What is

NFT Marketing?

NFT Marketing Agency Guide 2022 [Best Strategies & Examples]

An NFT is a digital asset / Non- Fungible Token that represents the ownership of a specific online item. As the world transitions into a more digital economy so do the material things that we all value. As more and more time is spent on the internet the physical tools that we have become accustomed to using will become digital, and take on the form of NFT’s.


NFT marketing is extremely similar to marketing or SEO to any product or service.


Although NFT’s are relatively new to most people, marketing strategies and tactics have been developing within the industry for many years. Now some of the most advanced marketing plans are being implemented to NFT projects. In an extremely competitive online marketplace standing out amongst competition is the number one struggle for most, marketing is the solution to their problems.


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NFT (Non-fungible tokens) Explained by OTT

What is an NFT?

Let’s go back to 2014 for a minute…

Quantum is considered the first known NFT and it was created by Kevin McCoy and Anil Dash in May 2014. NFTs are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be reproduced or copied. NFTs can represent real-world objects such as video clips, films, sports trading cards, fashion, video game skins, memes, gifs, tweets, digital artworks, collectibles, intellectual property, digital property, and so on.


Most of the digital items can be converted into NFTs. For example, if you have rare jewelry or a custom-made designer dress for you, you can easily convert it to NFT. NFT also provides Proof of ownership of the digital item. Although people can make replicas of it, only you will own the original design.


NFTs are being built using the same type of programming used to develop cryptocurrencies. Over the past 2-3 years, NFTs have been greeted extensively by art lovers, gamers, collectors, and big traders. Artists and creators are making a lot of money by auctioning their content or artwork on some of the biggest NFT marketplaces.


Here NFT Marketplace is a kind of e-commerce store for NFTs only, where NFTs can be sold, purchased, traded, and stored as well. On the NFT market, artists and creators have to create an account and can list an endless number of their NFTs for auction. Buyers can buy NFT through bidding. However, it can also be bought for a fixed amount.


Much of the credit for its success also goes to the marketing campaign run by the NFT creators or the platform. It is because marketing made people aware of the uniqueness and benefit of an NFT. But not everyone knows everything about NFT marketing.


There are many NFT creators who wish to know about the strategies of NFT marketing, and because of not having a clear direction, most NFT creators find it difficult to market their own NFTs. And that’s why we are here with a long but well-detailed guide about NFT Marketing.


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What SEO OpportunitiesAre You Missing?

Do you want your NFT project to be sprayed with “Success”?

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NFT Marketing LIVE
What do NFT marketing services and packages include?

Why Should I Market My NFT Collection?

Since NFTs are trending and people and businesses are trying to make the best use of them, and hence they are creating and launching their own NFTs, Sets of NFTs, and NFT marketplaces. However, not most of them are good at selling NFTs.


Marketing NFT helps in growing the business by building strong relationships with its audience, customer engagement, spreading brand awareness, generating taxation, and helping to drive the firm.


Marketing of NFTs is very similar to marketing other products, but it does have more steps and some limitations as well. For the best result on one side, you have to stay ahead of the competition and on another side, you have to show creative skills to attract more and more buyers. These are juggernaut tasks but if done in the right way can make your NFT business a success.


For the same purpose, just sharing text, links, and banners on popular social media platforms is not enough. NFTs need some serious marketing effort and some of the popular companies include Content writing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimizing, Guest Posting, Forum posting, Email Marketing, and many more services in their NFT marketing packages.


These NFT Marketing packages take care of everything from top to bottom and most importantly the result their clients want. But for an individual NFT marketing is not as easy as choosing the package and making the payment on schedule.


You have to do research, find the best sites and forums, and then post attractive content to grab attention. Here, one thing you need to take care of is providing authentic and actual detail to users so people can trust you and your NFTs.

How are NFTs minted?

Spraying it all over with “Success”

NFTs are basically tokenized virtual art on the blockchain. So to create an NFT you have to create an account on any NFT marketplace and upload your art or content. After the conversion, your digital art that is now an NFT is ready to be listed on the platform. Here are detailed step-by-step procedures.


First, Find a Good NFT Marketplace:

There are many NFT marketplaces in the market. You need to do a bit of research to find the best one for you.


Create an account on Marketplace:

After finding the most suitable marketplace, the next thing you will have to do is create an account there and complete the KYC if it is made necessary.


