Organic website traffic: tips to boost your visits

Organic website traffic: tips to boost your visits

Organic website traffic: how do we increase it?

Organic website traffic, and the ways to increase it, is a challenge every company on the internet faces. Although all Professional SEO experts know it is the most important kind of traffic, many still struggle with this aspect of website optimization. The type of traffic driven to your website depends on your search engine marketing, the traffic driven by your pay-per-click campaigns or sponsored ads don’t count, making organic website traffic the only one that can make a difference. However, organic traffic is not an instantaneous phenomenon, there are no shortcuts to increase it, and it doesn’t show immediate results like other pay-per-click campaigns. This kind of traffic requires time and patience for  it to show significant results.

Organic website traffic is the natural result of search engine optimization and other tools that help your website appear in search engines on top of the competition, and is the most likely to convert visits into clients. Increasing organic traffic is how you´ll make sure your website will still be visited for months or even years.

Getting traffic from search engines is hard but it’s the most rewarding since they are targeted visits. Ads work as soon as you invest in them and can’t expand the way organic traffic does, and we will show a few ways to increase it:

Optimizing your Website

First of all, you need to help search engines find your website easily, and you do it applying search engine optimization. When you optimize your page search results will rank you higher, and positioning your site before the competition does is something every company wants. You need your website to be crawlable for Google bots and make it indexable. Search engine optimization experts work with your website and make it friendly to Google´s Algorithms. However, you need a responsive website to rank higher, like WordPress websites since they are the best content manager system and website manager for Search Engine Optimization.

Writing for your Clients with search engines in mind

Most of the time, the first impression of a business is their website. That’s why the focus of your content should be the interest of your clients; otherwise your site will be full of keyword nonsense, and Google will make sure that nobody finds it. There areSo you should always create content intended for your clients, but that doesn’t mean you can’t implement search engine optimization tools during the writing. The content you create needs to be as organic and natural as possible, that way Google will launch your website to the top.

Getting Social

Search Engine Marketing isn’t necessarily just SEO. After all, it doesn’t matter if you write the best content on the internet, if you don’t promote or advertise it in other media most people will never know you had the answers for their questions. Social Media is a channel where you can promote your content and products daily; it also offers an excellent way to interact with your clients and drive traffic towards your website. Tweeting tempting links and blog headlines on Twitter is a great way to let people know what your website is about. And if your company has the potential to be greatly benefited by pictures, image-heavy social sites like Instagram or Pinterest are the way to go to promote your products or services. Social Media Advertising is a great channel to increase your website traffic, but it also requires time and effort.

Long-Tail Keywords

The keyword competition is really hard nowadays. Trying to stand out in searches that use nouns related to your business is likely to be an impossible task unless your niche is really specialized. However, there are ways around this. After you cover your company´s primary keywords by strategically embedding them in your website content, you need to start looking for long-tailed keywords as part of your search engine marketing campaign to attract more organic website traffic. This type of keyword is very particular, it brings high-quality traffic and have better conversion rates than single sought after keywords. The reason is that Long-tailed Keywords are a lot less competitive even though they comprise 70% of all web search traffic. Plus, they help you cover difficult areas that are not being exploited yet by your competition. This certainly brings along a lot more unique visits and conversions.

Blog Constantly

Perhaps you are wondering how blogging can help you bring more organic website traffic. It’s simple; Google loves active Websites. They reward websites that share useful information and are constantly being updated. By simply increasing your monthly blog entries, your ranking could reach new levels ; also you could implement search engine optimization on their content and talk about interesting and relevant subjects to expose you to a new audience. However, don’t just spam blog entries with nonsense material. Poorly-written or irrelevant content since will certainly upset google panda. This algorithm is made to penalize sites that offer poor, plagiarized or even overly optimized content. Blog entries are also one of the best ways to interact with your customers or clients besides social media. They encourage conversations and interaction with your audience and they also make your business seem professional and dedicated, as clients will notice how much you know about your industry and how much effort you put to keep them well informed.

Quality Content Always

It was mentioned that you had to post and create content consistently to rank higher in search engines, but you should never sacrifice quality over quantity. Creating an engaging post with useful information can lead to countless new organic traffic visits to your website. If you write posts that make your target audience get involved with your page, they could even mention or share your website with other people like their friends or co-workers, expanding your traffic even further.

Encourage Link Building

Another important aspect of search engine marketing when it comes to increasing your organic website traffic involves link building. Google gives priority to sites that are trustworthy and have lots of inbound links. When you create quality content, some people or even other companies might link to your site when mentioning some information or data. You might as well encourage your clients to link to your site or create reviews. With more links, your site will rank higher.


When it comes to increasing your website´s organic traffic, it basically comes down to “whoever outworks the rest wins”. Sounds pretty much like real life right? This is because hard work gets the best results, not only in search engine optimization but in every aspect of life and business. By keeping up with the latest trends in SEO you will be able to face your rivals. Just be consistent and Google will reward your effort with a higher rank in search engines. That is the only way to get more organic website traffic while protecting your site from penalization.

With professional help, you could increase the traffic to your site exponentially, or you could maybe do it by yourself if you like challenges. Have you followed any of these tips? Has your website been benefited by organic traffic? We´d love to hear your thoughts!