charging brands for shoutouts and sponsored posts. Here’s a look at how some of the top Instagram influencers are making money:


1. Partnering With Brands

One of the easiest ways to make money as an Instagram influencer is to partner with brands and promote their products. Brands are always looking for new ways to reach their target audience, and Instagram influencers have a captive audience of engaged followers. When you partner with a brand, they’ll usually give you a commission on any sales you generate.

The commission you receive will depend on the agreement you have with the brand, but it typically ranges from 5-10%.


2. Charging For Shoutouts

As your following grows, you’ll likely start receiving requests for shoutouts from brands and other influencers. A shoutout is when someone promotes your account to their followers.

This is a great way to gain new followers and grow your account. Shoutouts typically range from $5-$50, depending on the size of the influencer’s following.


3. Sponsored Posts

As you become more well-known, brands will be willing to pay you to promote their products in your posts. This is called a sponsored post. Sponsored posts can be a great way to make money, but they’re not always easy. To be considered for a sponsored post, you typically need to have a large following and be considered an influencer in your niche.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways you can make money as an Instagram influencer. The best way to start is by partnering with brands and promoting their products.

As your following grows, you’ll be able to start charging for shoutouts and sponsored posts.

And, if you have a large following, you can also make money by selling products or promoting affiliate products.

Micro-influencers vs Celebrities
Partner with OTT
Celebrity vs Micro-influencers

When it comes to promoting your brand, who you work with matters just as much as what you’re promoting. In today’s social media-driven world, that means working with the right influencers. But with so many different types of influencers out there, it can be tough to know which ones are right for your brand. 


We’ve put together a list of factors to choose the right influencer for your brands, along with a handy ROI and engagement calculator to help you make the best decision for your business. Celebrity influencers are, unsurprisingly, the most expensive type of influencer to work with. But they also have the highest reach and engagement, making them worth the investment if you can afford it.


Micro-influencers, on the other hand, is a more affordable option with a smaller but highly engaged following. They’re perfect for promoting niche products or services. And then there are the macro-influencers, who fall somewhere in between the two. They have a large following but aren’t as expensive as celebrities, making them a good option for brands on a budget.


So Micro-influencers or celebrities? The answer may surprise you. While celebrities may have more followers, micro-influencers actually have higher engagement rates. And, higher engagement rates mean higher ROI.


Here’s a quick look at the numbers:


Micro-influencers have an average engagement rate of 6.7%. Celebrities have an average engagement rate of 1.7%. It’s clear that micro-influencers have a much higher engagement rate than celebrities. But what does this mean for you and your company?


Simply put, it means that micro-influencers are more effective at promoting your product, service, or brand. And, that means higher ROI for you. To put it another way, if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, you should focus on working with micro-influencers.

Best ROI and Engagement Rate Calculator

Are you looking for an Instagram influencer who can help you promote your brand?


If so, you’re not alone. Instagram influencer marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies today. And, with over 1 billion monthly active users, it’s easy to see why. However, with so many options out there, it can be tricky to know who to choose. That’s where OTT comes in. OTT provides ROI and engagement rate calculator that can help you find the perfect Instagram influencer for your brand.


Here’s how it works: You only need to enter the name of the influencers and you are able to view the Roi and engagement rate for each influencer, so you can choose the one that’s right for you It’s that simple! With OTT, you can be sure you’re choosing an Instagram influencer who can help you achieve your goals and reach your target audience. So, what are you waiting for? Try OTT today!

Micro-influencers vs Celebrities