My favorite restaurants in San Francisco Downtown

If you are a foodie (like me) and you happen to be in San Francisco (also, like me) I got to tell you, you are in luck.


I’m fortunate enough to have a SF web design job that has me traveling around the States quite often, and each time I land on a city, I immediately set out to Shopping In San Francisco and start filling whatever free time I have nurturing one of my favorite hobbies: eating delicious food.


Now, going back to beautiful SF, I wanted to take my hobby to the next level.

This is actually my second visit to the golden city over the past twelve months, and I got to say that it ranks high on my “Best cities to eat” list. It is not only the sheer varied types of cuisines all packed in a relatively small area, but the overall quality of the restaurants near me in San Francisco I find is just amazing.

Therefore, this time around, I’ve been revisiting a few of the places that made an impression last trip and discovering a handful of new restaurants in San Francisco downtown. Jotting down a few of my impressions of the sites, the food, the service, and I’ve gone through it to put together this list.


And do keep in mind this is just a list, not a ranking. All these restaurants guarantee an awesome culinary experience, and I’m not trying to imply one is above the other. As my friend Bobby replies when asked “What’s better, chicken or fish?”:


It all depends on what you’re craving for.


So, without further ado, here’s my list of favorite restaurants in San Francisco Downtown.

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Liholiho Yacht Club

It is hard to describe Liholiho without using the words delicious, and fresh.


First of all, the place has a great feel to it, with a modern, crisp architecture that makes excellent use of the space available. Liholiho is perfect to come with a big party, that way you can order a bunch of different dishes and share amongst each other. If you want a place to indulge, this is it. The portions are big and the sheer number of appetizers, main dishes and desserts will give you an excuse.


Keep in mind that this spot is somewhat famous and a very sought-after dinner destination, so you might need to make reservations if you want to avoid waiting – I’ve even seen a line formed outside at opening time. If you happen to go there in the spur of the moment and there are no tables available, all is not lost though. They have quite a beautiful bar area called Louie’s Gen-Gen Rom, with its own menu and ambiance. Perfect place to have a couple of cocktails as you wait.


My personal recommendation: Slab beef ribs with miso butter and pickled onions. It just melts in your mouth.

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La Fusión

You’ll find La Fusión at 475 Pine St, if you are looking for some authentic Latin food flavor, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better spot in SF.


The service is very friendly and attentive, and the place has an intimate feel to it. It can get slightly crowded at peak lunch time, but if you got for a late meal or early dinner (before 6:30), you’ll most likely have the place for yourself. I usually take my prospective SEO San Francisco clients here.


My one caveat is that its pricing is a little steep, but I also think the whole experience is worth it. If that isn’t an issue for you, La Fusión is the perfect place for a date.


My personal recommendation: Just get the chicken with a side of Tia Jenny’s Fries.


Hakkasan has the best Cantonese food I’ve ever tried, period.


It is located at 1 Kearny St, and from the moment you enter you feel you’ve been transported to another place, and I mean that in the best way possible. The ambiance in this restaurant is so engrossing and captivating that it is bound to infuse your whole evening in a slightly surreal way. This was a definite plus for me since I’m a sucker for that futuristic type of eastern aesthetics.


Another place where reservations are ideal (almost to the point of essential) and it is also in the pricey range, but I find the site is totally worth it. The service is impeccable and very observant, you’ll feel well taken care of the whole evening.


My personal recommendation: Dim Sum Platter, perfect for a first-time visit.

There are a couple more places I’d like to mention, but the list has run a bit too long already. Just know that any of these restaurants in San Francisco Downtown you visit will give you a great meal and an outstanding spot to spend some time with friends or family.


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