Connect your wallet:

Most NFT marketplaces have their own wallet or a few supported wallets.

So you will have to connect your wallet to the NFT marketplace.


Upload your Digital Content:

Now you will have to upload the content on the NFT marketplace.

Most of the platforms utilize a decentralized storage service commonly known as InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).


Mint your NFT:

Afterwards, you must mint the tokens mapped to that file to create a definitive cryptographic signature that will be present on the blockchain.

Now, this would be the only way to be sure that the file you uploaded is faithful.


List your NFT for sale:

Now just set the minimum price, choose the category, and list your NFT for sale or auction.


Neither all the NFT marketplaces require KYC nor do all of them have the same procedure but one thing in common on all marketplaces is that after listing an NFT, the creator needs to market them. Professional NFT marketers use several strategies to promote your NFTs.

NFT maketing hype proof
NFT Marketing
NFT Marketing & Public Relations

First Steps for any NFT Project

Public relations (PRs) are one of the excellent NFT marketing techniques to utilize. By including a crypto PR agency, you can get the attention of a wide crypto audience with well-crafted messages. Publishing press releases on niche media helps to connect the crypto communities. The strategy increases the visibility of your NFT project and sparks investor interest.


Remember, as you increase the number of engagements, there are chances that you will get more bids for the auction of your NFTs. And this will allow your digital assets to be sold at satisfactory rates.


Furthermore, PR as a marketing tool also helps to provide a better customer experience. Make sure your audience has different messages at different levels of their shopping journey. It helps to clarify your specific selling points. If this is to be understood then buying your NFT sounds like a good investment, they will recognize it. And as a result, the final stage of the sales funnel is the role of PR in attracting and promoting your audience. Plus, PR enhances the image of your business.

NFT Marketing Strategies to Uplift Your Sales

Marketing sounds simple, design some attractive banners and relevant content and starts sharing. However, this will not work for NFTs. This is due to some of the restrictions proposed by social platforms and search engines


However, it doesn’t mean that there are no ways left to promote NFT projects. There are still many ways to promote a project online, you can market your NFT just like any other product just avoid diving into paid promotion strategies on search engines and social media platforms and you are good to go!


Here, we are describing some of the known-unknown NFT marketing strategies and by properly incorporating them into your marketing plan for the NFT project you can definitely achieve success.





Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a well-known strategy to sell products, there are many examples in our daily life where this strategy are making sellers’ and platforms’ life easier a bit. It is considered an eco-friendly strategy for promoting goods and services and now NF^Ts, tokens, and virtual collectibles. With this program, you will be able to offer your affiliates a certain profit percentage after you make the sale. To be cost-effective, you should incorporate an affiliate program in formulating your NFT marketing strategy. Affiliate marketing will surely increase the audience at a rapid pace and it will also cut a good amount from your marketing budget. 


Contact Blockchain Platforms to get a place in their Newsletter

There are several platforms whether blockchain-based on not but they send newsletters to their users several times a week. You can contact them to display your NFT projects in their next press release. Additionally, NFT Calendars deliver newsletters with the updates and latest happening on an almost daily basis about the world of virtual artwork. Therefore, you can ask them to represent your release in their upcoming newsletter.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO strategies basically assist in increasing the organic visibility of your digital collectibles. Under the NFT marketing strategy, content creators for NFT create contents that reflect particular search terms. Meanwhile, the users who purchase, use the keywords during the search of the online product. Through the particular SEO, your NFT would appear on SERPs as proposed customers are given attention to it. Therefore, this strategy can cause various bids which leads to more advantages for your auction. Since you hire a crypto marketing agency then as result you come across that SEO provides several opportunities.


conversion rate optimization (cro) strategy
What Will ItTake You To Rank Higher?
What SEO OpportunitiesAre You Missing?

Do you want your NFT project to be sprayed with “Success”?

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NFT ALL Marketplaces
Choose a famous NFT Marketplace

Start your engines…

NFT marketplaces are known as specific online stores where the buying and selling of digital assets can be accomplished. By choosing the best marketplace of NFTs, you are able to transform various NFTs, like online games, cards, and digital real estate. NFT marketing channels will involve all the possibilities across the marketplace. You can list your NFTs on various platforms to increase the possibility of trading them at a higher price. There are multiple platforms of NFT such as OpenSea, Rarible, Atomic Hub, Magic Eden, Solana NFT, Crypto.com and Enjin.

