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Stop worrying about finding effective ways to bring new patients to your orthodontic practice and keep your focus on using your knowledge and skills to help people that need them. Let us take care of the rest.

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Stop Running Around

Chances are that, right now, you get most of your patients via referrals from general and pediatric dentists or other patients. And while there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, it does put your orthodontic practice is a tough spot.


Nobody wants their business to be solely reliant upon third parties to capture their audience.


What happens when your biggest referral source moves away, retires, or simply starts having a difficult time to bring patients for themselves, let alone send them your way? Or some of the other thousand things that can go wrong when you depend almost entirely on a single referral model?


Yes, some patients will always be referred to you by their regular dentist, friend, or other patients you’ve helped in the past. But there’s a HUGE swath of potential new customers you are missing out.


People who might have recently moved to your area, who haven’t gone to the dentist in years, or who already know they need an orthodontist’s help and are looking for a skilled one to treat them.


These are people who are looking for you online! And if you aren’t right there, at the top spots on search engine searches? It is your practice that suffers.


However you look at it, you need consistent, reliable channels driving patients to your practice. And that’s where we come in.

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We have inspired and motivated business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals around the world for the past few years, and we’ve designed apps that both boost brand awareness and drives productivity off the charts. However, we realized that we couldn’t help everyone. and the truth is not everyone is our match made in heaven. Therefore, we only accept new clients after an extensive screening process that helps us determine whether we will be a good fit for each other.

What are the Challenges?

We’ve been partnering with orthodontic professionals for years now, and that insider perspective of the industry gives us an unmatched understanding of its challenges, and how to deal with them.


The orthodontist marketing game has changed dramatically over the past few years. Just like any other business, your practice needs a consistent stream of patients to sustain itself and grow. The problem is that there’s far more competition out there for the cases you want.


Orthodontics is a good business. So, it’s not rare to have a general dentist keeping orthodontics cases and treating them themselves instead of referring them forward.


Compared to dentists, your target market is much smaller, and your patients come and go more infrequently, and that can really hurt your bottom line if you aren’t paying attention! When you rely solely upon referrals, fighting over a decreasing pool of prospects can severely hold your practice back.


Then you have the industry itself. Orthodontic care is a costly affair – and often not covered by insurance – often calls for innovative marketing strategies and incentives to attract and convert potential new patients. And while the tools are there to do so, it’s extremely easy to implement them the wrong way.


Social media is obviously a big platform for an effective orthodontist marketing strategy, but it’s not rare to see doctors and practices wasting time and money in fruitless, and frankly ridiculous campaigns.


Facebook and Instagram can be leveraged for awareness-building and content marketing, but demographic targeting is where the money is really at. For example, you’ll want your practice’s ads to be targeting parents of teens and pre-teens in your geographic location if you want to get the most out of your campaigns.


Online reputation management is another huge potential hurdle to keep in mind. More and more patients are comparison-shopping before choosing an orthodontist to get treatment, constantly finding and reading reviews at sites like ZocDoc and Healthgrades. And while awesome ORM will open a lot of doors for you, in this competitive healthcare environment one poor review can severely impact your reputation and affect your bottom line.


As you can see, those are a lot of ducks to keep on a row, and we are barely scratching the surface.


The good news is that we have the know-how and resources not only to help orthodontic practices like yours build a strong referral network, but to create other patient generation pipelines to help them thrive, with or without their precious referrals.


The thing is we don’t waste our time with practices that can’t rise to meet the challenges of their own niche. Doctors who aren’t prepared to handle the sudden influx of patients we’d send their way. Practitioners who can’t deliver efficient patient follow-through and CRM. Hard headed doctors who won’t leverage the analytics we’ll give them to tailor their promotions and services to attract ideal orthodontic patients.


We don´t do business with those who, still today, make the – costly – mistake of thinking of orthodontic marketing as an “expense” instead of an investment that provides the lifeblood for their practice.


If that sounds like you, you might as well stop reading. We are definitively not a good fit for you, nor you for us.


Our outfit is equipped to deliver a consistent stream of quality leads to your practice; it’s what we do. However, if what you are looking for is someone that holds your hand and walks you through everything they plan on doing just to make you feel safe, you might as well keep looking. That’s not us. We rather focus on delivering cold, hard results instead.


