New Google Update – Is your business ready for 2023?

New Google Update – Is your business ready for 2023?

Millions of businesses and sellers have become entirely dependent on Google updates to, well, do business.

This makes it imperative to pay attention to the changes it goes through, as they happen several times a year. Google updates almost always bring new opportunities for those who know how to guess Google´s true intentions.

Although the latest changes have not yet caused any significant market shifts just yet, we estimate that 2023 will put every SEO company to the test.

The first change fell upon certain providers. Specifically, the law industry. Google search results gave prominence to their local service ads, a new feature launched last September.

What we Know About the Google Update

It was reported that law firms that used traditional Google Ads saw a decrease in click-through rates. In contrast, those who rode the local service ads wave saw a healthy increase in traffic and conversions.

It makes perfect sense, as these local service ads take up the uppermost section of search results. And they include a picture and star ratings for the provider, which definitely catch the user´s attention. Conversely, traditional Google Ads look lifeless and dry in comparison, and they are also lower down the results rung.

This Google update is definitely a game-changer for local SEO specialists. Indeed, so far we have only seen it applied to those in the legal industry. However, I am willing to bet that Google will roll it out to other competitive areas this very year. I see a lot of potential for home services, contractors, and the health industry. Putting a face to a business and showing how actual clients rate their services is definitely a step up in the right direction.

It also creates new opportunities for those who offer businesses easy ways to buy google reviews, making them even more valuable. As the latest Google update rolls out, the drive for higher ratings and positions will soar. This might end up making traditional Google ads a thing of the past.