Snapchat for Business: An Ultimate Guide to Promote Your Brand

Snapchat for Business: An Ultimate Guide to Promote Your Brand

Launched in 2011, Snapchat. Snapchat is still in the top 15 most popular social media sites in the globe as of 2022.

Although Snapchat may have fewer users per month than Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, adopting Snapchat for business may still be a successful strategy for expanding your brand’s reach.

This is due to the 319 million daily active users of Snapchat. Every day, millions of Snaps are made, sent, and seen.

Not familiar with Snapchat? Do you believe Snaps are related to ginger cookies? Go back. We have a beginner’s guide that will explain the fundamentals and take you step-by-step through the platform.

It’s time to advance with Snapchat if you’re already at ease with it. These are some crucial Snapchat business advice and strategies you need to be aware of.

Advantages of Snapchat For Businesses

First things first: Be aware that not every business will benefit from using Snapchat as its social media platform.

Yet, it might be appropriate for your brand to use Snapchat for marketing if the ensuing statements reflect the principles of your company.

Connect with a younger demographic

Snapchat is the place to be if your company wants to interact with people under the age of 35?

According to data from Snapchat, the social media network outperforms Twitter and TikTok in reaching 75% of millennials and Gen Z as well as 23% of American adults.

Also, data demonstrates that Snapchat is a popular platform with this younger group. Users use Snapchat for 30 minutes a day on average.

Get users to interact with your brand

Users are likely to find new businesses while chatting with friends on Snapchat. The ‘Chat’ button on the left side of the home screen is how Snapchat currently connected users with their friends.

The Explore icon on the right side of the home screen links users to companies and content producers.

For instance, users of Snapchat can view content created by companies like MTV and Cosmopolitan magazine that use Snapchat as a marketing tool in the Explore area. Around 50 million unique Snapchatters from around the world were reached by 25 of Snapchat’s Discover Partners in 2021.

Stand out and show your brand’s playful side

The Snapchat software was created to be lighthearted and enjoyable. Being real is more important than looking great. Even Snapchat refers to itself as the service for “Real Friends.”

You’ll employ a lot of features that emphasize being fun, inventive, and perhaps even a touch cheeky. Like Converse Bitmojis and Snap Map Layers for Ticketmaster events, two new avenues for consumers and brands to express themselves have recently been introduced by Snapchat.

How to Set Up A Snapchat For Business Account?

You must set up a Snapchat Business account in order to use the app effectively for marketing. The Business account is required regardless of whether you’re utilizing the platform for a huge enterprise or your small business.

You may use Snapchat more effectively by creating a business account. You can have access to more features that can help your marketing plan.

You can also build a Public Profile for Business with your Business account, which offers your company a permanent landing page on the Snapchat app (kind of like a Facebook page).

You can gain access to the following features with a Snapchat Business account:

  • Using Snapchat’s Ads Management to advertise.
  • To reach your chosen audience, age-target your personalized projects.
  • Location-targeting your original works to appeal to a local audience.

The steps for setting up a Snapchat Business account are listed below.

Install the app

Snapchat install from Play Store

You can download the free Snapchat app from the Google Play Store or the App Store for iOS devices (for Android devices).

Make a profile

Create an account on Snapchat if your company hasn’t done so already.

Provide all necessary details, such as your birthday and phone number, and choose a username that is consistent with your brand.

Set up a Business Account

Provide all necessary details, such as your birthday and phone number, and choose a username that is consistent with your brand.

Start making campaigns and taking pictures!

Now that you have a Snapchat Business Account, you can promote your business.

Reaching your target audience through Snapchat advertising campaigns can help you start generating entertaining, unique content that fits the tone of your company.

Snapchat Business Manager: What is it?

Snapchat Business Manager

Your one-stop shop for setting up, running, managing, and optimizing your Snapchat business account is Snapchat Business Manager.

Snapchat Business Manager offers integrated business management capabilities like custom ad targeting, analytics, product catalogues, and more, just like Facebook Business Manager does.

You may quickly produce captivating and entertaining Snapchat business content using these capabilities. Also, you’ll be able to monitor each Snap’s effectiveness to make sure you’re targeting the correct audiences.

