12 Programmatic Advertising Platforms for 2023 and Beyond

12 Programmatic Advertising Platforms for 2023 and Beyond

Programmatic advertising platforms are one of the leading ways to solve an issue for both publishers and advertisers. 

Publishers, help maximize advertising revenue by auctioning ad space to millions of advertisers globally. And in the case of advertisers, they extend their reach and influence data to focus on very particular audiences. 

Basically, it is a programmatic advertising platform that enables marketers and advertisers to automate the purchasing and management of their digital advertising campaigns. This comprises media buying, ad placement, performance tracking, and campaign optimization.

What do you understand by Programmatic Ad Platforms? 

Programmatic ad platforms offer a real-time marketplace for buying and selling ad space. They get associated with millions of publishers in the market looking to fix strategic advertisements around the internet. 

Many activities took place within a few seconds like 

  • A visitor comes to your site, 
  • The publishers go through the impression and appropriate data on the website visitors.
  • Advertisers bid on the impressions. 
  • The huge bidder puts their ad. 

While you require some robust software that works in the background to make all this work. Now, this is where the programmatic advertisement platform comes in. The kind of platforms is divided into 4 different categories which are supply-side platforms, demand-side platforms, data management platforms, and ad exchanges. 

The supply-side platforms work for publishers, collecting data and delivering it to the ad exchanges. These ad exchanges later sent this information to demand-side platforms that work on the side of advertisers, forming an auction for every ad impression. 

Storing each data on ad impressions will enable publishers to sell ad space to the biggest bidder, and enables advertisers to be highly focused on their advertising. 

This led it to be a highly successful formula as sparing on programmatic advertising has pushed well past $155 billion a year and growing frequently. 

Advantages of Using Programmatic Ads Platforms 

What is the reason behind loving the programmatic ads platforms? 

Advantages of Using Programmatic Ads Platforms 

Here are the reasons mentioned below – 

  • Real-time Insights
  • Enhance Targeting Capabilities
  • Greater Transparency
  • Better Utilization of the Budget
  • Tackle Ad Fraud Effectively

There are numerous advantages however the most important is the ability to measure. The best programmatic advertising platforms allow you instant access to millions of publishers across the world. And also enable you to reach your target audience wherever they wish to. 

This is why 76 percent of marketing professionals are utilizing programmatic advertising to some extent.  

The best part of using programmatic advertising is that if you need to reach out to all the different sites manually then it would take a lifetime, however, if you go with programmatic advertising then it might happen in real-time. 

And there is no doubt that every publishing site would serve your target audience, therefore, one of the most crucial elements of programmatic ads platforms is the ability to reach a highly targeted audience in real-time. This platform runs ads on a massive scale, storing huge data that is leveraged to enhance ad performance. 

Since you work with a programmatic ads platform, you are capable to set certain parameters for where you serve ads and to whom you deliver. This is a massive advantage.

However, there is 73 percent of marketers assume targeting audience is the most impactful strategy for programmatic advertising. 

Allowing a lot of data also enables you to become more efficient. All things would happen in real-time, therefore you are working on outdated knowledge, or else paying for ads rely solely on historical trends. You’re making a particular bid for that exact impression using a highly attuned algorithm, taking your efficiency to a certain level. 

Ultimately, the quick nature of programmatic ad platforms makes them simply measurable. You have no long-term agreements with publishers, therefore you can just adjust your ad expenditure as per your requirements. You can utilize programmatic advertising platforms to instantly encourage your reach meanwhile reaching the real audience you select. 

Kinds of Programmatic Ads 

12 Programmatic Advertising Platforms for 2023 and Beyond

There are mainly 5 types of programmatic ads : 

1. Audio ads 

Ads also served in audio content like podcasts. 

2. Video ads 

This kind of ad will display in a video, soon before the video begins (pre-roll), while the video (mid-roll), or when the video ends (post-roll). 

3. Display ads

Display ads are the ads placed in the header, footer, and sidebar of a publisher site. 

4. Social ads 

Ads are delivered on social media by using the platform’s data. 

5. Native ads 

These are the ads that follow the form of the content they’re displayed in, for instance, in content ads, or a promoted listing on Amazon. 

While it is shown on the publisher’s site, all kinds of programmatic ads manage to be referred to as display ads, however, in the programmatic ads platforms, there is a variation. There are many advertisers that look to use a combination of these formats, however, you can adapt your approach to adjust your target audience. 

12 Best Programmatic Advertising Platforms

Programmatic advertising seems anywhere and nearly every advertiser is utilizing it, even though we don’t notice it. Meanwhile, your mind might be driven to some of the well-known big players, there are many programmatic advertising platforms with each holding specialties. 

Here’s a list of the 12 best programmatic advertising platforms – 

1. Over The Top SEO (OTT)

Over The Top SEO is known as an ad exchange that enables publishers to sell targeted ad space to advertisers globally. It’s a potential platform to assemble, manage and activate data in one place. 

The prominent characteristic of OTT is its capability to utilize lookalike modeling to aid advertisers’ new reach, and targeted audience to extend their market share. 

After allowing too high-quality audiences from a large list of data providers, it is a highly-rated programmatic advertising platform.

2. MediaMath

MediaMath is known for its end-to-end campaign management and omnichannel advertising campaigns and is authorized by more than 3,500 advertisers.

Specifically, it is good at data integration, where enabling advertisers to reach their most valuable customers via the MediaMath Audience feature. With advertising alternatives for display, native, video, audio, and digital out-of-home ads, every base is covered.

