A few fun things to do in San Francisco

Hi guys! I’m happy to see you back on my blog.


Today, whether you are a native of the golden gate city, or just a neighbor looking forward to a trip to the town, we are putting our touristy hats on.


As some of you known, my best friend from childhood (who was also my 1st San Francisco SEO customer), Mia, has been spending a couple of weeks here visiting the city for her first time, and I had planned a whole list of exciting places and restaurants in San Francisco Downtown to visit while she’s was here.


As her trip nears to an end (I promised myself I wouldn’t cry), she has helped me put together that list into a post to share it with all of you beautiful people.


Now some of these places I had visited before and knew to be great, but some were a surprise and first experience for the both of us. In any case, what follows is a condensed list of the top picks she and I agreed on and turned out to be our top choices for fun things to do in San Francisco with kids or without whichever way you may like.

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Golden Gate Park

Ok, ok. Before you start looking at me suspiciously, let me clarify that I had visited Golden Gate Park before, it is actually one of my favorite spots in the city, and I usually go there at least a couple of times a week to exercise. However, since Mia is just as big (perhaps bigger) a nature freak that I am, I knew the park would be our first stop. Spoilers alert: it didn’t disappoint.


There’s just something magical about being able to surround yourself with so much natural beauty, even amidst such a huge cosmopolitan city as SF. It is a peaceful, fresh, and beautiful retreat from the frantic city life. We went there in the early morning with our bikes and found a place to have breakfast by the creek. The Ocean breeze and the sounds of nature were the perfect backgrounds for an invigorating morning.


If you are coming from out of town, know that the Golden Gate Park (Or GG park as Mia renamed it) is huge, and it will probably take a few visits to be able to explore it all.


Special Mention: The Japanese Tea garden, natural beauty at its best.


Mia’s input: “LOVED GG park. We’ve gone there several times, and I still want to go back.

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This is a museum that I’m actually salty not more people know about! If you are looking for fun things to do in San Francisco, look no further than the Exploratorium. As far as learning/entertainment goes, it doesn’t get any better than this, a place that has been carefully crafted to enthrall kids and adults by experiencing physics and sciences in innovative and interesting ways.


It is an interactive museum, so if you have kids, you can bet they’ll be as engaged or even more so than you’ll be. While there isn’t a whole-day number of activities to do, the place is perfect for an exciting one-stop visit on a day already packed with other events. In fact, I regularly go here when I need a creative spark for my works for San Francisco web design clients.


There’s no specific parking lot to the structure so keep that in mind. Also, there are lockers inside you can rent for 50 cents in case you have loads to take off. The entrance fee might seem a bit pricey ($30 for adults, and $20 for children) especially if you are traveling with a large crew. But in my opinion, it is more than worth it, and then some.


Special Mention: Little café by the corner of the north entrance, delicious food with lots of healthy options for children.


Mia’s input: “Didn’t know science could be so fun!

Alcatraz Island

This is one that I hadn’t gone in all my years since I moved here, mainly because it gives me the heebie-jeebies, but after about a week of non-stop nagging by Mia, I relented. I should mention that she’s a horror buff, so visiting Alcatraz Island was like, in her top three stops.


I find it kind of weird to say I enjoyed it, but I did. It was an exciting, exploratory outing. The island is beautiful. We took the guided tour up to the prison, and I have to say they do a great job keeping you entertained and learning the background of the place.


I love exploring historic landmarks, and I have to say that even though I thought it wouldn’t be my cup of tea, I’m delighted that Mia made me go.


Special Mention:  There’s a lot of natural life around the island, it is a nice counterbalance to walk around there once you finish the prison tour.


Mia’s input: “Alcatraz Island was everything I was expecting it to be, definitively a must-visit for out of towners that love horror movies.”

I could list a few more spots we’ve visited over Mia’s trip, but this one’s run long enough, so I think I would save those for a future entry. Either way, you already have a few fun things to do in San Francisco to take up your time until my next entry. Have fun exploring the city ? If you liked this list, you can also check my other curated lists: Free Things To Do In San Francisco, Restaurants Near Me In San Francisco and Shopping In San Francisco.





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