NFT Marketing Checklist (MUST-DO’s)

Guest Posting is vital

Guest post marketing is another top strategy of NFT marketing. This strategy can be utilized by those dedicated websites that are in search of guest contributions. And for that, firstly, you require to ask them about their mail address and then explain to them why you want to post something on their site. The overall intention behind this is to offer these websites free content and aid NFT collectors to understand more about your artwork. And thus, how NFT creators can get advantages through the sale. For instance, the visibility of products to thousands of NFT fans is feasible. In another way, it increases the domain authority of your site and enables working with others.


Promote with Blogging

In the journey of promoting NFTs, blogging is yet another strategy that helps to attract specific buyers at several stages. NFT is quite new in the market which leads people curious to know more about it. So, it would be best if you try to take full advantage of NFT marketing tactics to promote your or your client’s work.


Promote on Social media Platforms

Through social media, you will be able to create a community. And that community will drag your buzz with many. Project owners can choose multiple platforms for marketing their digital artworks. The different platforms include Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Telegram, Facebook, and LinkedIn which are recognized as the top platforms for NFT marketing.


Participate in relevant online discussion

Since you are the owner of NFT then it will be not difficult for you to participate in relevant NFT/ cryptocurrency groups and in discussions as well. You will find these groups or communities on various channels like Telegram, Twitter, and Clubhouse. These platforms become a prominent part as they help you to share your thoughts and also aid you to engage with respective clients and ultimately make a way for the buyers to reach up to your NFTs. But one thing which you need to keep in mind is that during the engagement in the group, restrict an overflow of conversations with promotions containing spam.


NFT ALL Marketplaces
Sell your NFTs on Popular Marketplace

Keep NFT Calendars Up-to-date

There are various marketplaces available, where you can list your digital collectibles and artworks. Also, you can make your specific platforms for NFT marketing. You explore the market that fits your work. In order to increase the chances of trading and the price higher, you should register your NFTs on various platforms. Like NFT marketplaces to list your NFTs :


  • Superrare: It is known as a channel that focuses on digital artworks.
  • Myth Market: This is recognized as the best marketplace for enrolling your business card.
  • Rarible : It enables an extensive range of NFTs such as photography, games, and music.
  • Under the discussion board, one is able to indulge with the NFT community.
  • Crypto.com: It is a marketplace that is interestingly fit for the trade of artworks, NFTs, games, and celebrity things.
  • OpenSea: It is known as the most known marketplace which enables you to enroll your art, domain name, music, and digital worlds.


Just like ICO calendars, there are NFT calendars where you can list all the important events and updates about your NFT projects. As we mentioned above, these calendars also send daily or weekly newsletters and push notifications so there are two benefits you can avail yourself for you or your client’s project.


First, you will get the relevant audience and second, you will get a system that will keep them notified of all the latest happening about your project. These platforms are very vital for collectors who don’t have time to stay updated with all the NFT activities from different sites.


You can easily add your events to the calendar by filling out the form available with the mentioned details of your release:


  1. Heading of your digital collectibles
  2. Art and artist details
  3. Description
  4. Time and Date of your release
  5. The marketplace where your NFT will be listed
  6. Permalink to your virtual artworks
Understand the process behind NFT marketing

Release a teaser of your NFT Project

A teaser plays an interesting role as it is a brief form of message about your NFT project, which goes with attractive images and clips. Before release, it leaves the audience guessing. This teaser can be posted on many social media platforms, marketplaces, and also on your own blog or websites. You can ignite your audience’s curiosity and interest by offering a small teaser and making them eagerly wait for the actual release.


Choose a platform with optimized buying process

Regardless, of the many stories which are flowing for NFT traders, there are yet several artists who because of efficiency of knowledge are making these digital collectibles. If you become a creator, then it is crucial to go through the procedure of mint and selling your artwork on an NFT marketplace.


Choose a platform where the process of buying NFT is easy for the buyers. People get irritated when they found the complicated process and many requirements. So take care of this as well and if you found an optimized process then share it with users.

NFT Teaser
NFT Marketing,NFT Marketing Agency,NFT Marketing Strategies
NFT Airdrops

Contact Influencers

NFT Airdrops

Airdrops are recognized as an essential element under NFT marketing. The marketers get the liability to dig out certain ways of promoting their offerings since the battleground of NFT turns tougher. This is why the introduction of airdrop has happened. Here, you can invite customers to buy your NFTs at a lesser cost while making a certain code. With this interesting strategy, you can promote your words around virtual networks and push sales.