That’s the outlook of the orthodontic marketing landscape, and those are the challenges.


So, what makes you different from the many others we pass on?


Just like you probably found us by searching for a local SEO company near you – or some of the many other high-performing keywords we dominate – your potential clients, searching for the orthodontic services you provide, should be finding you within seconds. The question, then, is why should they pick YOU? Who are you?

, Orthodontist Marketing, Over The Top SEO
See What We Did for Our Clients

You Help Your Patients; We’ll Grow Your Practice

You are a skilled professional who knows the ins-and-outs of the orthodontic profession. Same with us. We are experts in marketing practices like yours and know our business better than anyone else.


You should have enough on your plate while focusing on delivering a great service and excellent patient experience, so why on earth would you want to deal with marketing your practice as well? More importantly, what makes you think you’d even by any good at it?


We’ve seen more than our fair share of orthodontists who fall into the trap of thinking they can handle everything themselves. Most lose their cool once Google starts draining their marketing budgets with little to no change in their appointment’s booking numbers.


There are over 2.9 Million orthodontist-related Google searches yearly in the U.S, and you have about 594,000+ people searching for “Orthodontist Near Me”. So, the demand is out there, but you need reliable digital marketing strategies to set your practice apart from the crowd and bring those people to YOU.


You need to understand that the right digital approach can get you referrals from general dentists without seeming needy – or greedy – and through sheer online presence, you can compete and outplay those who want to keep the easier Invisalign cases in-house.


We make it our business to stay up on top of all the trends, strategies, and technology within the field of orthodontia, so we’re always informed of the best ways to market your practice. Developing solid, targeted orthodontic advertising pushes that invariably attract prospective patients directly.


Your practice can thrive with these strategies, and bring in a steady stream of qualified leads already in need of your services. The problem is that you don’t accomplish those things with terribly designed websites, poor online reputation, and inexistent review strategies.


Your site, social media, reviews in key sites… that’s where you should be getting most of your leads from. And all of it has to be polished and optimized with SEO, CTAs, and value propositions that draw those customers to YOU, and nobody else.


Firms like ours make sure all those things – and many others – are taken care of, placing practices like yours on the top spots for your niche. And, honestly? You’d never be able to beat them – or us, for that matter – on your own. For an orthodontist marketing company like ours, dealing with an unbacked practitioner feels like a kitty fight, even though the ones on the other end feel it like a shark attack.


The sooner you realize that you need a powerful partner backing you up in this fight, the easier it’ll be to claim what’s yours.


We are currently driving over 30,000 calls / quality leads /walk-in’s on average per month into the orthodontics market, and will certainly drive those numbers up with the right partners in your area.


Are you that partner?

, Orthodontist Marketing, Over The Top SEO
, Orthodontist Marketing, Over The Top SEO
Benefit from a Website

That Actually Converts Visitors into Leads

Websites nowadays are much more than just a brochure. They are a 24/7 assistant, organizer, and virtual sales rep. For all intents and purposes, they represent you online, and are often the first point of contact potential patients will have with your practice.


They are also a tool that should be optimized for top efficiency.


Between handling back-to-back appointments, coordinating your support staff, and setting everything else necessary to keep your orthodontic practice running smoothly, chances are you have neither the time nor the know-how to create and implement an effective patient-generating site on your own.  But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.


If you want to be self-reliant in your niche, it becomes vital to have a website that consistently converts visitors into patients and consultations, whether you are overseeing it or not.


For that, you need a site fully customized with orthodontist SEO content that consistently brings in new visitors to your practice and prompts them into booking a consultation or enter your conversion funnel systems.


The idea is that whenever a potential patient in your area searches for anything related to your orthodontic services on Google, your website appears among the first three organic positions or in the map pack — giving you a dependable stream of high-quality leads contacting you each month.


That NEVER happens by accident.


Google only prioritizes websites that consistently deliver the solutions its users are looking for, that abide by their rules, keep visitors interested, and are responsive on all platforms. And those are just some of the many factors search engines account for when ranking your site.