OTT is known for its exceptional service and its support. Its outstanding team is here to assist marketers in making the most of their advertisements. 

3. PubMatic 

PubMatic offers a complete solution for both publishers and marketers, which makes it a full programmatic advertising platform.

The various characteristic contains a private marketplace of high-quality advertising inventory, an expanded range of ad formats and channels, powerful real-time analytics, and fraud-free program rebates to protect against fraudulent activity.

With more than 1.2 trillion advertisement bids each day, PubMatic is particularly one of the famous, and its amazing supply of high-quality ad spots is usually quoted.

4. Google Ad Manager 

Google Ads Manager is among the largest programmatic advertising platform that works on the supply side for publishers to monetize their range.

Almost, 75 per cent of ad impressions have been fitted around the U.S. via Google Ad Manager, making it an emphatic partner to reach your audience, no matter where they are active. 

The best part about Google Ads Manager is that it’s quite simple for publishers to set up and start displaying ads. It provides useful tools and analytics, however, it is not known to always provide the best price (RPM). 

5. War Room

War Room drives concurrently advanced programmatic technology and the power of human insight to provide search, video, original, social, audio, shopping, display, and even metaverse advertising. 

With more than 90,000 premium ad networks, it has something to offer advertisers under all fit 

6. Adobe Advertising Cloud 

Adobe is one of the biggest names in software which also offers the best programmatic advertising platform in the Adobe Advertising Cloud.

It is an expert in Connected Video, TV, Native, Audio, Display, and Search campaign ads to provide advertisers with a comprehensive solution. With an observation on people-based marketing and inventory management, this is the best tool for enhancing return on your funding. 

The user interface gets some learning, although once you comprehend it, it’s a huge platform to assist you to maximize your return on ad expenditure. 

7. Amobee

While driving together, Amobee has various kinds of programmatic ads to make a comprehensive ad campaign. Under numerous ad alternatives for connected TV, Social and digital advertisers and TV  can involve their target audiences in truly omnichannel tactics. 

With a better understanding of how people get content on multiple platforms, Amobi can aid advertisers to coordinate their campaigns to obtain the highest results.

8. Adroll 

Adroll is backed up by 15-plus years of data collected from working with more than 120,000 brands. It an easy to set up and simple to use, while providing the high – quality ad templates to assist you to get initiated instantly. 

The main benefit of Adroll is its solid audience targeting, with alternatives for lookalike, contextual, demographic, and interest-based campaigns. 

It prides itself on emerging returns for businesses of all fits, from the world -wide corporations to one-person marketing teams.

9. SmartyAds

SmartyAds’ programmatic advertising platform provides a full stack of benefits for both advertisers and publishers. Its main objective is to simplify advertising, enabling businesses to range who they do corporation with.

For advertisers, it is an ideal tool to enhance CTR and encourage conversions, while also helping publishers receive higher yield and fill rates and upgrade engagement.

SmartyAds has more than 500 million monthly appearances in North America itself, therefore, it’s a famous choice for both advertisers and publishers.

10. Xandir 

Xandr is liable for 6.7 billion advertising impressions each day and it works with more than  193,000 brands. It fulfils both demand and supply services along with functions as an advertising exchange for several varieties of advertising.

And the most attractive attribute of Xandr is its excellent data, which gives access to advertisers to encourage their buying tactics. It offers an easy-to-use interface and has all the tools advertisers require to optimize campaigns. 

11. Criteo 

Criteo largely works on helping publishers, the supply side, to make more revenue from their content.

It works with display, social media, web, video, and mobile ads to help small publishers monetize their content. Harnessing massive purchase and intent data and the power of AI, it enhances ad returns for more than 685 million daily active users.

12. Lotame

Lotame is mainly known as an advertising exchange, that helps advertisers to connect with consumers on browsers and mobile CTV.

It provides outstanding audience management tools, using data to onboard, explore and model customer segments. With the Use of data from publishers, the platform enhances audience segments, enabling advertisers to buy off-the-shelf segments to optimize their marketing reach.

Lotem takes pride on itself in future-proofing itself in a cookieless world, which is a great selling choice for today’s businesses. 

How Does A Programmatic Advertising Platform Work? 

Programmatic advertising platforms drive together a publisher selling ad space and an advertiser looking to purchase that ad space. They feature real-time auctions where advertisers bid on every impression while taking a part of the endearing bid and paying the rest to the publisher.

Does Google Ads A Programmatic Advertising Platform? 

Google Ads is termed a  programmatic advertising platform that works on the demand side. It supplies a platform for advertisers to bid on ad space in real-time, make auctions and print the best bid.

How Far Does This Programmatic Advertising Platform Charge? 

Programmatic advertising platforms charge a commission on the sale of each impression. It usually raises between 10 and 20 percent.

Is Facebook Holds A Programmatic Ads Platform? 

Facebook provides a demand-side programmatic advertising platform similar to Google Ads. It sells ad space in real-time, creating an auction for each impression.

The wrap line: Programmatic Ads Platform

A Programmatic advertising platform is an important tool in modern advertising. They build a pool between publishers and sellers while enabling both parties to reduce the cost of ads in actual – time. 

While collaborating data from several websites allows these platforms and advertisers to focus on detailed audiences and ensure they expand advertising budgets on the real ads. 

The world of online advertising is frequently changing, therefore, working with the best programmatic ads perform is the best way of future-proofing your marketing and staying one step ahead.