Contact Influencers

 Recently, the impact of influencer marketing has grown at a rapid speed that can be seen across the market and on your customers also. These influencers can be trusted individually across social media platforms. Now, it has become a very common trend that if anyone’s favorite influencers are saying anything about any product and also are using it, then their followers will automatically support it in their respective lives.


In the social media platform when an influencer is promoting a specific product then the audience will get the authenticity of the product itself and hence they adopt the same. Therefore, it is crucial to have the correct influencer so as to reach the target audience. The total process aids in obtaining reliability with the right audience.

Help them Learn

Maintain Community Relations

Help them Learn

As we said at the top, NFTs are still new to our society, so only a small part of the population knows about NFTs. Therefore, it is important to explain an integral part of your campaign to your audience. Give your audience the right to an education that allows them to understand what NFTs are and what value they provide. Meanwhile, in NFTs, what, why, and how should the education material be delivered. It will build trust and awareness and also attract people from a wide range of populations.


Maintain Community Relations Well

A marketer’s prominent job is to establish a community for your brand. If you want to get connected with your target audience for a long time span then you should interact with the audience. By using the face of your brand you can communicate with the audience and stakeholders for their marks. And the reason why a brand should maintain a healthy and right work culture. And this is enough to win the hearts of consumers.


Apart from it, social media is a tool for communicating and building. For keeping in touch with the audience, digital media platforms play a vital role. You require to make your customers educated and updated about NFTs in a broad way possibly on digital media platforms. Also, make them aware of every news and trend happening in the recent market and also make them aware of the service you are providing.

NFT Explained in Code
web2.0 vs web3.0
Promotion in Web3.0 / Web2.0 / App Push Notifications

The push notification is probably the newest tactic on the register as it has acquired all the attention since 2015. Push notifications are clickable pop-up messages that can be seen popping on users’ browsers, despite the different number or types of browsers they are using. It works as a quick form of communication channel that allows organizations to deliver the messages, offerings, and other information to their push notification subscribers.


The famous push notification service platforms are Amazon SNS, OneSignal, Kumulos, Airship, and Leanplum. Generally, NFT Marketing companies carry tons of push notification subscribers where they send push notifications to all the users in an accurate way.

Email Marketing is Vital

After the announcement of the push notification service, people in industries thought that the era of email has vanished. Also, it has had an impact for a while but email marketing resumed with a more effective and benefitted way for business.


Tactics behind it have been practiced by PRs and marketers for the last 2 decades and still growing. With this tool of marketing, you can easily share about your new product release and get feedback, and also you can send them highlights about the fresh launches through the mail.


Feedback Sessions

Feedback is a process that has two ways of communication. The success of a brand will also rely upon the feedback that they get from its stakeholders and customers. The reason why it is important to have a feedback session either online or offline is to understand the requirement, and wishes of their customers.


Join hand with appropriate businesses

The marketing strategy of NFT is one of the most required and authentic ways to market your NFT services. Combining with several industries for the occurrence, NFTs are a massive part, so that you could combine with sponsor art shows, music gigs, sports events, and other relevant firms that will help you to obtain more traffic.

NFT Email Marketing
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NFT AMA Session
Run Marketing Campaigns

Campaigns are one of the parts of your NFT marketing listing. These campaigns can be utilized as a PR tactic for educating and making them aware of the several information. Campaigns have been required to place PR tactics across the market for products and services.


You should focus on your NFT audience, understand their needs, desires, and expectations and then come up with the relevance to that. Hence, it could be nothing less than drawing the attention of customers. Also, you can be more active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for your campaigns.


Push Notification from other platforms

Push notifications are the pop-up that can be seen in a browser. These are termed effective tools which hold the capability for more conversion in no time. Pop-up notifications have been practiced by several organizations these days which directly take you to your customer. Whether it is your website or others on any niche these push notification services have the capability of bringing users to your website. Where the probability is that the customer will visit your website and get those things they are looking for. Also, if customers have been subscribed to your channel then they will be eligible to get the notification every time on their browser you shoot for them.

Use Banners for Marketing NFTs

Use the reach of real Press Release

Use Banners for Marketing NFTs

Banners can play a vital role during some projects in NFT marketing. You can also distribute the banners on several websites such as CoinGecko and Telegraph. However, a banner cannot be claimed as an effective strategy so, if you have more budget then only you can include it.


