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Guarding your Business from Negative Reviews

Have you received negative feedback? We’re here to assist! We remove bogus reviews from Yelp, Google, Facebook, and other sites!

Online reviews have become an important part of your digital footprint over the last decade. Before making a purchase, customers read reviews. Positive reviews can help drive business growth, whereas negative reviews can stymie your future success. OTT SEO’s review management experts help you take control of the online conversation and build a strong brand reputation by using the best review management software and tactics.

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Your Online Reputation and Customer Feedback

Online reviews are important in today’s hyper-connected digital world. Approximately 90% of all consumers conduct online business research using search engines or other sites to learn about the products and services available in their area.


Because these review sites receive so much traffic (Google Reviews, Yelp, Trustpilot, TripAdvisor, and many others), reviews stand out in search results. Customers can easily find information about your company in just a few minutes, and this information influences purchasing decisions.


It is critical to understand that customer reviews are based on their personal experiences. These genuine reviews reflect customer sentiment, or how positively or negatively customers perceive your company. Customers who are satisfied are more likely to leave positive feedback. Visitors who had negative experiences or unpleasant customer interactions, or who were unhappy customers, are more likely to leave a negative review.

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Three Suggestions For Answering Online Reviews

Online review responses can be tricky to handle. People may use online review sites to publicly criticize your business if they are dissatisfied with your organization and its products and services. On the other hand, they can promote excellent service by posting positive reviews.

It’s crucial to maintain your composure and keep these suggestions in mind when handling and responding to evaluations of all kinds.


Stay Positive

The average person is not seeking perfection. If someone reviews your business negatively, you have the opportunity to respond favorably. People are more likely to buy from you if they sense that you’re trying to make the issue better.

Negative evaluations might be frustrating, but try not to let them affect your performance. You may turn angry consumers into satisfied ones by addressing complaints and giving a favorable response.


Look for Solutions

Look for ways to make things right if a customer leaves a negative review regarding a product or service they received from your business. For instance, if you run a restaurant and a patron complains about your service, provide them a complimentary meal coupon and express your regret for the unpleasant encounter.

This demonstrates your genuine interest in your consumers’ satisfaction and creating solutions that satisfy their needs.


Make an effort to reply

You should try to respond if someone takes the time to submit a review of your business. Making an attempt to respond, whether the review is favorable or unfavorable, will demonstrate to customers that your business values their business.

Be thorough and try to respond to every review. By spending money on services that notify you when new reviews are posted, you can also automate the process. This will allow you to better manage your time and reply to all of your reviews.

Things to Keep in Mind

Customer feedback is critical for establishing trust. Every online review has the potential to help or hurt your company.


The more reviews you have, the greater their influence on your online reputation. How can you make the most of review sites if you don’t provide a great customer experience to every person who visits your business? Online review management is the solution.

Review Management Services
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What is Review Management?

Review management is the process of monitoring online reviews and developing strategies to control the conversation about your company. This is part of a larger online reputation management campaign that will assist you in not only standing out in online searches, but also in developing a strong online presence and customer loyalty.


OTT SEO uses powerful review management software to identify reviews, gauge customer sentiments, and reveal actionable insights that help you respond quickly to user-generated content on review sites.

4 Main Components of Review Management

  • 1. Review Monitoring

    With its powerful reputation management software, OTT SEO searches millions of webpages and thousands of individual review sites. The goal of review monitoring is to find reviews that can help or hurt your online reputation. We review all of your reviews, providing us with the information we need to develop strategies for managing reviews efficiently and effectively.

  • 2. Review Generation

    Consumers believe reviews, and the more reviews a company has, the more trust it can build. New customers read reviews before deciding to patronize local businesses, so encouraging as many reviews as possible makes sense. We collect consumer reviews using a variety of strategies with review generation. Our goal is to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty for your business.

  • 3. Review Removal

    No matter how good your products or services are, you will eventually receive negative feedback. Negative customer feedback is only one source of these reviews; in other cases, people may write false, misleading, or defamatory reviews without ever visiting your establishment. Our review management software detects false and negative reviews. Then, our review management team works directly with review sites to flag and remove negative reviews that are affecting your reputation.

  • 4. Review Responses

    Potential customers are more likely to develop trust if they see the business owner commenting on customer reviews. As a business owner, you understand the importance of consistent messaging and transparency in improving the customer experience. With our review response service, we can assist you in developing a consistent voice that will allow you to respond quickly to each new review.

What Does Our Business Review Management Service Include?

Business review management is the process of monitoring, responding to, and influencing online reviews of your business. The goal is to maintain a positive online reputation and improve customer satisfaction. Business review management services typically include the following:

Review Removal

OTT SEO collaborates with the internet’s top business review sites to identify and remove false or unflattering online reviews about your company. We identify and dispute harmful reviews on all review platforms using powerful reputation management software and the most recent review management systems, giving you more time to focus on what matters: running your business!

Receive Instant Updates

Get text and email alerts anytime OTT SEO takes down a falsely bad review of your company. Track every review you receive and gain control with thorough monthly reports. With our alerts, managing reviews has never been simpler!

Local Listing Management

Manage your online reputation on local business directories to find more clients wherever they may be searching!

Maintain Reviews on 50 business directories

Every company needs to be accessible online. Adding your firm to business directories is one of the best strategies to draw in new clients. You can save time and work by using our team’s assistance in managing your listings. This makes sure that the information about your brand is consistent and helps you rank higher for local SEO on the internet. Whether you operate a single location or several, make sure your website is highly visible in search engine results.

Consistent WorkFlow

Consistently updating your company’s web information is the best approach to raise your brand’s local SEO across all important directories. Thanks to OTT SEO’s administration of that data, your most critical business information is kept accurate, consistent, and up to date online.

Review Management Software

Learn how each listing is doing with your clients with our comprehensive listing analytics. Keep track of profile views, discover which search results are bringing in the most visitors, and discover when customers look up your listings before contacting your company.

Review Generation

To increase your online review visibility and produce fresh reviews, send customers thoughtful emails and text messages asking for feedback. By asking for feedback, you may stand out in online searches and gain the trust of potential clients.

Send Review Requests Fast

When it counts most, you can send Review Requests to consumers using your personalized review management dashboard. Employees can also be given user role constraints so they can only access the review request procedure.

Customize Review Requests

Make review requests that are specific to the review platforms that matter to you. Our review management solutions assist you in managing reviews and creating a stronger online reputation across a variety of review platforms, including Yelp, TrustPilot, Google, as well as industry-specific websites like Zillow,, HealthGrades, and TripAdvisor. One dashboard is all you need to maximize the benefits of positive reviews, regardless of whether you utilize one platform to host reviews or are on many websites.

Why Should Reviews Be Managed?

No matter what sector you are in, managing and answering reviews should be a key component of your internet presence. Negative reviews can damage your reputation, therefore it’s crucial to take the time to promote favorable reviews and address any criticism.


A lot of websites, like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and even your own website, allow users to leave reviews. Additionally, considering how many customers read internet reviews before making a purchase, reviews can make or break your business.


The success of your company depends on your ability to handle and react to both favorable and negative feedback.

Review Management Services
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Hire OTTSEO for Business Review Management Services

As the top online reputation management company, OTT SEO has assisted countless customers in maximizing the value of their online reviews. Our review management services are made to make your business stand out in searches and win over clients’ trust.


With the specialized, effective review management tactics that OTT SEO provides, five-star ratings are in your future. To find out more or to schedule a free consultation, contact our staff right away.