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    What best describes your business?
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    Do you currently use SEO for your business?
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    How much are you currently spending on SEO?
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Philadelphia SEO Experts: Bringing Search Engine
Optimization Strategy To Your Digital Marketing Plan

Philadelphia is a city with a long and rich history.

The city is home to many unique buildings and monuments.  Contained within its city limits is the famous Liberty Bell, as well as Independence Hall, the Declaration House, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the American Revolution, the Ben Franklin National Memorial, along with numerous other historical buildings and monuments.

One cannot walk the streets of downtown Philadelphia without constantly being reminded of the country’s history.  Everywhere you turn, there is a building from another century staring you in the face, whispering in your ear the stories of long past.

Though Philadelphia often brings to mind the historical eras of the city and also of the country, one must not forget that Philadelphia is a different city now – one that is highly modern and in constant flux; most importantly (to any entrepreneur), it is in constant flux in terms of business.

Philadelphia is home to many high grossing companies, two of which being Comcast and Aramark. As well as being home to two giant companies, Philadelphia is also a place where one can find countless businesses.

This means there is an immense amount of competition in this city.  Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in America, meaning that there have been literally centuries for businesses to establish themselves in the city.

Under these conditions, the highest priority of any business should be local SEO.  If you want to keep your business ahead of its competitors, SEO should always be on your mind.  Without SEO, your business will surely reach a stunt in growth.

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Get Found in Philadelphia: Why Local SEO Matters

It can be argued that the most important factor in the success of a business in the modern era lies in local SEO.  For one, local SEO is key for your business to show up in Google’s “map pack,” “local pack,” or “3 pack”.  These names refer to the three businesses that are displayed below the Google map in the search results.

An example of Google’s “map pack” in Philadelphia can be seen to the right…

Local Philadelphia search traffic is highly important when considering the success of your business.  Because 82% of local searchers will call, visit a store, or make a purchase offline (TMP/comScore). And 61% of local searches result in a purchase (Search Engine Watch) — especially if they find you by searching on their smartphone.

Therefore, you would greatly benefit by making every effort you possibly can to rank above all others in a local Google search in Philadelphia, by investing in the best SEO company.  It is tremendously advantageous to make your number one priority being found on the map shown above.  Above all else, you should have the desire to outrank your competitors when Philadelphians search on Google or Yahoo for a business of your kind.


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Yes, you can; though you must first understand that a local search depends greatly on prominence.  How well-known and how trusted is your business in Philadelphia and surrounding areas? That is what prominence means in the world of the Google search engine.  Google wants to send people to websites that are worth trusting – that’s how Google remains above its search engines competitors.

Yes, you can; though you must first understand that a local search depends greatly on prominence.  How well-known and how trusted is your business in Philadelphia and surrounding areas? That is what prominence means in the world of the Google search engine.  Google wants to send people to websites that are worth trusting – that’s how Google remains above its search engines competitors.There are three crucial factors that contribute to your local prominence in Google: citations, reviews, and links.  Below is a rundown of these three factors, which can ultimately make or break the success of your business in SEO Pennsylvania:

1) Citations include any mention of your local business on the internet.  Citations often include the name, phone number, and address of your company.  Local citations are often found in search directories, such as Google+,, and  However, Google also includes citations found on newspaper sites (such as the Philadelphia Inquirer), blogs, and event listing sites, among others.

2) Reviews are critical.  You should ask yourself what sorts of things people are saying about your business on Philadelphia review sites such as Yelp, CitySearch, MerchantCircle, etc.  Google keeps track of the amount and the quality of reviews to assist in determining the local search ranking for your business.

3) Links to your site from well-established local websites are a final key part of search algorithms in Google since it is difficult to fake a link to a business from the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce or a local networking group like BNI.  These are crucial.

Get Found Beyond The City: Why Philadelphia SEO Matters In National Campaigns

Let’s first define Search Engine Optimisation.  SEO brings more customers to your Philadelphia business by ranking your site higher in Google and other search engines.  With SEO, your business will be among the first seen when they search for a business such as your own.

But SEO isn’t just about developing a Philadelphia web design for search engines. It is also about building a site for people – that is what search engines crave.  This is how we can deliver results for you in Philadelphia.

Fact: The vast majority of web traffic stems from only 3 search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Search engine traffic is highly valuable because it is targeted.  Your business receives visitors who are looking for the service or product you offer. It’s similar to instantly opening a new business in Suburban Square – loads of walk-in traffic for your business.

However, if search engines can’t locate your website, you miss out on remarkable opportunities – and these opportunities, in turn, are handed to your competitors.  The more time it takes you to take advantage of these opportunities, the longer it will take for you to bounce back from giving those opportunities to your competitors.

More search engine traffic can bring you more customers, and revenue unlike anything else. That’s why SEO forms an integral part of Philadelphia digital marketing strategy. Plus, investing in SEO can deliver a significant rate of return compared to other forms of marketing.

Though, the rules of search are changing every single day.

For example, Google alters its algorithm around 10 times per week – this amounts to nearly 600 modifications to their algorithm every year.  Each one of Google’s algorithm changes can bump your site up or down in its ranking on local search results in Philadelphia, which can definitely impact your business for better or worse.

In modern times, technology is constantly shifting.  A business needs to conform to the transforming search engines in order to stay ahead of the competition, but this involves hiring experts to do this job.

Business owners are extremely occupied running their companies.  CEOs certainly do not have time to constantly keep up with the changes Google makes to its algorithm.  But we do.  Because SEO in Philadelphia is our business.  It’s what we do.

How Can We Help Your Philadelphia Business?

We have delivered increased website traffic to over 1,000 clients in Philadelphia and other cities since 2006.  Our experience in SEO is equal to our extensive knowledge on the subject.

From attorneys to software developers, to locksmiths, photographers, consultants, and retailers – we have seen it all.  We have helped a wide array of entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses.  We have helped businesses across the country, and the world, to increase their profit through our knowledge of SEO.

An example of why search engines are in constant flux can be seen from the emergence of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets.  In 2011, these outlets began to affect SEO.  Thus, Google and other search engines altered their algorithms to keep up with the everchanging market.  Due to this, many of the SEO tactics that were used in 2010 can negatively impact your website today.

In modern times, those people that contain the knowledge and abilities to improve a website’s ranking in search results will be ahead of their competitors by taking advantage of increased traffic.  Increased traffic leads to increased profits and business growth.  Those businesses that can’t keep up will be left in the dust of their competitors.  And when the dust settles, their businesses may be too far behind to catch up.

When you collaborate with our business, your business will be part of a clientele of 1,000 people, located in Philadelphia and in many other cities.  Our clients are happy clients, with a satisfaction rating at an outstanding 96%.

Less than 4% of our clients give up our services.  The other 96% of our clientele uses our services indefinitely.  This is the highest retention rate of any digital marketing agency of SEO service that we know of in Philadelphia, or in any other city for that matter.  This displays our talents in local SEO and the benefits that our services provide to our clientele.  Will your business be one of those that soars to the top using SEO?

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