Restaurants in Downtown Phoenix

Hungry? In Phoenix?

Fill that hole with our top restaurant recommendations. We’ve suggestions for you that cover all price ranges.

Unlike New York, Phoenix isn’t the kind of place to which foodies make a holiday pilgrimage. However, the Arizona capital does have some fabulous eateries to suit any budget. We spoke to our fabulous Phoenix SEO clients and came up with this list. We’ve broken them down according to price, but we’re recommending places which all serve quality food. You can also check our list on restaurants near me in Phoenix.

A tad pricier

As you’d probably expect, this being Arizona, the city boasts more taco joints than Juarez had strip clubs before the latter was wrecked by internecine cartel violence. So we thought for our choice of mid-range restaurants we’d take out tacos and ban burritos, and stick to non-Tex-Mex fare. After all, there’s only so much mesquite BBQ sauce a man (or woman, or non-gendered individual) can take.


Chelsea’s Kitchen

5040 North 40th Street

Industrial chic is virtually de rigeur these days in mid-range city restaurants, and Chelsea’s Kitchen is no exception. However, the delicious, American-themed ‘comfort food’ they serve is so homely it’ll make you think of log cabin fires and forget the trendy exposed ducting overhead.

We recommend dinner here, with a varied and interesting menu that features house-smoked Idaho trout as a starter and some delicious-sounding non-meat options that include the shredded kale and quinoa salad. For carnivores, there’s Dixie pan-fried chicken and prime rib with colcannon potatoes. Okay, okay, they do have tacos too. But at least there are options….

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Budget blow-out

Anniversary trip? Graduating sprog? We reckon there’s only one place to go for a blow-your-budget upscale dining experience in Phoenix. It’s a real farm-to-table dining experience with food so fresh you’ll wonder why it’s not standing up and walking off your plate.

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Quiessence at the Farm

606 South 32nd Street, Phoenix

Seasonal, beautifully presented, and highly creative cooking makes this the kind of place where you might go for the tasting menu (five courses for $85), just to find out what you’ll be picking out as a main dish on your next visit.

Owner and executive chef Dustin Christofolo looks to have a well-adjusted palate, with pistachio soup, ‘Two Wash Ranch’ chicken served with a herb emulsion, and pork belly from the Meat Shop.


Along with its finely tuned wine list, this restaurant manages to be upscale and relaxed at the same time, and Dustin encourages his customers to take their time and savor the flavors. Book your table and expect to be there a while. Our suggestion: make sure you’ve got a spare fifty bucks in your billfold for an extra bottle of wine, and Uber home.

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