Use the reach of real Press Release

The press release is considered a great medium where you can share your projects for raising authenticity. In the press release, there can be an illustrated elaboration on the value of your NFTs and the benefits of purchasing. There are a lot of NFT marketing services you can opt for an impactful press release.



Create Informative Videos

Promoting stuff through videos has become a trend these days. So to create hype, one should go with this trend. Many people didn’t know the value and advantage of Digital artwork and collectibles as it is a part of new creativities. In the video, you can create something which helps the beginner to understand the basics of the NFT. And you can also explain to them about the NFT and its multiple outcomes which buyers can enjoy whenever they buy it.


NFT Infrastructure
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What SEO OpportunitiesAre You Missing?

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NFT cross promotion ideas
Application of CRO strategies

The motive behind conversion Rate Optimization is to increase sales. And when you work on an NFT platform, you can register your digital collectibles. Also, you need to assure that you should proceed with the CRO process for optimizing sales. Firstly, you should receive the traffic from several platforms like SEO, and PPC, which is important to transform.


While putting CRO in mind, you keep sufficient testing and also assure that your site consists of a page on clients’ testimonials, user feedback, and pop-ups for involvement

Bring Utility to your NFT

NFT Utilities Explained.

NFT Utilities
Since the NFT is filled with more utility then has the probability to attract numerous people as it offers more functions regardless of virtual artwork. There are many projects that employ NFTs for in-game content to enable customers for their digital collectibles through a metaverse. However, the other NFTs send tangible offerings to holders. For instance – The hundred offers multiple benefits for acquiring one of their Bombs starting from particular offerings on clothes drops to face-to-face meet up.


Submit details on rarity tools or howrare.is

Since you are going to introduce your project to the world, then it will be important to enroll it on the mentioned websites. There are numerous buyers who believe to put the mentioned resource for analyzing any projects which are on board.


Apply cross-marketing strategies

You can combine with many firms for offering multiple giveaways and hampers to the particular people who are following other projects. The strategies behind merging are to enable their groups to unite and make way for the hype of media for the upcoming launches. While these tactics instinct customers to like, comment, and share the content. Also collaborating with other companies is crucial as the reason why it enhances the levels of involvement.

NFT Utilities
NFT Hype Explained
Try your best to Create hype

Now, try harder!

NFT Hype

Launching NFT’s is always considered a big engagement. And as you are going to launch it needs to spread the news on different platforms, influencer partners, involvement in various community forms, and also get collaborations with various media platforms. Combine everything together to create as much buzz as the client wants.

Collaboration with other creators

NFTs will not complain to their creators about customers from other sources. You can easily find other creators ready for collaboration. Since you collaborate with a group of customers and it can be seen by other customers then they are likely to purchase more from both of you. There would be numerous levels of collaboration that aid in deals with brand representatives and influencers. Also, you can get combined with other firms for events, games, music gigs, art shows, and so on.


Appreciate your biggest supporters

While showcasing a strong strategy of NFT marketing, you can offer something precious to the most deserving supporters. And the varieties of rewards could be in the form of NFT exclusive attributes, collection naming authentications, and customization to them or their firm.

Target Blockchain Advertising Networks

Blockchain Advertising Networks
In order to reach the peak of success, you should focus on the real audience with the marketing messages of NFT. But at the same time, there is a border in many social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook. So, you should opt for some other crypto network that you will find. The best part of going to this platform is their cheaper price but still, they can help in providing true customers. Therefore, there would be many top-notch NFT artists’ ads on these platforms. However, you need to first understand the proper characteristics and the number of crowds on that one platform.


Following are some of the NFT ad Networks to focus are – 


  • Coingecko
  • Bitmedia
  • Lunarcrush
  • CoinMarketCap
  • Coinzilla


There have been several NFT  art websites and crypto news sites with different amounts of followers. Super rare NFT – like market platforms are prominent investors. While crypto ad networks get connected to those sites to help and put your ads with tactics.


Use relevant Online Forums

This could be crucial to challenging the top NFT artists to drag with the method of offering promotions. While the project, marketing would be the prominent feature of your project which needs experts with the experience of your assistance. That’s how the involvement of a marketing agency takes place. An organization of crypto marketing carries the technology and human resources for the promotion of your NFTs on various platforms and that involves an NFT art marketplace.


