Refund Policy

Kindly note as far as the work is manually performed for ensuring finest outcomes and keeping away a penalty which may result from machine-generated involvement to major SEO activities, we at Over The Top SEO LTD do not offer any money back guarantee or refund for that matter. In fact, this habit is practiced by almost every professional and responsible marketing company. Amends in algorithm ranking in major search engines or changes in the behavior of any search engine robot is not within our control. We guarantee optimization of your website as per the most recent SEO policies utilizing white hat techniques only together with our hard work and years of expertise that will result in a noteworthy rise in traffic and rankings eventually.


Non-payment of monthly fees


This is to bring to your notice that SEO services will be suspended right away on account of non-payment of monthly fees.


Legal Disclaimer


Over The Top SEO LTD does not endorse or represent the reliability or accuracy of advertisements, content or information present on, linked or distributed through or even accessed from any mentioned service in the site, or product quality, material displayed, information obtained by a user due to an information on offer or an advertisement or in relation to the services. Every user should recognize that dependence upon such information will be only at their risk.
Any information present on Over The Top SEO LTD website is offered “As is” and with no assurance of accuracy, completeness or outcomes received from the utilization of this information as well as devoid of any warranty, implied or express including yet not restricted to performance warranty, fitness and merchantability for a specific service. Nothing contained here to any extent will replace the independent investigation along with the reader’s sound, business, and technical judgment. Under no circumstance will Over The Top SEO LTD will be held responsible for any punitive, incidental, indirect, direct or consequential compensation of any form with regards to the materials, service, contents, products or any error. The trademarks and respective names are the respective owners’ property. The prices and offers mentioned on the site are of course subject to change as and when needed and Over The Top SEO LTD’ decision concerning any dispute if any arises will be biding.

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