What does all that mean? That your orthodontist practice marketing strategies should revolve around organic traffic through SEO, and NOW! That includes having a properly structured and fast-loading website, schema, and an effective orthodontist service SEO approach. That is, if you want to rank high in users’ searches.


All those elements call for specialists with very specific skillsets and know-how, and they don’t come cheap in our house. So, don’t be cheap. If you insist on being so, we invite you to carry on to the next service you found when you searched for an orthodontist marketing company.


When your website is designed with the best user experience in mind, when its content speaks louder than that of your competitors, when your brand is exposed to the public in a way that converts effortlessly, when your practice delivers a high-quality service, and you have no financial problems clouding your head every day, you are painting the picture of a badass brand rather than a solo practitioner struggling to stay afloat. The picture of someone we can partner with.


We cover ALL YOUR MARKETING NEEDS: from running multiple orthodontist practice marketing campaigns, to getting you ranked in organic SEO / Maps, to branding and exposure in all media outlets we deem relevant. With us, you get fully customized, all-hands-on-deck support and coverage package for your business and its staff.


Understand something: all this here, what we are talking about? It’s all REAL. We do it on a daily basis!


The fact is that we want to keep our growth ticking up, and part of that is bringing our partners along for the ride. So, when something is working, and we know it is, we replicate it. You, lucky one, are entering a path to something much bigger than just you and your practice. Basically, you are getting a triple-platinum VIP ride on the express train to success in the orthodontic industry by gaining access to our knowledge, resources, contacts, and ability to do what others find impossible. So, when it’s time to share, just remember who got you – and keeps you – there.


In this niche, the most powerful results come from organic SEO & Maps. They rule with an iron fist and always win the orthodontist marketing race, hands down. They guarantee you’ll reach more prospects, and see those patient numbers go up, providing long-term stability for practices, especially local. In fact, you probably found us by searching for help with orthodontist marketing, orthodontist SEO, or orthodontist service marketing strategy experts. Either way, here you are.


Long story short, we can rank anything we want in top organic positions, and we convert more visitors to qualified leads than anyone. That’s what we bring to the table, and all it takes for us is to want to do it.


And that’s what you pay us for, of course.

Leverage Local SEO To Bring Patients to You

A generic SEO campaign is a great way to waste time and resources. It’s useless, period. But a customized orthodontist SEO campaign is a whole other story.


We take the local approach, give it some of the OTT love, and power up any orthodontist practice to a top spot on Google’s Map Pack. Being on maps is so effective that some businesses see a drastic increase in traffic in a matter of hours after being featured on it! Psst…! we can literally PUT you there.


The best part? Having your practice properly featured on the map pack is only 1 of 3 key ways to put you among the first options that your potential customers – those looking for skilled orthodontist services – will see. It is just like it sounds, 1 of 3. It means each vertical brings between 30% to 40% of the overall traffic in Google.


We can rank maps like no other; we can make the impossible, POSSIBLE… Google maps marketing is one of the strongest, most reliable ways to generate revenue almost instantly for your business.


But make no mistake, though; dominating an area is just the start. The healthcare industry provides ample opportunities for expansion, and local leads are just the tip of the iceberg in this business. Understand this: those who never expand, inevitably perish eclipsed by their competitors.

What’s the Best Part of the Orthodontist Marketing Landscape?

For starters, through a targeted orthodontist SEO strategy it can be easier to build partnerships with the dentists around your area. Well nurtured, these can become an invaluable source of referrals entering your sales funnel through your online presence and further benefit your practice.


Another huge advantage of marketing in this industry is that it doesn’t take long for the results of an effective strategy to impact your bottom line. Each orthodontic patient bringing your practice between $4,000 and $6,000 on average, makes extremely easy to justify your investment.


There’s also the broad demographics your service currently appeals to, and the ease with which digital marketing can reach them effectively.


Nowadays, braces are not just for kids anymore. Americans have become more conscious about having a healthy smile, which is a boon to your profession.

About 25% of orthodontic patients today are adults, and with the introduction of clear aligners like Invisalign, more and more people are giving orthodontics a try.


An expanding, highly-targetable pool of potential new customers is nothing but good news.