Mentioned are the lists of some critical rewards that marketing company drag out to your project –


  • Reach bespoke NFT marketing services for delivering the specific requirement of your projects.
  • Delivers the NFT market with a similar NFT marketing plan.
  • Comparatively economical than depending upon in-house developers
  • Focusing on the right crowds for a 24/7 marketing campaign
NFT giveaways 2
Attract more users with Giveaways


NFT Giveaways
Making preparations for an NFT that took place afterward. It is important to promote it through the giveaways of NFT. The tactics behind the rewards have become popular among NFT circles because of their ability to optimize the audiences into your audience of NFT. Now, these giveaway items could be your virtual collectibles or tangible things. For obtaining the benefits of this NFT marketing strategy, one participant should have to go along with some simple tasks. And the simple task involves following the artists on Instagram, Twitter pages, and Facebook pages. They can also involve their friends by tagging them on Instagram, Twitter comments, retweets, and sharing photos.


The main motive of the NFT marketing strategy is to create hype for the NFT project till your followers get impressed and can share the same.


Become a Collector

Another way of promoting your NFT pieces is to keep your digital collectibles from other artists. Once you purchase a piece from a particular artist, you will be eligible to circulate this milestone on your digital platforms and can tag the creator.

Provide proper NFT Roadmap

Add Utility to Your Collectibles

Provide proper NFT Roadmap

A roadmap has a critical role as it shows your dedication toward your project and evaluates the milestone you are about to reach. With the outline, your audience will be able to view your project as intended to grow and authentic along.


Add Utility to Your Collectibles

There are several processes involved in making your NFT a good investment. There are some makers of NFTs that use in-game content to allow users to accompany their digital collections in the metaverse. In addition, NFTs offer tangible perks to the holders. So by making your collectibles or NFT more useful and promoting its usability you can actually promote your NFT project.

Process of Creating an NFT
Step-by-step Process to create an NFT

Process to create an NFT

There are several types of NFTs and before thinking about creating NFTs we all should know about all those types first. An NFT can signify anything because it is an online form of a real commodity. Digital arts and photos, Music, Videos, Game commodities, trading cards, sports, occasions, memes, domain names, digital twin of artifacts, and digital fashion items are the most common NFTs in the markets:


First, you need to identify your NFT format. just keep in mind that you can create NFT tokens from any multimedia file. With regard to form, artists have the freedom to choose one that echoes well with their idea and theme. Once you have determined the content and format, you need to convert the data to the appropriate file, such as GIF, JPG, PNG, MP4, or even MP3.


Meanwhile, whether you are an artist or not, if you want to earn with NFTs then make sure to create something unique and exclusive but at the same time, it should be something that people will love to buy.


The following step is to select a suitable marketplace that allows you to develop your digital collection on the blockchain. Converting digital files to NFTs on the blockchain is called minting. Currently, there are several NFT platforms available, such as OpenSea, Rarible, Sorare, Superrare, etc. Because each platform has its own unique features, it is important to do some background research and find one that best meets your goals.


The next step would be to connect a wallet. A wallet helps you to access and make transactions on various markets, and manage your balance. Many wallets are beginner-friendly and also offer many features for experienced individuals. Therefore, choose the one that fits your needs and also falls within your budget. As you keep learning how to create NFTs, you should understand that an artist should choose a wallet compliant with the digital currency of the platform they choose.


As we said above each marketplace has its own procedure for uploading digital files and turning them into non-fungible tokens that can be sold.  Additionally, add a description and some background to provide complete details to potential buyers. The descriptive information should be attractive to draw the crowd to your artwork.


Now, choose an option between auction and sale, set the price, and list your NFT for sale.


How is NFT art being sold?

As non-fungible tokens are trending, people in the industry want to know the process to sell NFT arts. For a successful business in NFTs, you have to go through several steps. As the field of NFTs is renewed, it is important to have background research to understand everything before making any move.


You will have to set up a crypto wallet and deposit some funds in it, as soon as you go into the NFT market. Now you will have to search multiple marketplaces and get a suitable marketplace to buy/sell NFTs. After understanding the marketplace, all you need to do is link it to your wallet.


Now if you are a seller then list your NFT and if you want to buy NFTs then search for an exclusive item. A buyer will have to pay the fee and he/she will receive the NFT in their wallet or through Email.


