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With OTT Free collage maker, A few clicks can easily turn a collection of memories into a masterpiece. By dragging and dropping your photographs into our professionally created templates, you can quickly download your finished collages to any device. 


It takes a lot of time and works to create a collage in Photoshop. Making picture collages is simple and quick using an online collage maker. All you have to do is drag your photographs into a collage template you prefer. Your photographs are automatically aligned by OTT to fit the layout. Additionally, you may quickly change the collage structure, photos, border colors, and widths to suit your preferences. You have complete control over the college’s appearance.


This amazing photo collage maker will help you to find the most attractive frame and editing tools for your picture in no time. There are varieties of frames and designs available in this OTT online photo collage maker app to get your picture perfect and ready to post/send or decorate. 

Photo Collage Maker
Create A Visual Story Through A Photo Collage

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a photo collage can convey a whole narrative.


We have countless print and digital photo collage templates to fit every occasion, whether it’s a Thank You Card for your loved ones or friends or an Instagram Post promoting your newest product.


We have produced dozens of exquisite templates that are adaptable and totally customizable, ranging from joyful and festive to corporate and minimalist styles. Select the layout, color scheme, and font that best meets your demands.


With OTT’s collage maker, you can freely add as many images as you like, make backdrops, and rearrange each element until you’re satisfied with the final product. Forget about rigid templates. Your style, your design.

Photo Collage Maker
Photo Collage Maker
What is The Method of Making a Photo Collage in Just 5 Steps?

Under a few steps, you can able to make photo collages – 

  • Open OTT 

Open the OTT Photo collage toolbar or the app without logging in or creating a new account. To get started, type “Photo Collage” into the search bar.

  • Search template 

Find a gorgeous photo collage template for the appropriate situation. Select a theme, color, or style from the available options, then click to begin customizing.

  • Customized your designs

Even if you begin with a template, you may still be creative by experimenting with different font and color combinations. Upload your own photographs, then play around with different grids and frames to organize them.

  • Include more interesting elements

Search for additional components for your collage, such as stock photos, illustrations, vectors, and stickers. Then, using the picture effects option, crop, blur, add a filter, straighten, and flip your photos.

  • Save and share

You may easily share your photo collage on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media sites by saving it as a PNG or JPG. Print your artwork so you may hang it on your wall at home.


The Finest Designs of Any Collage Creator

What does a photo collage cost if a picture is worth a thousand words? You can effortlessly create picture collages with the help of OTT free online collage maker. Upload your photos to our Collage Wizard to instantly create gorgeous photo collages with just one click, and our cutting-edge tools will do all the work without cropping or clipping any of your images!


Alternatively, you can pick one of our eye-catching, totally editable picture collage designs. Your posts will always stand out from the crowd thanks to our collage templates, which were created specifically for Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. Create a story with your photos that is uniquely yours by arranging them.

Photo Collage Maker
Partner with OTT
Get Your Images Enhanced For Free

With our built-in photo editor, give your pictures an immediate boost.


Don’t use difficult photo editing software. Without any prior editing knowledge, you may upload your photographs to OTT and quickly add stunning effects with a single click.


Through simple sliders, you may boost saturation, balance contrast, and convert your once-colorful image into a stylish black-and-white photograph. Use the Auto Focus function or add shadows for further depth and definition.


With our built-in photo editor, give your pictures an immediate boost.

Millions of Stock Images and Illustrations Are Available

A picture collage doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming to make. Millions of recent and contemporary pictures and graphics are available in OTT’s image library.


What’s best? Both the free and premium versions of these photographs are widely available.


Simply conduct a search for the images you need and drag them into your design.

Photo Collage Maker
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Numerous Options For Photo Collages

OTT provides an amazing selection of tools to edit your images and create a unique photo collage. Alter the backdrop color, include a sophisticated pattern, or use text in an eye-catching font to convey a message. Fill in the collage cells using your own photos or with free stock images from our website.


Create a vision board to help you achieve your goals, put together a mood board to help you materialize an idea, and more to capture exceptional moments in a collection of several images. You can accomplish everything with our free Collage Maker’s limitless picture collage choices.

Attractive Photo Collage

OTT simple picture effects and editing tools make it easier to express yourself. Our online collage maker fully connects with our photo editor, making it simple to edit portraits, boost exposure, and more from the collage maker itself. To make your images stand out, you’ll also have access to hundreds of recognizable photo effects and Artsy filters.


When you choose an image to edit from one of your collage cells, the Photo Editor will open and give you full access to all of our effects and tools. With just one click, you may return to your picture collage in the Collage Maker after changing your image.

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Add Unique Effects to Your Photo Collage

In addition to simply placing your photographs next to one another, OTT’s photo collage maker does a lot more.


You can use a variety of tools to elevate your college (no design experience is necessary!).


By adding borders, rotating photos, experimenting with fonts and colors, and including artwork in your design, you may give your images more individuality. Add frames, change the hue, make the shadows darker, or blur the pictures. Create warm, vivid, or fading effects with them.


Use our free online collage builder to create all of these and more.

Associate in Real-time

Collaboration is enjoyable and helps keep your creative ideas flowing. You can work on your photo collage in real-time with friends, family, and coworkers using any device, from anywhere in the globe, using OTT’s collage maker tool. Play around with the image arrangement, alter the color scheme, offer comments and recommendations, and easily collaborate to create.

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To Publish in Print or Online

Click the Download button to export your photo collage as a PNG or JPEG file if you’re satisfied with it. Save your photo collage as a PDF if you want to print it.


PNG files are excellent for the web if you want to share your design on social media or a website.


For collage creation at any time or location, download the OTT Photo Collage app. In a traffic jam? Is the line taking too long? You can stay productive by using the OTT app.