Fun features of Snapchat Business Manager include:

  • Instant Create: Produce a single image or video advertisement in under five minutes.
  • Advanced Creation: Designed for extensive campaigns. Via this straightforward tool, you can specify your goals, split-test your advertising, and produce new ad sets.
  • Events Manager: Integrate a Snap Pixel with your website to monitor the impact of your advertisements across all channels. You’ll be informed if a potential customer visits your website after seeing your advertisement.
  • Catalogs: To build a seamless shopping experience within the app, upload product inventories straight to Snapchat.
  • Lens Web Builder Tool: Make unique augmented reality lenses with the lens web builder tool to impress your audience. Utilize pre-made templates or start from scratch to create a unique lens.
  • Create Filters: Develop filters that tie your audience to your brand in their Snaps by using branded graphics or photos.
  • Audience Insights: With thorough audience analytics, you can learn more about your client’s preferences and needs.
  • Publisher Marketplace: Get top Snapchat creators involved in your upcoming promotion.

How to Use Snapchat in Business?

After becoming proficient in fundamental, beginner-level skills, use these suggestions for efficient Snapchat marketing.

Make your Snapchat presence known to your audience.

Let your followers know you’ve joined Snapchat if it’s a new platform for your company. You’ll need to experiment with some novel strategies to gain more Snapchat followers because the platform differs drastically from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

The news can be disseminated in a few different ways.

Promote your Snapchat username elsewhere

Inform your existing followers on other social media sites if you have built up a strong following there that you are now on Snapchat. Facebook posts can be scheduled. Alternately, plan Tweets to alert folks that you are around.

In order to connect your customers to your brand, Snapchat enables you to provide a special profile link.

Go to your profile and click on your Snapcode on the left to retrieve your link. This will provide a menu of sharing options for your profile.

To share the connection to another social network account, click the Share My Profile Link and then copy the link.

Make a unique Snapcode.

Anyone can scan a Snapcode from a badge with their smartphone or tablet. By scanning this, you make your business more recognisable and make it simple for Snapchatters to find you. It functions similarly to a QR code.

Users can also find your brand’s distinctive lenses, filters, and content using snap codes.

How to make a Snapcode

  • When you are in the Snapchat account for your company, click the settings symbol in the top right corner.
  • Choose “Snapcodes” in the dropdown menu.
  • Choose Generate Snapcode, then enter your URL.

You can also create more Snapcodes and connect with other users via their Snapcodes in the same location.

One can access Snapchat content from Teen Vogue by photographing their Snapcode, for instance. Under your Snapcode settings, the Snapcode will be collected under Scan History or Scan from Camera Roll.

Use the URL or Snapcode in your marketing materials.

This might apply to your newsletter, website, and email signature, among other things.

Recognize that a Snapcode doesn’t require a screen to function. Also, you can add your company’s Snapcode on promotional items. Even if a Snapchatter scans your code from a T-shirt, tote bag, or business card, they can still use their device to find you on Snapchat.

Have a successful marketing plan in place.

Not every brand may be a good fit for Snapchat. As was already said, Snapchat is primarily used by those under the age of 35 and is seen as a playful medium.

But, before setting up your account, you should have a clear social media plan in place if that sounds appropriate for your brand.

  • Do some competitor research. Do they make use of Snapchat? What exactly are they doing well on Snapchat?
  • Describe your goals. What does your company want to accomplish by using Snapchat? How will you assess your progress?
  • Calendar your content creation. Knowing when to post material, what to post, and how much time to spend connecting with your followers will be made easier by this.
  • Identify the style and voice of the brand. Make sure to plan ahead so that your brand’s Snapchat presence matches other online platforms and appears consistent.

Recognize your audience and monitor Snapchat stats.

Use Snapchat Insights, the app’s built-in analytics tool, to learn more about your audience, identify the kind of content that is doing best, and develop a successful Snapchat strategy.

You may monitor crucial KPIs that will support your Snapchat business plan, such as:

  • Views: See the number of stories views your brand receives each week and each month. See how long readers spend reading your stories as well.
  • Reach: Analyze the daily audience that your content reaches on Snapchat. See the average view time, story view percentage, and more as you scroll around the carousel.
  • Demographic information: Recognize the age of your audience, the location of where they are located, as well as details about their interests and way of life.

