Take Your P2E Project To Next Level

A number of marketing agencies that specialize in user attraction strategies have been developed in anticipation of the rise of play-to-earn (P2E) games in 2022. 


Marketing for P2E crypto games is more competitive than ever. There are some amazing projects that have been developing for several years and are about to be finished. In contrast to traditional gaming, cryptocurrency lacks triple AAA studios. The chance is ready for seizing.


But given the number of startup initiatives, this creates a challenging environment for those looking to dominate for terms like “p2p games,” “online crypto games,” “new RPG games,” etc. The appropriate keywords for your project will, of course, depend on the genre of your game.

P2E Marketing
What is Play to Earn Marketing?

Games that let players earn incentives like NFTs, game tokens, money, etc. are known as play-to-earn (P2E) games. Based on their performance or level in the game, players will receive incentives. Players can even compete against one another in PvP games to win in-game goodies.


P2E Marketing is the subset of marketing tactics that are proven to work well for promoting play-to-earn games. Popular P2E marketing strategies include influencer marketing, public relations, community management, and social media management.


To earn real-world currency, the in-game items can be exchanged with other players or on a separate NFT market. The adoption of blockchain technology entirely secures and makes visible for players the entire ecosystem.

P2E Marketing
Play To Earn Game
Play To Earn Game: Three Fundamental Elements

Three primary pillars serve as the foundation for play-to-earn games. When examined closely, these are the same pillars that will allow older free-to-play games to compete in the market. P2E games use the same foundations as free-to-play games to grow and dominate the gaming industry.

  • Marketability

One of the key elements in deciding a play-to-earn game’s success is this. A game’s potential market is increased when the associated marketability factor is high and the user acquisition cost is low. 

  • Monetization

This element has a direct bearing on how much money a play-to-earn game generates. This impacts a player’s likelihood of making a purchase and their willingness to spend money. As long as the game keeps players interested, revenue creation will increase with the game’s monetizable element.

  • Retention

This is one of the most significant indicators of a player’s propensity to persist with and continue playing a game. A game will generate more money if its player retention rate is higher since more people will play it.


All three of these pillars must be in balance for a play-to-earn game to be successful. Another pillar might be necessary because the play-to-earn gaming economy is still in its infancy.


Crypto Game Marketing Search Volume

Most searches of any crypto-related sector are for online games and their variations. Every month, people conduct countless millions of searches to find games. Each month, there are around 740 million searches, for a total of over 11 million!


These are undoubtedly broad terms that do not specifically describe the kind of games these customers are looking for. OTT would be trying to target search volume based on the actual genre of your video game because our strategy is always laser-focused on the user’s intent. Once visitors are drawn to your website, this will translate into a higher conversion rate.

Crypto Game Marketing Search Volume
P2E Marketing
P2E Crypto Game Marketing Different Genres

Understanding the profile of your ideal user is important for developing a successful digital marketing plan for peer-to-peer crypto game marketing. For instance, getting a high rating for a new game online can seem appealing, but if it’s an action game, maybe only 3/10 people would be interested in playing it.


Instead, the perfect customer for your action game would be someone who was looking for new action games online. Even if fewer individuals would look up new action games online than new games, finding suitable customers who are likely to convert is key. Sustainable long-term growth depends on appearing in the organic portion of search results via bitcoin SEO.

Rationale That Supports Play To Earn (P2E) Market Growth

Limited Marketing

The popularity of play-to-earn games increased with the rise of blockchain. Many streamers pay particular attention to these games because they give participants the chance to earn real money. This makes these games popular and enables marketers to reach more people with lower marketing costs.


Engage Wider Audience

The ability of gamers to turn in-game items into real money is one of the main factors contributing to the play-to-earn gaming industry’s explosive rise. Even non-gamers were drawn to P2E games by this distinctive feature because it allowed them to earn in-game incentives like NFTs and cryptocurrencies. This led to a significant increase in the p2e market and increased audience engagement.


Earning Opportunity

Users have a fantastic opportunity to earn real money while playing their favorite games using play-to-earn games. On a parallel NFT trading site, earned in-game items can be exchanged for real-world money.


Higher ROI

On secondary NFT marketplaces, items from games like NFTs, game tokens, skins, weapons, and others can be traded. Due to the popularity of the game, investors can purchase game tokens from these secondary NFT marketplaces and increase their return on investment.



High security and transparency are made possible by the incorporation of blockchain technology in p2e gaming. Players may count on a high level of openness when they play RPG or p2e cards. Blockchain reduces or eliminates the possibility of fraud or cheating when playing online multiplayer games.


Game Token Ownership

The in-game items appear useless when a game loses players or is discontinued. However, there is no need to be concerned about the same with blockchain-based p2e games. The player gains full ownership and a lifetime asset when they use the in-game tokens from one game to trade, purchase, or play another.

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Play to earn marketing
What Possibilities Do Play-to-Earn Games Have in the Future?

It is undeniable that the chance to make money while enjoying your favorite video game has drawn a lot of gamers to p2e games. Due to the slow backend of blockchain technology, most gaming studio startups and developers are hesitant to join play-to-earn. Furthermore, incorporating blockchain technology into an existing game is a difficult undertaking.


But, because of some best gaming studios, P2P games have a promising future since they are entertaining and give players a chance to make money.