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Professional SEO services – What to expect?

Professional SEO services – What to expect?

Professional SEO services

What can you expect from a professional SEO services company such as OTT?

So you’re planning on spending some cash on marketing. You want to pay for professional SEO services to boost your site’s position on the Web.

You may have hesitated before taking the plunge because, let’s face it, no one wants to throw money away.
You’ve probably heard both fairy tales and horror stories about search engine optimization, of the rags-to-riches (and riches-to-rags) variety.

We’re straight talkers here at OTT SEO, so let’s leave the gossips behind. We’ll tell you precisely what you can expect from a leading SEO outfit such as ours.

We like to think you’ll be impressed, because we work very hard to stay on top of our game.

Here’s what you get:

Free time. You get on with making your business the very best, and leave the Web stuff to us, the pros. Like all the best SEO Professionals, OTT is intimately familiar with how the Web works. We know what will make your site stand out from the crowd.

Organic traffic. No, it’s not an ATV that runs on vegetable oil. ‘Organic traffic’ means the users who find your website through an inquiry on the Web, with no trickery involved. Your SEO company should generate substantial increases in the organic traffic to your site, if it’s doing its job right.

Incredible ROI stats. In terms of return on investment, SEO represents awesome value for money. You’ll see real results (how soon depends on the plan in which you’re investing) right there on your bottom line. If you’re not making more money as a result of SEO, something’s not right.

Great exposure. Good SEO companies such as ours make sure your website gets talked about. You get the precious ‘online word of mouth’ that everyone’s after. Achieving this takes the kind of tools and expertise we specialize in.

How does it all work?

SEO firms all do pretty much the same thing, but they do have their differences. They use different tools, for example, to analyze Web traffic. Here at OTT we have our own coders who write our unique analytical algorithms, and people tend to agree we’re pretty good at it. Professional SEO firms increase a company’s revenue by organically raising its profile on the World Wide Web. As a firm in the top flight, we have a client satisfaction rate of 96 per cent. We all but guarantee you returns where it matters most—on your balance sheet.

Different firms swear by different techniques. Some say that backlinks (links to your site form other websites) are the most important factor. Others assert that content and user experience (UX) are where the action is at. The reality is that no one really knows the parameters used by Google and other search engines in their rankings. Google’s algorithms change more than 500 times a year, with updates adding an extra factor here and a different weighting there.

Almost certainly, all the factors highlighted by SEO firms are part of the overall mix. However, no one’s quite certain how each factor weighs against the rest. Google itself says that UX is the highest priority, with good, and most importantly useful user experience at the top of their list.

However, no one knows if they’re telling the truth.

How did it all start?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) dates back to the 1990s. That was when webmasters sent ‘spiders’ or ‘bots’ (sort of algorithmic data miners) to crawl the web and its pages. They were searching for valuable information that linked back to other pages. They then processed these links with an indexer.

This information helped websites gain exposure and potential clients. It did so by allowing webmasters to tweak their content for better rankings on different search engines. The favorable results soon became evident, and methods evolved pretty quickly.

Of course, search engines do not behave today the same way as they did back in the 90s. SEO companies have been required to change their approaches numerous times. A much more ‘organic method’ has replaced many ‘forced’ techniques used in the past. This makes for a more seamless finish to your optimization.

SEO as an industry is a mere stripling at 20 years old or so. How did it get to be worth $65bn in such a short space of time? Total annual non-digital advertising spend in the US is between $300bn and $400bn. However, Borrell Associates report that the ‘digital marketing support’ sector tots up to $613bn each year, a gargantuan sum. This sector includes SEO and online consulting and research. It also includes online ad production and marketing, and spending on core web presence.

Early days

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) dates back to the mid-1990s, as we have seen. Webmasters sent ‘spiders’ or ‘bots’ to crawl the World Wide Web and index its subject matter and links.