Connect with other Snapchat users

Brand content appears alongside user-friend and family postings on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. On Snapchat, this is not the case. Content created by brands or other content developers is divided from content created by friends here.

Due to the split-screen layout, you’ll need to interact to stay in the game. Participate in platform activity by:

  • Viewing other people’s Snaps and stories.
  • Utilizing the Snapchat application.
  • Partnering with businesses or artists.
  • Viewing any Snaps that were sent to you.
  • Instant messages and Snaps delivered to you should be answered.

Create content on a regular basis. Post at those prime times after using Snapchat Insights to see when your audience is online.

Utilize the various functionalities of Snapchat to produce interesting content

Snaps are made to vanish, but there are many ways to improve a plain photo or video and make it more interesting.

Use the following features to make your content stand out in Snapchat’s Explore area among other businesses’ content:

  • Draw over a Snap
  • Write captions over Snaps
  • Collect multiple Snaps to tell a narrative
  • Add information like the date, location time or temperature
  • Add background music to Snaps
  • Incorporate polling
  • Add a Snapchat filter (or several) to a Snap
  • Add a Snapchat lens

Benefit from sponsored AR lenses

Users’ perceptions of reality are altered by Snapchat’s augmented reality (AR) lenses. They merely overlay digital effects, animations, or graphics over a real-world image.

Also, Snapchat users can interact with the augmented reality elements, which move along with their real-life images.

Given that over 800 million Snappers use augmented reality, developing a sponsored lens that represents your company could be a successful method to use Snapchat for marketing.

The free programme Lens Studio is used to create AR lenses. More than 2.5 million lenses have been produced using Lens Studio as of this writing.

In Snapchat’s Business Manager, follow these steps to create a sponsored AR lens:

  • Create your artwork using a 2D or 3D programme.
  • It is imported into Lens Studio for import.
  • Verify that you are adhering to Snapchat’s lens specification requirements. Make sure your brand’s name or logo is visible when you create a lens for marketing purposes.
  • Use Lens Studio effects to animate the artwork.
  • Before being made available to the general audience, Snapchat will evaluate the lens.
  • Publish and advertise your original lens as soon as it has been approved.

You may target Snapchatters who are looking for fresh, entertaining lenses to play with and interact with by developing your own AR lens. This increases consumer awareness of your brand.

Design a sponsored geofilter

A straightforward overlay for a Snap is a geofilter. They are accessible to users for a set period of time and at a certain location.

A filter may modify the color of a Snap, add an emoji or a custom sticker, or even contain geographical data.

You can design a filter that is particular to your business in addition to using filters that are currently present on the platform.

You might want to think about incorporating Snapchat’s various ad types into your strategy in order to get the most out of using the app for business.

Use Snapchat’s numerous ad types to place ads there.

  • Snap ads
  • Collection ads
  • Story ads
  • Dynamic ads

Investing in these various ad types can increase website traffic, promote purchases, and increase brand and product awareness.

Target ads to a specific audience

You can set unique filters with a Snapchat Business account to target particular audiences with your ads.

By doing this, you can connect with Snapchat users who are already engaging with your business. Yet it can also aid in expanding your audience.

You could, for instance, target a lookalike audience with your Snapchat ads. This means that since they have things in common with other Snapchatters who are currently interacting with your company, Snapchat can help you find people who might be interested in your brand.

Also, you can target advertising based on the user’s age, particular interests, or prior interactions with you as a client.

Make it easy for users to contact your business

For Snapchat business users in the US, Swipe Up to Call and Swipe Up to Text functionalities are now available.

Perhaps the most obvious aspect for brands to use is this one. Snapchat users can swipe up to a phone or text a business from their mobile device in addition to visiting the business’ website or downloading an app.

This is an additional strategy to influence Snapchatters’ purchasing decisions, given that users are 60% more likely to make an impulse purchase on this platform.

It’s time to make the most of this platform for promoting your company now that you are aware of some of its advantages for businesses, how to set up a Snapchat Business Account, the features your company may use on Snapchat, and how to use Snapchat ads.

Begin snapping!