Best spots for shopping in San Francisco

Being one of the most important cultural and commercial hubs in the United States, it is not surprising that there is no shortage of great spots to do some shopping in San Francisco. However, if you are from out of town, you might not be familiar with the most efficient areas of the city to hit when you are preparing to launch on a shopping spree.


I consider myself one or two degrees just below shopaholic, as I take a walk around town at least once a week to meet our San Francisco SEO and San Francisco web design clients, window shopping for things to add to my ever-growing list of things to get. So, I’m pretty familiar with the ins and outs of shopping areas in SF.


I thought I should put that knowledge to good use and make a little list showcasing what I believe are the best spots of town to do some shopping in San Francisco, especially for those who are just visiting and want to just shop or even know things do in San Francisco with kids.


The next time you are in town and looking to spend some money, here are a couple of places that will not fail to provide variety, quality stores, and excellent opportunities for sales:

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Union Square

Union Square is a large shopping district that’s familiar to most natives, and so famous that most visitors have at least heard of it. It is a very concurred area at all times, so is a particularly good place if you want to do some shopping at night. However, if you aren’t comfortable with big crowds, going at the early morning hours might be the best strategy for you.


There’s a great selection of stores in the area, so you are bound to find more than a few somethings to get, as well as great places to sit down and eat something to replenish your shopping strength. As for particular activities in the area, you can take the cable car for a fun ride, and if you come in the Christmas season, there are plenty of decoration to feast your eyes and your Christmas spirit, with the brightly lit Christmas tree between Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue. There are also some great restaurants you should try out.


Favorite spot to visit there: Apple Store, it is such a beautiful, sleek environment.

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Westfield San Francisco Centre

Westfield Centre is my favorite mall in SF, and I go there religiously on a monthly basis. Placed at 865 Market St, pretty much anything you can possibly want can be found there in some shape or form, that’s how much store variety it has.


The building is gorgeous and kept spotless, lots of pedestrian traffic and law enforcement outside during business hours which makes the area really safe even if you don’t know your way around town. The food has a unique selection of restaurants, not just your typical assortment of fast food, so you are bound to have something peeking your appetite.


Favorite spot to visit there: Nordstrom, the child in me responds to the curved escalator.

Acne Studios

Here’s a place that’s worth visiting just for the architecture alone, I believe it used to be a huge industrial building that has been remodeled and decorated to its current, flawless, presentation. It is placed at 18-24 Geary St, and I refuse to tell you how many hours I’ve spent there ogling their clothes. Let’s just say I know the names of more than a few of the employees.


Do you know those times when you know you need a new piece of clothing or accessorizing, but you don’t know exactly what it is? Acne Studios is where you find them, all of them. Just bring a watch with you if you want to avoid spending all your day there without noticing.


Favorite spot to visit there: New arrivals sections, always something interesting to covet there.

Well, that should keep your time occupied, and your purse rather empty for some time, especially if this is your first time visiting the golden city.


These are definitively prime spots to hit when you are looking to engage in some shopping in San Francisco, so make sure to add them to your schedule asap, you’ll thank me later.


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