The best Coffee Shops downtown San Diego

Like many of you, I can’t start my day the right way without a delicious cup of coffee in my somnolent hand, especially when doing SEO San Diego coding work. However, over the past few years my love for the black beverage has been growing steadily, after I discovered craft/artisanal coffee, and the delicious blends they can produce.


You might not know this but, much like cuisine, the production and consumption of crafted coffee have spawned an entire sub-culture around it. And people like me who love to try new blends of coffee and preparations, are always looking for the places that serve them.


However, unlike Portland or Seattle, the coffee scene here in San Diego is somewhat new, and the coffee culture is still growing and finding its way.

So, to help it along, and more importantly, to give you, my readers, an excuse to go out and enjoy a delicious cup, I’ve put together a short but significant list of some coffee shops downtown San Diego that I think are definitively worth your attention.

Achilles Coffee Roasters

Ok, you have probably heard about this place already, but in case you haven’t, I’m starting my list with it, since Achilles Coffee Roasters is my go-to spot Downtown for coffee.


Their specialty is cold brew pour overs, and if you don’t know what any of that means, you are in for a great learning experience. The back has a beautiful, open space to lounge. I think the prices are very reasonable, especially when you take into account that everything here is handcrafted. The mere act of watching the staff prepare the drinks is a treat in and of itself.

Recommended Drink: The Turk – Cold brew, Mint, Cardamom, and Brown Sugar.

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Elixir Expresso Bar

Next on this list is Elixir Expresso Bar. If you want a trip back in time driven by the taste and aroma of excellent coffee, this is the place to visit.

Right on the first floor of the iconic Marston building in the heart of Downtown, you can enjoy the most delicious blends in the mezzanine of one of the architectural gems of San Diego. The place has soft music, but it is quiet and relaxed, the perfect ambiance for a light conversation with your friends or for kicking back and reading a book.

Recommended Drink: Mexican Mocha – Rich and hearty flavor topped by latte art.

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The Mud Bar

The Mud Bar is living proof that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience.

It is a sidewalk kiosk located right in the heart of the city’s business area; The Mud bar is the ideal place to stop by on a busy day when you get the need to have a delicious, high-quality coffee in your hands.



There’s also a few chairs and a little bar area where you can spend your time drinking your coffee if you don’t need it on the go, and is this convenience and easy access that makes this one of the must-visit coffee shops downtown San Diego.

Recommended Drink: Iced Vietnamese Coffee – Sweet and Refreshing.

Heartsleeves Coffee

Give Heartsleeves a visit, and it will steal your heart. It is as simple as that.

This place has the most adorable, Alice in Wonderland inspired decoration, which gives the site a unique and lovely ambiance with a laid back, outside-sitting kind of vibe. Many coffee places in San Diego capture a sort of magical feeling about them, but Heartsleeves certainly stands out from the others in that regard.


Recommended Drink: Unbirthday Cake Latte – Condensed Milk, Bourbon Vanilla. Very sweet and delicious.

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