How tough is it to mint NFT?

As we see NFT becoming popular, organizations, as well as individuals, are trying to understand it. The process of generating virtual collectibles and starting a business with them. To many, it appears to be a technical activity when creating NFTs.


However, constructing an NFT is fairly easy as there are general steps to go along with it. Immediately after the digital artwork is ready, you can drive the promotion to the right audience. Therefore, it is important to understand all the important steps on how to mold NFTs and start selling them.

Benefits of hiring an NFT Marketing Agency

Proven Track Record in the NFT space

Benefits of hiring an NFT marketing Agency

If you reached here after going through all the NFT Marketing strategies, you probably have already understood that promoting the NFT project is a daunting task. You will spend so much time and resources promoting your NFT yourself but it will not provide the desired result.


It becomes necessary to hire a professional for NFT marketing because your main objective while entering is to hit the market and earn unconditionally.


However, you will be asked to hire an NFT marketing agency if you want to go on with your NFT business. Along with helping you to popularize your project, professionals can also provide a number of benefits that lead to an increase in your trading of NFTs.


They know all the ups and downs of every step and thus you will be free to focus on more important tasks. Moreover, they will already have a plan and checklist for NFT marketing so it will be easier for them to market your NFTs.


OTT is a closed-door marketing firm, we handpick our potential partners with a magnifying glass.

We laid out here in the open some of the facts and marketing strategies we took on NFT projects and sold them out.


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How NFT Marketing Strategy can help an NFT project

NFT Marketing Strategy

The market for NFTs attracts many players. And you can attract buyers only if you properly promote your offering. However, selling NFTs is a bit of a daunting task. Basically, it requires a plan that looks at each and every way to bring buyers. In terms of promoting an NFT project, there are several components. You can also incorporate many elements into your plan, such as PR, social media, working with a marketing agency, and more from the above list.


Just like any other project or product, NFT marketing gives the NFT project exposure it really needs. The more the people will be interested the more the value will rise.


How the choice of NFT Marketing Company/ strategy affects the Results?

Since you enter the NFT world without any strategy, it will be complicated for you to do marketing or hire a firm to market your NFTs. Following the realization that marketing efforts were not producing output, you will have to approach a marketing firm to assist you further. And things will be more complicated here.


Whether you are promoting your work or you are hiring a company make sure to decide wisely. Because in this modern world there is more harm a bad step can do. So choose wisely and make sure to do research before making any big move.

NFT Launchpads

NFT Launchpads and its features

NFT Launchpads provide the opportunity for creators of virtual artworks to represent the early stages of their work on a global scale. Hence, projects on this platform are likely to attract the attention of investors immediately.


Meanwhile, there are many launchpads in the market and it can result in challenges in selecting the right one. Hence, understanding the key features of these launchpads can help you choose the one that aligns with the project perfectly.


How important an NFT Launchpad is for an NFT Project?

In the early days of your NFT business, it will be difficult for you to choose a marketplace and sell your virtual collectibles.


Launchpads are presented as a solution for such projects. It is originally designed to help popularize high-quality pre-stages of the NFT business.


At the present time, there are many launchpads present in the market. Thus, it is necessary to do a comparison between some of the best NFT Launchpads that you wanted to use. Some of the best launchpads you need to analyze and incorporate are NFTpad and NFTLaunch.


Trend your NFT project to the Creators and Collectors

It is an important part of NFT marketing. If the NFT project will be trending across all the social media platforms than more people will be attracted to the project.


Not just in the case of NFT marketing but also in choosing the NFT marketplace, NFT launchpad, and high-demand NFT category. This information helps users to take desired actions. A marketer should try to bring projects into trends, Trending projects catch more eyes than just promoted ones.

Discord and Reddit
NFT Discord & Reddit Community

NFT Discord & Reddit Community

Every NFT project requires a Discord community, as the social media platform has emerged as a hub for all the crypto & NFT enthusiasts. It is easier for people to navigate the locality and build like-minded communities in one place.


The Discord communities attract designers and creative professionals, crypto developers, crypto artists, investors, and NFT giveaways in general. Whereas, creating an NFT community on Discord can seem rough. However, it turns out to be an easy process with the right line of action.


The team is required to keep the community engaged. This can be achieved by bringing a dedicated Discord community management team into the marketing plan. Regular involvement with all the community members creates awareness of what an NFT creator or project is building.