, Orthodontist Marketing, Over The Top SEO

Advantages of Having Over the Top SEO On Your Corner

  • Get your website completely cleaned up, modernized, and optimized to drive in more clients.
  • Have access to a professional organic or outreach marketing team.
  • Have a dedicated team performing regular backlink management tasks, such as tracking, reporting, removal, and disavowals.
  • Get hundreds of ORGANICALLY generated and valuable backlinks from authoritative sources.
  • Implement effective and laser-focused local SEO that draws the attention you want from your target audience, and then expand your turf across the state and beyond.
  • Start receiving a continuous stream of calls from each of your targeted regions, generated by targeted ads and content tailored to your target audience.
  • Earn listings in trusted local and national directories, and always have uniform information about your practice across all platform – It is important that everything found on the internet about your business is consistent.
  • Keep super tight control over who uses your information on the web.
  • You can have the most impressive office, with a wall covered with diplomas, and filled with a highly experienced staff. If your website is not convincing visitors that you offer a high-quality service, and if Google is not convinced that your site offers an excellent user experience, it is impossible to make it rank.


    And SEO is not like you just write a couple of descriptions and make your website pretty. There are over 200 factors that need to be taken care of before a website even takes off. The worst part is that every time we check a new website, there is a ton of work to be done on the backend side of things before we even start with the design part.

  • These are the things we need to know:

  • If your website is secure (HTTPS.)
  • If your website is responsive.
  • Page load speeds.
  • If it has the correct schema markup.


Then we analyze other factors:

  • Quality of content.
  • The length of content.
  • Social signals that link back to your website.
  • Quality of backlinks that link back to your website.
  • Presence of optimized images on your web pages.
  • Just fixing all that requires a lot of work, and we don’t deal with people who think that just because they can’t “see” changes in their websites, they will go after the next shiny object. We can’t allow you to give away our work after we’ve done all the heavy lifting. If that is your plan, go right ahead and find another sucker.


These are some common questions most professionals have when looking for orthodontist marketing services that can help their business grow. We always give brutally honest answers, though. If you are not ready to hear them, then you should not be here.


How do you market effectively in the healthcare field?

In principle, just like in most other niches: by promoting your brand and services while making sure more people find and choose you over the competition.

In practice, it requires a comprehensive understanding of the industry and the mindset and expectations of your patients. As what you don’t do in this industry is often as important as the strategies that you do have to put in place.

That’s on our end. On your side of the table, all the focus should be on the patient experience and providing the best possible service you can deliver.


How do I market my orthodontist services?

With an SEO-mindful website and a content marketing strategy that allows you to rank on top of search results. It can take longer to generate results that way, but it provides an ROI second to none. Don’t expect to rank with a website that was recently managed by amateurs, though. It takes time to pick up their mess and get it back on track.


What kind of problems can marketing help me solve?

Quite a few, actually. The main focus will always be to grow your practice’ scope, attracting more patients, and developing a well-rounded plan to support the influx. Through effective and ethical marketing, we can put you in a zone of profitable growth.


What would be a sound orthodontist practice marketing budget?

First, burning money faster won’t make a difference without a plan. After we check your answers on our questionnaire and have an honest one-on-one talk, we can tell you how much you need to spend and HOW. However, expect it to be NO LESS than 20% of your monthly revenue.


Have You Done Work for This Niche?

As we mentioned previously, we are highly experienced when it comes to orthodontist marketing. Right now, several of our partners own recognized orthodontic practices across U.S., and they have consistently increased their scope and revenue year-over-year since they are with us.


What if I want to invest in traditional marketing?

That’s your call. We don’t advice against it, but when compared to SEO and digital marketing, traditional channels have little to offer.


Will I Own My Website?

Yes. However, as long as you work with us, you are not allowed to modify it in any way, shape, or form. We do this to protect our efforts. We don’t tell you how to do your job; nobody tells us how to do ours. Any attempt to break this simple rule and we walk.


Should We Work with You?

Due to the nature of our business, we recently had to close our doors to new clients to only let potential partners in. Why? Because we are not an ordinary SEO company. We perform a full SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), and those interested in becoming our partners must complete a thorough and very detailed orthodontist practice questionnaire. You must answer ALL of these questions so we can properly assess your REAL situation (not what you think your situation is) and decide if we are a good fit or not.


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