Restaurants near me in San Francisco

Hello folks, and welcome back to my blog, so lovely of you to drop by.


As some of you may know, I’ve been away over the past few weeks since I’ve been busy moving to my new home in the beautiful city of San Francisco, which has been something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time now.


And it is hard to overstate how happy I am to have been able to do so finally, and how enamored I am with the Golden City while also getting to focus on the San Francisco SEO business.


Anyways, after settling in I glimpsed at my to-do list, and two items stood out demanding my immediate attention: “Don’t be lazy, resume blog posting > <,” and “Get to know the city, bitch.


And I know I was serious when I wrote them because both were underlined a few times and had a couple stars and hearts drawn to the side to soften my harsh language. Short story short, I figured one was the perfect excuse for the other, and that’s how I came up with what I very pretentiously call the “Restaurants near me in San Francisco” challenge.


Over the next two weeks, come dinner or lunchtime I’d input that on Google or some other search engine and randomly select a place. Some time I would just walk into any restaurant in downtown SF. Some were great! Some were… not so much. But in any case, I came away with a handful of sites to grab some food that I absolutely love, and I’ve narrowed them down to my favorite three (in no specific order), so you’d know just the spot to eat the next time you are hungry in my side of town. Meanwhile I also curated a great list of fun things to do in San Francisco if you’re visiting for 1st time.

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Fog Harbor Fish

Fog Harbor was actually the first restaurant I visited after moving in, and boy did it hold up its own even after I’ve eaten in ten or twelve other places, so I guess the gods of chance blessed me. I was tired after unboxing half my stuff in the apartment, and when I did the restaurants near me in San Francisco thingy, the “Fish” part on the name hooked me immediately (Pun most definitively intended).


I really don’t know which part to tell you about first, the fantastic ambiance and beautiful view of the coast? The incredible presentation all their plates had that made you even hungrier? Or how their delicious food just melted in your mouth and gave you chills because it was just that freaking good?


Take your pick and visit Fog Harbor when you get the chance. Best seafood I’ve had so far in SF.

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The House

I’m a sucker for these types of names, for example, I never fail to geek out every time I see a bar called The Bar. So, I choose this venue solely on the merits of its name, not even knowing what type of food they served. I was excited (and hungry) by the adventure, my tag-along Cindy wasn’t.


Food. Was. Amazing.


It is an Asian fusion cuisine place, and it was so delicious that we actually came back for lunch the next day! We ordered the Salmon roll, Grilled Seabass with garlic soy, and a third Item I’ll tell you about in just a second. Now, I know I just moved to San Francisco, but this restaurant had me thinking I should maybe keep going until I hit a place in Asia where they eat like this all the time, it was just that good.


Oh, that other item? Two words: Wasabi Noodles.


Thank me later.


You know those places that the moment you cross their threshold, you feel like you just stumble into a different reality? Loló is definitively one of those. Full disclosure, I had heard of the restaurant before after a San Francisco web design client recommended I should eat there.


However, it wasn’t until I did the respective “restaurants near me in San Francisco” search that I remembered and recognized the name. And off I went.


The place has a retro-Mexican feel with a lot of modern and art deco influences. Sounds eclectic? You have no idea. Yet, it all works to a T. The food was as good as my friend had promised, with the explosions of flavor so characteristic of Mexican cuisine that made it a fantastic experience.


The serving people were all lovely and attentive, which made the evening even more lovely.

So, there you go! Are you in the San Francisco Area? Just visit one of these places, and you’ll come away happy. Dare to take the challenge? Try it yourself. Just type “restaurants near me in San Francisco” pick one and let me know how it went in the comments below. Happy eating.

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