Micro-Moments Marketing: Win the Attention of Your Mobile Customers

Micro-Moments Marketing: Win the Attention of Your Mobile Customers

I need it IMMEDIATELY,” That sounds like something a young child going through the terrible twos might say, but it’s also what today’s buyers are saying. People expect instant satisfaction, and they are making judgments more quickly than ever.

The growing use of smartphones has caused and enabled this behavioral transformation. Smartphone users not only have higher expectations for speed in general, but they are frequently rushing to complete their jobs, whether they are researching a product or seeking instructions.

“Micro-moments” are what Google refers to as these “I want to know,” “I want to do,” “I want to go,” and “I want to buy” situations. These micro-moments were developed by Google in 2015, and Jay Baer listed “mapping consumer micro-moments” as one of the top seven content marketing trends for 2017.

This new approach to customer acquisition fascinates me as a marketer, so I want to share it with you, explain why it matters, and show you how to use these micro-moments to your advantage.

Excited? Indeed, I am. Let’s get started straight now.

What Are Micro-Moments?

When someone has a reflexive urge to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something, they may turn to a device—increasingly a smartphone—to fulfill that need.

They are moments rich in intention when decisions are made and preferences are shaped.

The expectations of consumers are higher than ever at this time. We’ve become conditioned to expect brands to provide us with the exact product we’re searching for as soon as we ask for it thanks to the sophisticated computers we carry around with us.

We desire accuracy as well as promptness.

According to Google, there are four types of Micro-Moments:

  1. I-want-to-know moments: When customers are searching for information or answers.
  2. I-want-to-go moments: When customers are looking for a local business or place to visit.
  3. I-want-to-do moments: When customers are looking for instructions or guidance on how to do something.
  4. I-want-to-buy moments: When customers are ready to make a purchase.
Micro-Moments Marketing: Win the Attention of Your Mobile Customers

What Makes Marketers Interested?

The idea of micro-moments is revolutionary for both consumers and marketers.

If you’re like most brands, you undoubtedly have your marketing efforts planned out in a buyer funnel with specialized content for the awareness, consideration, and decision stages.

But this idea of a linear funnel is heading in the dinosaur’s direction.

The consumer journey has been divided into hundreds of real-time, intent-driven micro-moments as a result of our growing reliance on cell phones. Each one represents a crucial chance for brands to influence our choices and preferences.

When we respond to our wants immediately, we have high expectations and little patience. As a result, marketing’s effectiveness, relevance, and quality are more crucial than ever.

Because these micro-moments affect our choices and purchases, firms that are the best at meeting their consumers’ demands at each point in time – particularly on mobile – will have a significant competitive advantage.

Here’s why: 

Many people aren’t loyal to any one brand. 90% of smartphone users start their web research without being 100% certain of the precise brand they intend to purchase.

You have a chance to target the clients of your rival. One in three smartphone users has made an unintended purchase from a business or brand as a result of the information being available when they needed it.

Your presence can help achieve goals for brand recognition. More than half of smartphone users say that using their devices for searches led them to a new business or product.

In the end, turning up puts your brand in the game so that it may be chosen rather than just seen.

Your company has the opportunity to address customer needs at the ideal time and aid them in moving along their decision-making path by being present at these “moments.”

Consider this. We no longer only make purchases after spending hours seated at our computers. While having lunch with coworkers or waiting in line for our morning coffee, we reach for our phones and make deft selections.

Even while mobile is the change’s primary driver, this phenomenon has effects that go well beyond mobile. It has an impact on the complete customer journey across all channels, screens, and devices.

Take retail store behavior as an example: despite a drop in foot visitation, people are still spending more when they do visit.

That’s because they’ve already done their homework and made up their minds before entering.

The same is true for customers who use computers to access websites. They often visit less frequently but convert more frequently. Micro-moments have changed the way visitors find your business or desktop website in various ways.

So How Do You Win Micro-Moments?

Although it may seem like a recent development, the secret to success may be found in marketing and knowing your target audience and their demands. Here are a few specific examples:

  • Determine the “I-want-to-buy” moments for your customers. To learn when, when, and how your consumers are conducting research and making judgments about purchases, talk to them or pay attention to online discussions in your industry.
  • Be there when people need you. Create a complete plan that integrates search, video, social, and display channels after determining when and where your clients conduct these queries.
  • Provide pertinent content. Being present in these circumstances is insufficient. Provide material that offers useful solutions by paying attention to how people search—the questions they pose and the search terms they employ.
  • Make buying from you simple for them. The buying procedure needs to be seamless and uncomplicated. Offer customers as many options for making purchases as you can, with as few clicks as you can.
  • Measure each significant moment. Analyze how various channels interact with one another to serve your consumers by charting each and every customer encounter.

Why is Micro-Moments Marketing Important?

Micro-Moments Marketing is important because it allows businesses to connect with customers at the exact moment when they are most receptive to their message. By delivering relevant and helpful information, businesses can build strong relationships with customers and establish trust and credibility.

In addition, Micro-Moments Marketing can help businesses:

  1. Increase brand awareness: By being present during Micro-Moments, businesses can increase their visibility and brand awareness.
  2. Improve engagement: By providing customers with the information they need, businesses can increase engagement and encourage customers to take action.
  3. Boost conversions: By delivering the right message at the right moment, businesses can increase the likelihood of a conversion.

How to implement Micro-Moments Marketing?

To implement Micro-Moments Marketing, businesses need to:

  1. Understand their customers’ needs: Businesses need to understand what their customers are looking for and what information they need during each Micro-Moment.
  2. Provide relevant information: Businesses need to deliver relevant and helpful information to customers during each Micro-Moment.
  3. Optimize for mobile: Businesses need to make sure their website and content are optimized for mobile devices.
  4. Use the right channels: Businesses need to use the right channels to reach customers during each Micro-Moment. This could include search engines, social media, or messaging apps.

Act Now and Act Fast

Fortunately for us, the majority of brands continue to use the traditional linear buyer funnel, despite Google’s introduction of the “micro-moments” concept in 2015. Because of this, there is still a tonne of untapped potential for you to use micro-moments marketing and ensure that your brand is visible whenever your next buyer is searching.

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