This data enabled websites to gain exposure, and thus potential clients, by getting better rankings in search engines. This was before Google, so we’re talking about engines such as Gopher. Gopher was the first engine to use a hypertext paradigm, and it booted up in 1992. More and more people joined the Web and early SEO specialists analyzed what made favorable search results rank so highly. Their techniques spread and were refined.


However, just as early SEO practitioners honed their procedures and got better at analysis, the search engine itself was changing. The coded instructions, or algorithms, that ranked pages were also changing. They were going through their own evolutionary process as computing power and storage grew even faster than Moore’s Law.

Then came Sergey Brin and Larry Page, two bright grad students at Stanford, America’s hothouse for computing and applied technology. In a now famous paper published in 1999, they presented the concept behind Google. Their creation went on to become one of the most successful tech companies in the sector’s short history. Google would change the face of internet search for ever.

In their paper, they said:

‘…unlike ‘flat’ document collections, the World Wide Web is hypertext and provides considerable auxiliary information on top of the text of the web pages, such as link structure and link text. In this paper, we take advantage of the link structure of the Web to produce a global ‘importance’ ranking of every web page. This ranking, called PageRank, helps search engines and users quickly make sense of the vast heterogeneity of the World Wide Web.’

It was the start of PageRank, Google’s proprietary bot and the one that now has well over half of the internet search market. PageRank enumerated a page’s links and ascribed a figure to rate that page’s performance based on how many separate sites linked to it. This metric represented its rank on Google’s results pages for given search key words.

PageRank, which developed rapidly into the 2000s, and is still doing so today, changed the ball park for SEO. It began to shut down the ‘black hat’ tactics many SEO firms were using at that time. For some years now, these methods, which include ‘keyword stuffing’, ‘link-farming’, and ‘hidden text’, have been isolated and knocked out of the rankings in Google, and its competitors. The algorithmic ‘bots’ that crawl pages and analyze their content have not been slow to learn. If your SEO provider engages in any of these dark arts, your site will now be penalized heavily, with stringent recovery requirements.

Search engine algorithms

No matter the SEO services company you decide to use, every professional SEO services expert must work to the standards required by the very latest updates to the algorithms used by search engines to rank websites. These are like mathematical formulas for success.

Each one has its specifications and favors different aspects within a website to give them a better ranking such as: relevant content, link building, backlinking, keywords and such. (Don’t worry, we’ll explain it later).

Let’s take Google’s algorithm as an example. It analyzes the content and links of websites to assign them a position in a set based on its importance or relevance for people querying in Google.

With the passing of time, its algorithm has been refined in order to control the quality of posted websites, changing their positioning in a search result.

In the early days, the most important thing for websites was having a lot of backlinks or citations, which reflected the academic environment in which the PageRank algorithm was developed (its original purpose was to ‘crawl’ academic papers on the Web and assign them a ‘rank’ based on the number of citations a paper received). These days, although it is still good to create that type of impact, other factors have increased in importance. Content, for example, is now king.

Thankfully, Google has been kind enough to provide us guidelines and tips. Yes, they are that cool.

However, a real professional SEO services company, who are, experts in the field are the only ones who will make sure your page is always at the top of search engines results.

What do SEOs do?

Okay, let’s get down to business. First of all, the common goal is to optimize websites for both readers and robots so as to place your web page at the top of a search result page. Getting to the first spots is not as hard as keeping the position, a reason for which it is a good idea to hire SEO for optimizing and maintaining your site. You know the old saying: “You snooze, your competitors get better ranking.” … it goes kind of like that, right?

Why the fuss about being in the top positions? Good question. The answer is simple: how many times have you looked at the second page of your search results? What about the third one? A study made by Chitika Online Advertising Network showed that it is anything but lonely in the first position, getting almost 33% of all visits compared to the 18% in the second place, and numbers just get sadder as we move downwards on the scale.

