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This page is really about YOU.

Because you came here with questions.

You want to grow your business. And you know SEO can bring you a surge of new customers.

But learning SEO is practically impossible for most business owners.

And sifting through all the misinformation about SEO is like trying to drink from a fire hose.
Plus, the constant updates by Google make it hard to know what works.

SEO can help almost any business get more customers. All you have to do is stay up-to-date on how Google changes every day, use safe, proven SEO techniques, and dedicate every waking hour of your life to mastering SEO!

That’s what we’ve done, so you don’t have to.

Now, here’s who we are and how we can help you:

Who we are

Our leadership team has one foot in America’s Pacific Northwest, home to high tech and strong coffee and the other foot in Israel, which Google executive Eric Schmidt has said is second only to Silicon Valley for tech innovation.

Leaders image Meet Our Team Leaders

The sun never sets on Over The Top SEO. Because we’re an international team of experts with offices in four countries across the globe — the U.S., Australia, Israel, and the U.K.

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Guy Sheetrit

CEO / Head Of SEO / Founder

I am the CEO at Over The Top SEO, a full digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO for SMB, Franchises, Enterprises and E-commerce. I was born a geek. Other kids played with toys, but I played with computers…

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Neta Sheetrit

Co-Founder / CFO

Neta is the Co-Founder and CFO at Over The Top SEO. Her job is to make sure clients allow themselves to dream bigger and see all the possibilities for their business or potential business.

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Meet The Team
How we do SEO
Here are two of the many advantages you get with Over The Top SEO:

1) SEO problems don’t faze us
From attorneys to software developers, locksmiths to photographers, consultants to retailers — we’ve seen and solved every SEO problem you can think of. And like you, we’re a real business with employees to feed and bills to pay. That’s one reason we only form partnerships with companies we know we can successfully help.

2) BIG problems don’t faze us
Our three executive officers, Guy, Neta, and Greg, are military veterans. They’re experienced in handling crises under fire — literally. As a result of this combat experience, our teams respond calmly and effectively to any fast-evolving challenges. We are more than prepared to fight and win battles for every one of our clients/partners. Why do we specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Because few things can bring more new customers to your business faster and more profitably than ranking higher in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

And unlike other SEO experts, we test new methods and build new tools every day. No empty theory or black hat methods that can get you in trouble. Only real, safe, predictable results.

We establish successful long-term partnerships because we work really hard with them, and we share the EXACT same interest.

But SEO is not all we do. Far from it! There’s also …
What Will It Take You To Rank Higher?
What SEO Opportunities Are You Missing?

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Qualifies To Work With OTT.

We have inspired and motivated business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals around the world for the past few years, and we’ve designed apps that both boost brand awareness and drives productivity off the charts. However, we realized that we couldn’t help everyone. and the truth is not everyone is our match made in heaven. Therefore, we only accept new clients after an extensive screening process that helps us determine whether we will be a good fit for each other.

Other Marketing Services

  • Local SEO:

    This lets nearby customers find you when they’re searching for your type of business, and they’re ready to buy. But here’s the catch. What works in traditional SEO does not work in Local SEO! What matters here are elements like Google maps, Google+ Local listings, and local directories, among others. Get this wrong, and Google will penalize your website.

  • Social Media Management

    Did you know up to 87% of your customers use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms to research your company? Plus, social media users share their opinions with friends and family — before ever calling or visiting your business. And if they don’t like what they see on social media, you will never hear from them … and you will never know. That’s why you must optimize your social accounts to rank higher in search. But don’t be misled! Not every social media channel is right for you. We can explain if you qualify to be one of our long-term partners.

  • Reputation Management:

    Just one bad review online can wreck your brand and torpedo your profits. Especially when competitors are desperately trying to steal your customers. To fix this, you need a reputation management strategy that includes search engine optimization (SEO). Don’t wait until you have a problem on, Facebook, or a hostile blog. Get ahead and stay ahead of this now.

  • WordPress Design:

    The WordPress content management system (CMS) is the world’s most popular way to build a website. It displays well on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. But you must make sure your WordPress site meets all of Googles requirements. When you do, it virtually guarantees more highly targeted free traffic.

  • SEO Hosting:

    Where you host your website can affect your SEO rankings. And if you choose the wrong host, your rankings in Google may suffer! To cite just one example, if your web hosting company also has porn or gambling web sites, Google will lump you in with those unsavory websites and may penalize your search rankings. That’s’ why we developed our SEO Hosting Solution.

  • Penalty Recovery:

    Did traffic to your site suddenly fall off the map? Perhaps you were slapped by Google. Don’t worry. We can help by “mirror imaging” your website traffic and matching it to Google updates; we can show you why your site was penalized and exactly how to fix it. Otherwise, you may never get that traffic back!

  • Custom Marketing Campaigns:

    Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we don’t limit you to SEO. We can customize solutions to help new customers find you via social media, telesales, direct mail, and more with packages that are scalable and affordable.

  • Email Marketing:

    Email is still the best way to build relationships and close sales online. And now more than ever, your emails must not only get opened, they must deliver value to customers. Otherwise, you risk spam complaints that can cripple your business. Good news: Our marketing team can help grow your email list and milk it like a cash cow. Safely and predictably.

  • AdWords Account Management:

    Our Google Certified AdWords experts can send you a flood of new customers with Click-to-Website Ads, Click-to-Call Ads, Bid Setting and Fine-tuning (to maximize your profits), Strategic Reporting (to turn data into actionable insights), and more. We can do this reliably and cost-effectively.

  • Text Messaging:

    In our experience, over 90% of consumers read a text message within 3 minutes of receiving it. That makes text messaging a huge opportunity for your business. But get it wrong, and you face potentially ruinous penalties. Our TM experts can deliver personalized text promotions to the right people, at the right time for you.

  • Inbound Marketing:

    When customers chase you, they are more qualified and likely to buy than when you go after them. That’s the goal of inbound marketing. And our team can make it happen for you with high-value content that delivers customers to your website with SEO.

  • Customized Offline Marketing:

    Your website is online … but your customers live offline. Now you can reach more of them with proven offline marketing strategies, like “lumpy” direct mail, AM radio, cable TV ads, and more. Because the more marketing pillars you build under your business, the stronger it becomes. We’ll show you how.

  • Conversion Optimization:

    Also known as conversion rate optimization (CRO). We’ll increase the percentage of your website visitors who convert to prospects and customers by removing the friction that keeps people from buying from you. This is the easiest way to make money in your business. Example: One change in wording on a webpage, increased sales by $300 million for one site.

  • Lead Generation:

    We’ve generated more than $250 million worth of leads for our partner in the last 12 months. Want your share? You can have it with our help. We develop and implement click-to-call and pay-per-click ads; direct mail, social media, and local SEO strategies, and more. If you qualify to partner with us, your opportunities are almost unlimited.

  • Bottom Line:

    When you join us, you join more than 1,000 businesses who enjoy …

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