Real Instagram Growth 2022 + 2023 – Must Know Before Signing Up With An Instagram Growth Service

Real Instagram Growth 2022 + 2023 – Must Know Before Signing Up With An Instagram Growth Service

Today’s topic is Instagram Organic Growth.

Gaining followers on Instagram can be very tricky, especially when there are a lot of shady “Growth” companies claiming undeliverable things for money. 

Here at OTT, we made a dedicated department called OTT viral, and We’re committed to helping you STAY SAFE FIRST because when it comes to Social Media and YOUR success in those platforms, your personal or brand accounts EQUAL your ON-LINE life.

And just like your Real life, you must keep yourself away from danger.

ESPECIALLY if the danger is right in front of you.

To make it easy, we made a quick checklist of things to look out for when searching for the right company to serve you.

Instagram has rules, they are public rules, you can see them everywhere, here, here, here, and here.

It clearly states to avoid ANY kind of service that refers to followers/guarantee/gain/instant/likes, etc.

So, avoiding growth “OPPORTUNITIES” such as:

AI, BOTS, Automation, or any app that promises instant growth for x$.

These are MASSIVE red flags that CAN and WILL damage your account to the point of no return.

Sometimes it takes months for Instagram’s algorithm to catch up, but don’t fool yourself with one-minute thinking or hoping it will not. That will only lead to your account being banned or suspended.

GROWTH goes a long way!

I think we covered enough of what NOT to do. How about we now talk about what TO do to generate organic traffic to your Instagram account? How to sustain and convert that traffic once it comes to you.

As somebody who has been mastering Marketing & growth hacking for the past decade, OTT has helped dozens of companies thrive on social media simply by following a set path of rules to ensure organic growth on Instagram:

  1. Find your AUDIENCE, separate that audience from the rest and write down a content strategy to speak to that audience.
  2. Start Engaging with that audience, you can start by simply following 10 to 15 profiles from that list and begin liking, commenting, and interacting with that profile.
  3. BE THERE for your Audience – No one can be online ALL the time. I am sure no one wants that either, therefor Instagram’s creator tools allow us to implement static and dynamic information on your profile, such as a dropdown menu, photos, information about the business, and many more options to allow your audience to know you better WITHOUT interruptions.
  4. Excellent Content + Consistency = Growth, we are all very simple at our core, if we do systematic actions every single day, it will become a routine, that same logic applies everywhere, here too. Great content is not worth it if it’s not being served CONSISTENTLY over a long period.
  5. Celebrity Giveaways / Loop Giveaways – I’ve been asked a lot about whether or not Giveaways work, the simple answer is Yes, they do. The complicated answer is Go figure who runs a real Giveaway campaign that could lead to mega conversions and engagements or to the opposite outcome, such as account suspension, fake followers, and fake engagements, which all leads to the same horrible scenario where you are no longer a part of Instagram.

    So it’s somewhat CRITICAL for YOU to understand exactly how a service is gaining new followers for you.

So it brings us to the last section of this video, where we want you to know that SOME companies DO care, some even REALLY want you to succeed. However, it still doesn’t mean they can DELIVER, so just before you make that super important decision, look for Credibility and authority checkmarks for that company, Verification badges, articles speaking about that company in 3rd party websites, Reviews from clients, case studies, Is the company registered/licensed? Does it have a real address? Do they take responsibility?

Yes, I know its a lot to ask from you, but If you follow this video’s list of suggestions and you continue to post great consistent content, then I think you’re going to find the success that you’re looking for on Instagram and if you didn’t, drop us a line :).

Thank you so much for watching, and have a wonderful day.

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