To get that spot everyone wants, SEOs have a lot to do. Here are some basics you’ll want your company of choice to handle to make your way to success:

Quality link building: Links are the way readers move in the web from your site to another or to other pages in the same site. Bad link construction would certainly send your page to the depths of search results.

It’s true that these days, links are no longer the single most important factor in rankings. However, they certainly should be created with care and attention. Good, or improved link construction should provide a major boost to your organic rankings.

Backlinking: Backlinks, also called ‘incoming links’ are any sorts of links received by other well-regarded web pages, or ‘top level domains’. These help your website gain trustworthiness since others are ‘quoting’ your work. Creating good and relevant content makes others want to link to your page, and Google takes note of that.

Keyword optimizing: This involves analyzing and choosing the proper keywords to attract readers to your site. It involves serious research (or the use of awesome apps) to find out what people write in the google search box when they are looking for something on the Web.

An insightful professional SEO services expert will know how people think when they are looking for something related to your business, and seamlessly integrate the words they most often use on your website without committing the dreaded ‘keyword stuffing’.

Back in the old Wild West days of SEO, you might come across a page on the internet that was barely readable because it was ‘sfuffed’ with keywords. A repeated or similar phrase or word used over and over again would render a page unintelligible. This was bad for users and Google have acted to downrank pages where the Googlebot finds keyword stuffing. However, keywords and phrases remain an integral part of SEO, with practitioners analyzing and choosing appropriate words or phrases to help readers using search engines to find your site.

A professional SEO services provider should also look at your site’s security, load speeds, and a range of other metrics to work out what needs to be done to raise your company’s visibility on search engines.

At OTT SEO we also handle brand and reputation management, create campaigns for clients’ social media accounts, and even develop apps in-house should that be to your requirements.

Content creating: Probably the most obvious task of all. Your SEO company should be in charge of creating engaging, exciting and relevant content for your site. This often includes blogs, which are an excellent way to interact with your clients and get invaluable feedback.

Since Google wants websites to be both useful and interesting, the quality of content on your site is of paramount importance, and your SEO provider needs to make sure your site is as attractive and useful as possible for visitors. A professional SEO services expert would ensure visitors to your site go away impressed. Impressed enough to share their experience with friends and colleagues.

At OTT SEO, content creation is a vital part of what we do, and we have a team of top-flight writers on call at all times.

A professional SEO services provider will work with clients to extend, edit, and improve the quality of your site’s existing content, as well as provide extra material where necessary.

We might for example advise a client to write a blog, which is an excellent way to interact with clients and to get invaluable feedback from customers. Or we might help a client freshen up content that is out of date.
We might also redesign their website to make it more user-friendly.

Quality content is high on Google’s priority list, and we make sure your site oozes quality from the moment a visitor clicks through to your landing page.

What more do YOU get?

So how will you benefit from OTT SEO’s services, or from those of another highly professional SEO services company? You’ll

Have more spare time.

Concentrate on rocking your business and keep growing. Leave the SEO and marketing job to the pros. Professional SEOs know how the Web works and what will make your site stand out from the rest.

Get more potential visitors.

An SEO provider should ensure more visitors will naturally find your website. They’ll find it through a search engine inquiry on the Web, with no manipulation or tricks whatsoever. Higher organic traffic means your SEO company is doing its job.

Money, Money, Money $$$.

With SEO you do not lose money, you make a real investment for the near future. You should see genuine, measurable results in a short time frame (depending on what type of plan you choose to invest in).

Magnificent Outreach.

Everyone knows the internet is the best place to gain exposure, but without the right tools and expertise, there’s not much you can do. Firms offering the most professional SEO services will ensure your website is the one everyone is talking about.

A final thought

Everyone has their own style, and we don’t judge our competitors. We simply get on with being the best and most professional SEO services company we can be. We know that if you’re in the market for SEO services you’ll go with whatever floats your boat.

However, if you’re not getting any of those things we’ve discussed above, you should be mad at someone.
You should also be looking to hire a better SEO provider.