7 Powerful PPC Techniques to Increase CTR for Ads

7 Powerful PPC Techniques to Increase CTR for Ads

Many marketers use different online strategies to increase traffic on their websites. One of those techniques is called Pay per click (PPC) or cost-per-click. In this model, website owners pay each time when someone clicks on their ads displayed in search engine results stacked up against different keywords.

The reason most business owners use online marketing campaigns such as PPC is mainly that they want to increase the number of visitors to their website. Moreover, PPC is a quick and immediate method of increasing traffic, as opposed to SEO which could take days or even months.

HOW to use those powerful PPC techniques that we talk about?

Increasing your website traffic is imperative in generating business from it but it’s not the only technique. On the other hand, your click-through rate (CTR) provides you with insightful analysis of your campaigns’ performance. Moreover, a long-term optimized rate of conversion can only be analyzed through a good CTR. Advertisers aim to maximize CTR for high-paying keywords that result in traffic conversions on the website.

Online marketing models are constantly changing and different strategies and tactics are regularly being introduced. Thus, a marketer needs to implement a unique online strategy to garner maximum benefit from its campaign. Many search engines are regularly updating their policies and introducing new means of advertising on their platforms. This is among many other reasons why small-scale businesses outsource their marketing campaigns to different online marketing agencies.

Following are some useful tips that can help you improve your site’s CTR:

Go for discounts, not for prices

Research has it that customers are more geared towards discounts, instead of plain prices. Discounts show customers that the prices have fallen, whereas plain prices are not attractive. In order to make your ads lucrative, stop mentioning the price tag from your Ads and add discounts to them. Every marketing campaign has some pros and cons to it. Adding a price in your Ad will only remind the searcher that he or she would need to spend some money, but they should rather get the message that they’d be able to save some money while buying anything from you. Deals are surefire ways to increase traffic as they are lucrative and people always find excuses to buy something with attractive offers.

Give something for free

The word “FREE” holds a very special significance in our society, as it is the only word that instantly catches our eyes. Research has proven that ads with words like “free, discount, deal” have higher CTR than those without these keywords. Giving away something for free doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive item. It can be anything because the basic point of this technique is to increase your Ad’s CTR, so once the searcher visits your page it can say that your business offers a free consultation, a BOGO (buy one get one) FREE deal or even a pencil. You can even give a free ebook as a giveaway for purchasing the complete version. 

Use Trademarks

Consumers are now getting brand conscious due to the quality and pricing not offered by small companies. By using this tactic, you may increase your CTR. But you have to be careful on this one because when someone searches for a brand, they are expecting to see it in your Ad. Online wholesalers and retailers can use this strategy. For example, if you are a consumer website offering laptops from various manufacturers, you can use words like “Macbooks, and HP, Dell Lenovo laptops at 15% discount.”

Optimize ads for mobile devices

The technology in Mobile phones is currently on a boom and will continue to rise. By 2016, mobile searches are going to outdo PC searches and hence mobile commerce has become a part of advertisements.

This is the reason many smart marketers plan their marketing campaigns targeted to smartphone users. A large chunk of users are now using Android and iOS smartphones for buying products online and this is one segment that you cannot miss targeting. Thus it is essential that your PPC campaign should be optimized for your mobile audience. Mobile users are often on the go and are constantly looking for something to buy. If this tactic is used properly it can do wonders for you and rapidly increase your sales.

Review competitors’ ads and websites

Keeping an eye on your competitors’ work and their marketing tactics is imperative in today’s competitive world. Moreover this gives you a better understanding on how your marketing strategy should be different from your competitors and how you can engage your target audience.

Continually optimize and change your ad

Your viewers and searchers often tend to get bored by watching the same old Ad time and again. Thus, it is important that you consistently change and optimize your Ad. This can give your ad a new feel and look and may also increase your CTR as the searcher may think that today there is something new in the store.

You should use these powerful PPC techniques as mentioned above and be sure that you will make much more out of your PPC campaigns.

Seek purchase Intent

It is very important that you choose those keywords which tend to have a purchase intent behind them. For example, a person who searches for “Computers” has little to zero chances of converting as compared to a customer searching for “Buy computers” or “Discounted computer deals”.


Powerful PPC techniques are VERY important because PPC isn’t child’s play. You can’t fool around with your or clients’ money. You know that there is money on the table and cannot take the risk of draining it down the drain. You have to spend very wisely and consistently searching for new ways of improving CTR.