Reddit Promotions

Promotion of NFT, DEFI, COIN presale, etc. to reach targeted audience(investors) using reddit marketing strategies.

Best techniques to promote NFTs

How is NFT art being sold?

Best techniques to promote NFTs

NFT advertising is focused on attracting the attention of buyers and investors. Additionally, a well-focused marketing strategy generates buzz for the project that aids in the emergence of your project’s value.


There are several methods you can use to promote your NFTs. However, marketing work should start by analyzing NFTs and what their creators want. After finding the relevant audience, you will be able to prepare notes about your marketing strategy.


The audience of NFT can be found situated on various platforms. If you found an audience with your strategy, and with the right message, you can encourage them to buy NFT. A marketer can find an audience on social media platforms, forums, and social groups.


To promote your offerings, you can go for and join relevant online community forums, along with other strategies such as content marketing and email marketing.



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NFT Facts
Key Facts on NFT Marketing You should Know about

Key Facts on NFT Marketing
After NFTs became famous, there are large-scale organizations as well as individuals creating projects based on them. The market is filled with many artifacts and virtual collectibles. If you want to stand in different queues, you will have to create a descriptive NFT marketing strategy. Meanwhile, you also need to work with a professional crypto marketing agency to make your project a success.


Here is the list of key pointers to take:

  • NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), are cryptographic assets based on blockchain technology and have unique identification codes.

  • NFT Market is full of competitors, whether NFT creators or NFT marketplace. If you want to stay ahead of them then focus on uniqueness.

  • The process of creating and selling NFT is easy: choose format, create digital content, choose a marketplace, convert your content into NFT, set price, and list them for sale.

  • Strategies you can incorporate during NFT marketing are SEO, community building, public relations, AMA sessions, and airdrops are all a MUST-DO, there is no “lets only do this, or that”.
Reasons to choose an Experienced NFT Marketing Agency

Choosing an experienced NFT marketing agency is essential for your NFT project as an inexperienced company cannot give it the exposure it really needs. NFT marketing is also very vital for making your project viral and building trust because without it why would anyone invest in your project?


An inexperienced marketing company with limited resources, knowledge, experience, and manpower cannot understand and deal with all the ups and downs of this market so the needs of a project will not be fulfilled. With an inexperienced marketing team a project will take longer to achieve its goals, and the longer such a project takes, the more trust will be lost.


Inexperienced companies will also lack clarity and confidence in the steps they are taking and in this way, they will be stuck in the middle without having any plan to achieve the goals for their clients.


However, choosing an experienced NFT marketing agency is also not an easy task as there is a lot of IT and Marketing companies waiting to seize all the opportunities. And most of them are already busy with other projects. So you have to go through all the available options before making a move.


First of all, make sure that the company has experience in marketing NFT projects and the second factor you need to check is what their NFT marketing package does offer. Only then you can check the pricing and compare the packages with another before choosing one.

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Final Thoughts

NFTs are making room for themselves in our society and almost every digital content field is coming under its radar. It was initially introduced to empower artists but today everybody is willing to use them and make some money with them.


NFT marketing agencies can play a bigger role by promoting the content of creators in the best possible way. We have listed all the NFT marketing strategies that can be used to generate the desired result in the most efficient way. We would like to conclude this article with the note that these strategies are used and tested by us and if you are an individual or a marketing company looking for more ways to promote an NFT project should choose strategies as per the project needs. 


OTT is proud to claim 34 NFT projects (DONE) with 14 SOLD-OUT events and 6 Successful Token Launches in the past 12 months.

We would gladly connect you with all of our successful NFT projects for confirmation on who did their entire NFT marketing strategies and carried them out… the answer will always be something like: “OTT is our gods” or “we worship to OTT” or “the ninjas at OTT are beyond”… you get the point 🙂

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How to market your NFT collection?

Marketing your NFT collection is almost the same as anything else, with a more significant focus on timing. If you aren’t in the market at the right time, you’ll miss that surge of new buyers itching to get their hands on any project. 2022 was a crazy year for NFTs, and if you had a project to launch at any point throughout the year, you likely made a killing. The 2022 bull run has opened up a new marketing route, and now the industry is incredibly progressive. Direct marketing, social media, and even media buying are all things that can help you further a project in the NFT space.  Find a target demographic and pursue them by interacting on social media platforms, paid advertisements, and anything else you can imagine. 

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